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  1. I've attached the file I received from my friend that said I needed the vehicle pack to load. The password is 'dogsofwar' My friend and I started a new game. Now I have the vehicle pack, he still does not. I started the game and used all the same settings except I reduced the game size to tiny and pushed the month back from June to July. This time the game worked fine and we are now 5 or so minutes into the battle. Was our prior issue perhaps due to starting the game in June? I forget if vanilla CMBN starts in June or not...maybe the 'funnies' and other beach landing vehicles in the vehicle pack are required to play scenarios before July? Would be easy enough to test, I suppose. Dogs of War 002.ema
  2. Map selection was set to Automatic (the game picked). But, when the game was setup and the map was selected by the game, neither of us had the vehicle pack installed.
  3. I started an email game of CMBN v4.0 with a buddy. I started the game and sent the file to him and he accepted. The file got returned to me to do my troop purchases, but the file was grayed out in the list. When I clicked the file it said I needed the vehicle pack in order to load the game. I thought this was weird, since we were doing an all infantry fight, and I didn't think my friend even owned the vehicle pack, but I figured "what the hey" and went ahead and bought the vehicle pack. I made my troop purchases (no vehicles) and sent the file off to him. Now he's getting the same message. Has anyone seen this before? How do we start a game without him needing to buy the vehicle pack? (I don't want to force him to buy it in order to play). The game I started was June 1944, small battle, American Paratroops vs. German Army, Infantry only for both sides. Thanks for the help.
  4. Ok, thanks Jock and Baneman. Guess I'll have to learn to live in this new world
  5. Could be, but I don't see this listed as a change in the readme for 2.10 or 2.12. Don't tell me I've re-installed the game now 4 times trying to remove a "feature"... Does anyone else see enemy unit info (portraits, unit type, etc) at Warrior level in CMRT or CMBN 2.12?
  6. Some follow up tests: Noting that I did not include patch 1.11 in my installs, I decided to start again. I uninstalled CMBN completely, including going in and manually deleting the folders that do not get removed with an uninstall (Game Files, User Data, etc). Noting I had the same enemy unit info problem in CMRT, I also completely uninstalled that game as well (including Game Files, User Data). At this point, I DO have CMFI installed, version 1.01. I start it up and there are no problems with enemy unit info (i can see portraits, unit type, badges, etc.) I re-installed CMRT and start a game. Same enemy unit info problem, making me think that maybe I could never see enemy info in CMRT but just didn't notice (bought it a week or so ago, but not much time to play it, so maybe didn't notice the issue). I re-install CMBN then CF then patch 1.11. Start a game, no issue with enemy unit info (can see portrait, unit type, badges, etc). Install patch 2.0. Start game, no issues. Install Market Garden. Start game...enemy unit info no longer appears when clicking on a spotted enemy unit. Install patch 2.12. Start game...enemy unit info still doesn't appear. So, my thought at this point is that it is NOT a bad install problem, but something to do with patch 2.10/2.12. The fact that it is affecting both me and my friend, when I see no one else reporting this issue in the forums, seems weird and unlikely if it a software bug...more likely we share some computer/software state that is causing this, but I can't think of anything. BTW, all tests were done at Warrior difficulty level, just in case that matters.
  7. Howdy, I've owned CMBN and CW 2.0 for some time. Everything was fine. I purchased Market Garden a few days ago and then upgraded to 2.12. Since then, I've noticed that when I click spotted enemies no information appears in the lower left box, which usually shows a portrait, unit type, badges, etc. My friend with whom I am in an email game also upgraded to 2.12, and now he has the same issue. Did we both somehow get the same bug? I read through the forums and saw people having graphical issues caused by bad/improper installs, so I went back and uninstalled then re-installed everything in the order of CMBN+CW+2.0+MG. I checked the enemy unit info display after each install and for CMBN and CW and 2.0 unit info was showing. After installing Market Garden, I had the same issue again, no enemy unit info showing. (did not re-install 2.12 yet) Perhaps even weirder, I opened up my copy of CMRT and now I have the same issue there. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated! (tried to take a screenshot but only getting black screen images)
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