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  1. That is spot on. Sadly, I haven't heard anything new about the possibility of a hedgerow fix since July.
  2. E-boats based in Cherbourg did try to attack the invasion fleet on the morning of 6th June, but without success thankfully. This was due to the sheer weight of numbers facing them. Earlier in the year at Slapton Sands they caused havoc during a training exercise.
  3. I hate it when one guy surrenders whilst his mates hide out of view, and then start firing. It's is enough to make one forget one's manners and to shout "dash, blast, and fiddlesticks" loudly at the electronic typewriting/calculating machine thingy upon my bureau. And then commit a war crime.
  4. Going back to the Designers notes.... "The what if scenarios (plural) are included in the Arnhem module ..." Jaws then talked about producing two scenarios based on the actual battles in the future. Perhaps he never did
  5. Yeah, they help cut down on the heating bills in winter.
  6. I sometimes like to round a Sunday evening off with a Duvel, although my night cap of choice is Westmalle Dubbel.
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahaahhahhahaha....
  8. Yeah, that's what Maradona said too. Stomps off fuming, then suddenly remembers that my alta ego didn't approve of football.
  9. Hahaha. Sorry for having to ask, you know what they say about us Puritans and humour.
  10. I have to say I'm puzzled, I checked the briefing as well, but I don't remember ever seeing "non what-if" versions. In fact I have a feeling that the two battles that we have came with the Big Bundle as stock items, and the non what ifs never got made.
  11. The most annoying ones were concrete. Firing from front on, and at close range, loads and loads of "Penetrations" but there always seemed to be just one bloke who refused to die.In the end you are watching the clock and getting more and more frustrated. But, I will have try that campaign again some time.
  12. Ah, sorry about that. I only have the "what ifs".
  13. Hope this works .. MG Cut off at Koevering what if.btt
  14. I clicked on "older posts" as far as I could go, and couldn't see them either.
  15. I'm still running CMFI on Engine 3. The tanks in question are British Sherman V, so I assume it would just be the standard 75mm HE rounds that were available in the summer of 1943. I don't know if the game allows for tank crews to switch to AP when taking on bunkers.
  16. When I recently played the "Welcome to Sicilly" campaign during the final mission I lost count of the amount of tank rounds I had to put into the bunkers to knock them out. I'm not sure what the variables are under the hood, date, ammo quality, etc. But, it would be nice to be enlightened.
  17. My Jolly Bolly is navy blue with gold stripes. But yours look so much better in regards to WW2.
  18. Glad to know that you got it working. Happy gaming!
  19. Sorry to hear that, I've never encountered a problem. I always use my own music mods, but I did just test the "All in one". I added ZZ_ to make sure that it loaded after my own mods, and it worked perfectly.
  20. They fought like lions.... No, they didn't. Lions would have told Mad Addy to "F*** Off, you Nazi plonker, and leave us in peace, the Jews never did us any harm."
  21. Red Thunder, has three music slots. Name your files music end of battle music intro music splash You can use the same piece of music for all three, or three different tunes, or two of one and one of another. Name your folder what you like, and then pop it into your "z" and it should work fine. Just an example ... CMRT West to East music In my case I have one mod for when I am playing as the Russians, and one for when I am playing as the Germans, and just swap them in and out of my "z" folder. The same format works for both Normandy/CW/MG and Italy. But Final Blitzkrieg only contains two music slots. Therefore your intro and splash music will be the same.
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