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    This guy is worth a watch

    If oil is completely unnecessary for armaments production, then why did Albert Speer say otherwise? I posted a direct quote from him earlier in the thread. The guy in charge of Germany's entire armaments and war production said in his memoir that the Allies' oil campaign meant "the end of German armaments production," and that it was, "effective immediately, and decisive within less than a year." Adolf Galland also said the oil campaign was the single most important factor in the collapse of Nazi Germany. Looking through this thread again, I still keep seeing people attacking TIK personally for his "clickbait" videos, when he is not the guy who is coming up with any of these arguments. As far as I can tell he is getting his info from people like Anand Toprani, a specialist in energy geopolitics. This guy: (https://usnwc.edu/Faculty-and-Departments/Directory/Anand-Toprani) I posted about him earlier in the thread too. You can argue about it all you want, but calling it, "Poor constructed reasoning or poor reasoned information, more properly called misinformation" and then comparing it to Trump, like Lethaface did a couple posts above me is rather ridiculous isn't it? This is a topic that professional historians spend years studying and debating, and it's kind of annoying seeing random internet posters claim that they're experts on the topic.
  2. Bozowans

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    I think I'm most looking forward to the CMRT module. It's supposed to bring the game to the end of the war right? Which means the Battle of Berlin. It seems like it would be a daunting task to research and then design scenarios and campaigns around that. I wonder if they are gonna have scenarios for the crossing of the Von Moltke bridge and the assault on the Reichstag. That was such an iconic moment of the war that it seems likely they would work on something like that. Which means they are gonna need to make a big map for the middle of Berlin, which means making 3D models and textures for Berlin architecture and the Reichstag building and the Brandenburg Gate and all that. And then I suppose they will have a winter campaign in there as well. That will probably take a while. Oh well, I don't really care how long it takes as long as there is a good quality finished product. I have a million other games to play in the meantime.
  3. I was watching some Youtube videos earlier, and came across this compilation of footage from the Battle of Berlin. One of the things I noticed was the lack of helmets, especially among the Red Army. I don't think I saw a single Soviet soldier wearing a helmet in this entire video. They were either wearing ushankas or side caps, even among the front-line infantry fighting in the city. I've also been reading a memoir from a Soviet soldier called Tank Rider by Evgeni Bessonov. He mentioned never wearing a helmet throughout the war and almost no one in his unit did either. He felt they were too heavy and cumbersome and that he couldn't see as well. I've also read that some Soviet soldiers thought it funny how everyone in the US Army wore helmets 100% of the time. You can find loads of pictures of Soviet troops with or without helmets in large numbers, and it seems the Red Army had no rules or regulations about helmet-wearing. The Germans seemed to wear a lot of helmets of course, but not always. Does anyone here know about any specific rules in the Wehrmacht about helmets? I suppose it would make sense that the Germans, with their fascist aesthetics and nice-looking uniforms, that they would be into a totally uniform look for their soldiers and make everyone wear a helmet, but I don't know for sure. In CM, everyone always wears a helmet, unless they are a really high-level officer or something. I'm hoping that with the upcoming Red Thunder module, with the addition of winter combat, that we will see lots of ushanka-wearing Red Army troops running around. Meanwhile, I started using this mod that replaces all the Soviet helmets with side caps, which I think looks really cool: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=638 If anyone hasn't seen that mod yet I would check it out.
  4. Bozowans

    An Possible Exploit

    I always play on Iron. Even on Iron, if you click on an enemy soldier then it will tell if you they are part of an HQ team or AT gun crew or whatever. It would be better if it just told you nothing.
  5. Bozowans

    An Possible Exploit

    I remember that in CM1, the game would fool you about the location of distant shooters. At very long range, you might get a "?" mystery contact that is several tiles away from their true location. Then after you've blasted that spot with area fire, you discover later on that their real location is 50m off to the right or whatever. That was a pretty cool way to handle the problem. Whatever happened to that? I've always felt that CM2 gives you way too much info about the enemy. Not just with the sound exploits, but with other things as well, like being able to tell who is an enemy HQ team and who isn't at 1000+ meters or whatever. Or the game telling you the exact moment that an enemy MG or AT gun position is destroyed or abandoned. Or always being able to tell the exact type of enemy tank. I liked how in CM1, your troops could mis-identify enemy tanks, thinking one is a Tiger when it really isn't or whatever.
  6. Bozowans

    The patch?

