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  1. Re elites Probably just a statistically anomaly if I ran test a few times and got a bigger sample size , I assume it would be better than crack. Unfortunately i won't be repeating test as I deleted Cm2 as i was playing it too much.
  2. I did a test on AXIS Sharpshooters I picked 5 of each experience , gave them 15 "shoots" each and put in an excellent position overlooking a kiill box of 100-600 metres with two companies of smg infantry as targets , no cover for targets , no incoming fire. near perfect shooting conditions(summer dry still cool) A shooting range basically. The Sharpshooters had a total of 450 "shoots".and they caused a total of 133 casualties 30% The 5 conscripts got 2 casualties for 75 "shoots" 2.6% The 5 green got 13 casualties for 75 "shoots" 17% The 5 regs got 25 casualties for 75 "shoots" 33% The 5 Vets got 29 casualties for 75 "shoots" 38% The 5 crack got 34 casualties for 75 "shoots" 45% The 5 elite got 30 casualties for 75 "shoots" 38% Not very good is it , IN a battle whenever i check teh sharpshooters "info kills" after a battle they usually only have 1-3 hits. They seem only to be good for hitting unbuttoned vechile crews The game seems to give them some higher probability of a hit bonus for this
  3. Well done. Your slide show brought back many fond memories of playing this game.
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