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  1. That's what I did wrong. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Tried it, didn't work, most probably my mistake. Aware of that, but this situation warranted hit text in my opinion.
  3. Everyone, make sure Abu Aurelius survives! Or else.... P.S. Make sure you rob the UAZ's of 7.62x54R. You will need it.
  4. A snippet from the upcoming scenario: T 72 M leading an armored column.
  5. Some images to serve as a preview to Al Hamamiyat scenario. 120 platoon working on HTS positions T 55 softening prepared positions and supporting an infantry push Infantry platoon approaching the outskirts of Al Hamamiyat (the assault started just as 82 mm mortars started falling on their assault line, no casualties sustained) PKM pining down an infiltration attempt HTS infiltration group was destroyed by combination of PKM fire and 125 mm ОФ shells (note the foreign fighters leading the group) 😄
  6. Excerpt from a PBEM game: 45 mm in action Three shots later and Pz IV is knocked out
  7. Try with issuing the unit a 10-15 seconds pause (depends on the system and how much time is required to acquire the target, shoot and in case of guided missiles- guide) and then a movement order. I use it with RPG's and ATGM's, it usually works.
  8. @MOS:96B2P I was referring to the document that DMS posted. I had Russian in high school, but alas the curriculum didn't encompass military terminology... 😄 @DMS Considering the ranks (junior sergeant and красноармеец=private?) that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying it! As for any RL discussions about this issue, I would have to refer to partisan tactics because they were the ones fighting in the war (much of it is actually a basis for our modern day tactics), though I doubt it would be of any use. For the Soviet side of the story, it is up to our ex-Soviet friends to dig up and share, if they are wiling.
  9. @DMS Is there a difference between наводчиков- gunner and пулеметчиков- machinegunner? Both are listed as 6 per platoon.
  10. I am testing the scenarios and I can barely keep up with his tempo! 😄
  11. Successful defense of the town Quasabiyah. Units that distinguished themselves in battle. Some images of destruction. Bonus images of couple of BMP's destroyed by HE-F shells.
  12. By far the best single player scenario (the Qasabiyeh one) that I have played! I usually don't bother with single player scenarios and prefer multiplayer. I am glad that you took my advice and replaced Special Forces with Republican Guard, makes the logistic side slightly easier (rearming your RPG's and PKM's while repelling a jihadi wave truly is a unique challenge!). So far, the lack of digital fire control system on T 72 AV has not proven to be an issue, most engagement were point blank or artillery like engagement on a point target. This unit composition should be left as is, it presents you with some hard choices. I think everyone should try this out. To see a jihadi wave developing while technicals armed with ZU-23's and SPG 9's hang back in support, ready to snipe your units on one flank and a mechanized push through your lines on the other, truly is a sight to behold (and try to stop)!
  13. Spec-group behind enemy lines (excerpt from a ongoing PBEM match): The enemy. My AT-7 platoon. Our positions relative to each other. AT-4 squad supporting the AT-7 platoon (located on my left flank) Turn ends (with smoke and without), 4 destroyed BMP 2's and one destroyed T64. Next turn, T64 joins the fray.
  14. It is a very bad spot for tribal militia. Other units don't have the ammo or the necessary training to cover their withdrawal and the unit itself has limited fighting capabilities. All I did was take into account that you might send someone there and I was very lucky in the ensuing duel. The sniper fired 6 shots before hitting his first mark and in total fired some 15 rounds to take out 4 of your guys. Max distance of the shots was 25 meters. Who should stop giving vodka to the troops - I don't know! 😄
  15. Excerpt from an active PBEM game. Tribal sniper named Nur, armed with an SVD destroys one crack paratrooper squad. Fourth confirmed kill, byproduct of confirmation shots
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