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  1. In interior view i have this: another exemple: It appears that the bitmaps are not the good one... Fortunately, this concerns only a few buildings (shops...)...Have you same problem...?
  2. The links are dead... where can i have the Vein's Uniforms...?
  3. Hi Vein Where can i have all this superb uniforms?...
  4. Yes...Why the corrupted patch is still available on the home page...:confused:...for more beta testers...???
  5. Hi Guys perhaps this problem is already reported, but Wespe, Nashorn and Grille are not present in QB...:confused:
  6. Hi sqallion, i had the same problem with CMFI/GL and the 3.0 upgrade, it's your anti-virus blocking files update you need to desactive it before applying the upgrade and indicate to your anti-virus do not analyse the File.exe
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