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  1. Really looking forward to the Shock Force 2 release. No other strategy game has ever done modern asymmetric warfare like Shock Force did. Could you give some examples of the TO&E changes? Were there any major additions or removals to the original equipment for example? A question about the pricing (I know it has been discussed several times in many threads including this one but I still can't find a clear, definitive answer): I have the paradox version of SF1 and the battlefront 3-DLC bundle but not the 1$ update. Will I be able to buy the 35$ full upgrade directly with the keys I have or do I have to contact the support or something like that to get the full discount?
  2. Does this also include people who have purchased the paradox version of the base game and the (battlefront.com) expansions but not the separate paradox upgrade? And could you please clarify: does the CMSF2 at release include the contents of CMSF1 and all its expansions and have the normal price of $60 (without discounts)? Are the maps of the CMSF2 going to be exact copies of the original maps or is the terrain going to be smoother as in the later CM2 titles and will there be some water added to the riverbeds for example?
  3. I have seen an unrelated squad (hq support or something like that) salvage an M25. I'd put my money on weight issues if you always pick the javelin or extra AT4s and grenades.
  4. As IanL said, sub-forums usually lead to a ton of post in wrong sub-forum and to posts in less visited sub-forums being ignored. It would be nice however to have a sub-forum for bug reports (or tech support sub-forum's description to be changed to mention bug reports if that's where they are supposed to go). Also released mods and missions should have their own sub-forum for easy searching.
  5. We-go is the way. It often takes me 5-20 minutes depending on the mission size to plan and view just 1 minute of the game time. It's also much easier to follow what is happening on the entire front in the we-go as you can review the action as many times as you want.
  6. Whatever they choose it's going to be a step back aesthetically Why are they replacing AK-74 anyway?
  7. It's hard to see A-10 surviving at the front line in real modern war but then again it's the same thing with helicopters. Somehow I doubt US would be willing to use them against Russians as they seem to be somewhat embarrassed that they can't retire them because of their usefulness and there isn't even A-10s based in Europe anymore as far as I know. Wouldn't still mind seeing it in the game though I doubt F-35 will ever be able to fill A-10s shoes as CAS aircraft.
  8. Thanks I think luck had much to do with my low losses. I almost couldn't believe that no-one had died when the BTR shot a cannon burst at the teams running in middle of the river.
  9. Yes I know that replay can't be calculated on the go but existence of real time mode shows that at least the engine isn't completely dependent on everything being loaded into the RAM which could make full replays more technically plausible. Don't really know how the engine works so I'm just guesstimating.
  10. Finnish army doctrine is to fire at least two rockets in quick succession (at least with the light LAW-clone), both shooters should have the same range set so the seconds shooter can adjust his aim in case of miss and also to increase the chance of destroying the vehicle.
  11. Being able to view entire battles without fog of war and GUI elements would make combat missions a lot more YouTube friendly games and so directly more appealing to people watching those videos. If the file sizes would really be as large as womble estimates then that could be a major problem but I don't think the game necessarily has any inherent need to load all the action in one go as there is the real time mode which renders and calculates action on the go. Replays are not the most important feature to be had but it would be nice and maybe smart from marketing point of view.
  12. Map and mission making would be much more accessible if the editor was 3D rather than 2D, that would probably require a ton of engine work though. I'm not sure if something like this exists already but automatic road fitting would make map making a lot faster and more tempting (so that you could simply draw the road and editor would automatically use correct road pieces instead of making the user select correct ones manually). Any kind of automation or tools in general improve accessibility of editor greatly (Far Cry 2 editor for example had great tools for terrain and vegetation). But in my experience the accessibility of editor rarely correlates to the amount of high quality content. People who are into mission making will learn the tools and produce good content even if they are complex and those who are not ready to commit themselves into learning the tools will rarely produce good content in any case.
  13. US is not going to start handing out M1A2s from it's own formations and I doubt Ukraine would even want weapon systems for which it has absolutely no existing trained personnel or supplies. If Ukraine is going to receive any tank related aid then modernization of the existing tanks or some surplus soviet tanks bought from other ex-pact countries would seem more likely.
  14. Deployed is actually the word used in the BBC article By the way, does anyone know if Ukrainian army transmits audio with radios instead of short encrypted text messages or can even that be triangulated reliably?
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