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  1. My confusion solved (nothing wrong with the game, just my eyes). The Australian CA was snug against the shore with rain on none of the surrounding sea tiles but there was rain on the CA's tile, I just didn't notice those little white lines sprinkled around the CA's icon.
  2. Well, I'm pretty sure I met all of the criteria, and on other saved turns of this same game I'm playing I have no trouble launching carrier airstrikes. A real puzzle, I'll try again tonight.
  3. Sometimes my Jap CVs can move and do airstrikes, other times all they seem able to do is search (I know the Shift key can force a search). Is there any way I can force the airstrikes red circle to 'come on'?
  4. Also need to know how to delete a duplicate thread! It's hard being dumb.
  5. Problem #1: How do you use the UNDO function? I cannot find it in the manual. Problem #2: I cannot load the latest SC Global Conflict patch. When I get to the end of the loading process I repeatedly get a message that says a dll file is missing. Multiple attempts get the same message.
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