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  1. Because I haven't played CM in a loooong while, I'd forgotten that you needed to activate whatever module you've purchased. I didnt have the 'activate module' shortcut on my desktop so I had to do it by going into the games root folder and activating it there. I did have to re activate the v3.12 again though before I could activate v4.0. I now have the 'activate module' shortcut on my desktop which should make things a lot simpler in future.
  2. Its running on a GTX 860M as far as I know.....although I did notice the graphics (in play) were quite stuttery! I think you might be on to something there! How can I make sure its using the graphics card and not the integrated setup? (Intel 4600 btw). I've just done what you suggested. Works a treat now! Thanks!
  3. Ever since v3.0 most of the in game text is blurred. I've tried changing screen resolution and playing with the graphics options but it doesnt make a difference. Some capital letters have a small line appear above them when I hover my cursor over them too. Its not a game breaker but its damned annoying as it takes ages for me to read my way through the briefings etc. Im running Win 10 btw.
  4. Just downloaded the 4.0 upgrade for CM BFN (for Windows). Unfortunately when I try to run the game a red box appears over the main menu saying 'License failure-base game 4.0 is required.Please run the Activate New Products utility and enter the license key...' Ermmm I have downloaded the base game (v4.0, 4gig?) and the Activate New Products page asks me to put a ticket in. What the flip? I have CM Battle for Normandy BIG BUNDLE and CM Normandy v 3.0 upgrade installed. Oooops just noticed the Tech Support forum. Please feel free to move...
  5. Cheers IanL, I hadn't realised that the installer came with the 3.11 update. Have updated everything now so...happy days!
  6. Hi chaps! Been away for ages and want to update my CM BN (Big Bundle) to version 3.0 (with the master installer etc). How do I do this as I cant find a link anywhere? Do I have to uninstall everything and reinstall again? Cheers m'dears! Edit- Found the link to the v3 upgrade, so do I download this before the master installer?
  7. I havent played CM BN in a long while. And in that time I've bought myself a shiny new gaming laptop. Is it ok for me to activate the game on my laptop as well as have it running on my old desktop? How do I do this? Cheers. Also, should I buy the update first? (The version I have is running on the now defunct x2 engine).
  8. They were piling up even before they were fired upon. :confused: Must be dodgy AI pathfinding. We cant have it all I guess.
  9. Whats the best way for infantry squads to cross footbridges? Even a straight waypoint from one end of the bridge to the other results in a messy mid bridge pileup and inevitable death by machine gun fire! Any tips would be appreciated!
  10. Cheers guys. End of questions...for now!
  11. Im sure I've read somewhere on here that ammo bearers are platoon specific. If so, is there a way to order/tag whole platoons around without having to individually order squads within them around? This would be especially useful at the start of a battle on a large map. As I do find it a bit of a chore having to sort them all out by 'hand' so to speak.
  12. I started the process from scratch and followed all the steps (by the letter!) and it works fine now. Thanks Moon. One curious thing though, I haven't been asked for my licence key at any stage, which I find quite odd!
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