    Sometimes I think 4.0 works better with Black Sea, because the weapons there are so deadly that you want your men to always be mobile and fall back if they come under fire. Plus the infantry movement changes and the ability for them to take cover around building corners are big game changers. It doesn't make much sense for a bunch of WWII troops packed into a trenchline to abandon their positions and run around under artillery fire though.
  7. A collection of images from the Black Sea Russian campaign: Ukrainian surface-to-air missiles streak across the early morning sky toward an encroaching Su-25 Frogfoot, shooting it down. A Russian soldier prepares to fire a mortar shell in support of an assault crossing of the Dnepr River. The assault begins! Russian BMP-3s cross the Dnepr river. Russian soldiers disembark from their carriers and advance inland under a smokescreen and the covering fire of their BMPs. An abandoned bicycle lies in a field swept by intense Russian fire. The dance with death.
  8. Yeah that's pricey but I'm very tempted to bite the bullet and get it. Has anyone here read any of the other books on there? That book "Turning Point" looking at Stalingrad from the Russian perspective looks interesting.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. Seems a little hard to find though. It's not available on Amazon at the moment. If Battlefront makes another East Front game I wish they would skip 1943 and go straight for '42 instead, when the panzers were still grey and you had the most critical battles of the war, like Stalingrad and the battles leading up to it like Kharkov. I was playing Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets earlier and it made me want a CM game for that.
  10. Bozowans

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Ivan: "Hmmm, this big German tank just rolled right up to us! It's only a few feet away!" *scratches chin* Ivan: "Evgeni! What should we do? Should we run away?" Evgeni: "Nyet! If you put your hands up to your face like this, they can't see us! You see? It's working!" Ivan: "I don't think playing peek-a-boo with the Germans is going to help us!" Evgeni: "You have a better idea? Don't just stand there!" Ivan: "I'm thinking...."
  11. Bozowans

    Coop mode

    One time I played a pretty extreme version of coop, where each side of the battle was controlled by a different big group of people. There were platoon and company commanders and so on, and each tank would be controlled by a different person. I was a company commander and had 3 people under me. It was absolute chaos and kind of hilarious, and honestly seemed more realistic as well. You had orders being confused or misunderstood, people arguing about orders or not responding, and then the collective trauma of seeing their units get blown to bits, and the overall morale of the group rising and falling with each turn. I never played any kind of coop with just one other person before. That actually sounds pretty fun.
  12. Bozowans

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    If people are whining and demanding to see new content or screenshots, it means they are emotionally invested in the product and enjoy it and want to follow its development, which is not a bad thing.
  13. Bozowans

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    Yeah this is definitely a product of modern movies. I remember this being one of the criticisms of Band of Brothers back in the day -- that the soldiers cussed too much and didn't really talk like that back then. I think at least one of the vets that the show was based on complained about it. Trying to look that up again I found this: https://www.veteranstodayarchives.com/2010/06/14/but-we-didnt-talk-that-way-by-randy-ark-staff-writer/ It seems a lot of veterans complain about it. Modern movies are written by modern people, so they make the characters talk like modern Americans and use modern slang. It seems the trend of American soldiers cussing a lot in war started with Vietnam and continued from there. And nowadays we have Quentin Tarantino movies where the characters drop the F-bomb every other word in every sentence, and US Marines who talk the same way. On the other hand, the WW2 generation was a bunch of religious farm boys coming out of the depression, so it was a very different generation than what we are used to today. Many of them would get upset if you used "unchristian" language. One interesting excerpt from that article: “The f-word was used, but not a whole lot, because our Platoon Officers and NCO’s would reprimand those who used it, and they knew that they could get extra duty for using foul language.” Now that's interesting. I had never heard of soldiers actually being reprimanded for cursing. I've never seen that in any movie.
  14. Bozowans

    Pacific in WW II

    Yeah I agree 100%. It would be pretty awesome to see a bunch of Hueys flying in, bullets pinging off of their sides as they drop troops into a hot LZ. Or how about commanding a battalion of ARVN troops with M41 tanks as they advance across terrain blasted into a moonscape by B-52s? The battles would certainly be a lot more evenly matched than in Shock Force, as the North Vietnamese were tough opponents, competently led and sometimes able to outright defeat the US in open battle, like : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Ong_Thanh I don't expect to ever see a CM game cover that but maybe years from now there will be a good realistic CM-style or maybe Graviteam-style game that does. There have been plenty of popular Vietnam games over the years, so I don't think it's too much of a niche.
  15. Bozowans

    Pacific in WW II

    I always thought Vietnam would be pretty cool as well in a game like this. You have a lot of different units and factions and toys to play with, from US forces to ARVN and then PAVN and NLF. Maybe even throw the French in there as well. Lots of weapons, from WW2 stuff to '60s and '70s Cold War stuff. You have good variety in terrain, with jungles, forests, flat coastal plains, open fields and rice paddies, and the central highlands. You've got mountains, river deltas, villages, firebases, towns and cities. It was a really long and complicated war with a lot of savage battles and long campaigns with high casualties on both sides. So it's fertile ground for wargaming I think.