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  1. I can't see the phrase "It's never too late" without hearing Diana and Marvin telling me to "stop look listen to your heart".... Ah, we were all so much younger then.
  2. Yeah, I have to admit it didn't occur to me either.
  3. If we are lucky, perhaps the designers of both "Facade Troop" and "The Road to Nijmegen" might shed some light on why they choose the units that they did. In the meantime there is this....
  4. I see what you mean. Although there is only one Kriegsmarine company. That guy is commanding a Kampfgruppe containing Security and SS reinforcements. So you would expect someone of higher rank.
  5. I thought that that mission only contained one company.
  6. Without knowing what you "jumped into" it is hard to explain what you are seeing. But, given the fact that the Kriegsmarine units that fought in the Netherlands came from training schools it was probably a case of any officer available. Are there any battalion level battles involving the KM?
  7. Apologies to other forumites. The above mentioned musical product does not contain any references to hedge gap charging.
  8. I wouldn't worry too much. It was Henry II, but he never actually said it, because he couldn't speak English.
  9. Beaten to the punch again. That's the problem when you get to 400, you start to slow down a bit.
  10. In my two most recent attempts, my Jocks ran towards Gerry as well. The first time their actions were prompted by mortar fire, the second time it only took small arms fire for them to go charging forward. Ho hum.
  11. Sadly. after two more run throughs of the 1st mission of "The Scottish Corridor" campaign Buggy MacBuggface has reared his ugly head again.
  12. What you are seeing is German troops charging towards the British for no sensible reason and getting themselves killed. This behaviour did NOT happen with Engine 2. It did NOT happen with Engine 3, and did NOT happen with Engine 4 in it's original form. It has only been noticed SINCE the 4.01 patch was released. But I have followed the advice that you gave in a previous post, and re-installed the patches. And, hey presto! NO Germans charging towards my Churchills to get themselves killed. I don't have time to check "The Roadblock" now. But I will try to in due course, or perhaps others may like to try the re-install method for themselves.
  13. OK. Thanks for the advice. I will try the re-install option over the weekend. If it doesn't work I will see you in Chelsea, as much as I'd hate to go there.
  14. Sadly, I've yet to notice any "fix" to the hedgerow "gap charging" problem.
  15. I wanted to ask a question about your recent book review but I couldn't share the picture that I wanted to talk about ho hum.
  16. I knew. And I haven't been able to read a book since 1658.
  17. Thanks for sharing those. That poor old Priest will need some good strong Trappist ale.
  18. It's been years since I read Milton Schulman's book. I think that I must have gotten it out of the Library, so we are talking about 30 years ago. Perhaps I ought to hunt it down again.
  19. I always thought that an Archer was something that you found in a brown paper bag at Waterloo station.
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