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  1. I know BF is busily grinding away on Rome to Victory, but has there been any news on the ETA of the updated British and Dutch campaigns? Also, a possible bug: I noticed someone has already mentioned that, contrary to the mission briefing, there appear to be no 60mm mortars in the third mission (Flank Attack) of the Semper Fi campaign. Is the briefing in error? I may be misremembering, but I'm pretty sure they were there the first time I played it a few days ago, as I think I was able to start using mortar fire almost immediately. However, on replays they are definitely not there, and you have no indirect fire until the 81mm mortars show up.
  2. I'm very much enjoying the first Operation LINNET II scenario (I like to call it "military traffic control tycoon"), HOWEVER I'm having a problem with the Meuse Bridge swallowing tanks. The first time I didn't mind so much, but now two more tanks have dropped through the bridge at the same point and gotten stuck below. This occurs on the fourth bridge tile from the Hermalle side. Now most tanks have gotten through so far, so I'm not sure what's triggering the issue. Also, I've encountered a couple of secondary roads in the villages of Haccourt and Hermalle that have invisible walls that block through traffic. Not a huge deal, except that when it doesn't cause the vehicle AI to stop and outright cancel its move orders, it routs them through walls and fences and messes up their tracks. Maybe this is an issue related to specific video cards.... Unfortunately, the forum won't let me upload a screenshot at the moment (the file is only 100k, but it says it exceeds the .49MB size limit for some reason).
  3. While I'm not 100% certain it wasn't a misclick on my part, I, too, bought the Vehicle Pack PC version and got a Mac installer file. My receipt seems to indicate I ordered the PC version though. Assuming we both didn't make errors, maybe something really did get messed up on Battlefront's end due to the impending switchover. But, you would think this would have happened to others. It turns out that if you have 3.11, the vehicle pack is already installed. You don't even need to use the Mac installer you got. You just have to use the license key you got when you bought the pack today to activate it. Now while the vehicle pack was downloading I DID mistakenly buy the Mac version of the battle pack. I'm trying to get that sorted now....
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