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  1. I certainly miss the old style "Operations", and would welcome a return. I think that your 4 or 5 missions idea is great.
  2. There are two scenarios that were created some time ago, which were available on greenasjade. Hopefully once Bootie has sorted every thing out with his new mods site they will be on there. One of the scenarios is set on 6th June, the other on the 9th. The designer had to use PzII Lynx tanks to replicate the Hotchkiss that appeared in CMx1. But, both battles are a lot of fun in my opinion.
  3. I'd rather have Phil Harding do the voices for the 43rd Wessex Division than BFC fork out for Ian Mc. He'd be cheaper too. Only problem is none of our USAtian friends would understand a word he says.
  4. I know Churchill used to fancy himself as a "Bricky". Perhaps he developed a slow drying pug for the military, and your bullets are getting stuck in that
  5. Plenty of threads dealing with this problem already. In fact I think you started one in June.
  6. The amount of aircraft kills that my AA have managed can be counted on one hand, and I think that they have all come in Red Thunder.
  7. Also, as well as helping BFC sort any problem. It would be nice for fellow forumites to see some screenshots, to know what game you are playing, and whether it is a QB or a stock battle.
  8. I always thought the band's name was "Mad Addy and the Murderers". But, perhaps I'm getting confuddled with "Brixton Dave and the Rabid Self-Pulbicists", when they played Victoria Station.
  9. I'm sorry, but this is getting daft. Given the fact that you know full well that all of my comments about this problem have only ever applied to the gap charging problem in CMBN I find your comments over the last week or so confusing, at best, if not downright disingenuous. And I would prefer it if you add me to you ignore list, at least that way I will no longer have to suffer your blatant misinterpretations of my posts.
  10. Hahahahaha. I'll have to tell that one to my nephews.
  11. it was probably just a tad after my time, old chap. But, we have always dealt with cries of "Fanboi" in the time honoured fashion....
  12. I have never said that the problem has not been worked on, or addressed. What I have said is that with regards to CMBN it has not been "fixed", i.e. people are still running into the problem when they have 4.02 installed. So that either means that 4.02 didn't fix the gap charging problem. Or, that a number of us have made a mistake when installing 4.02 that we are unaware of. Therefore may I suggest that you, or someone else, provide some screenshots of 4.02 in action working properly in CMBN especially with regards to the campaigns that people have reported having problems with e.g. Montebourg, The Scottish Corridor, and Niijmegen. I think also a shot of how the CMBN folder should look post a successful installation of 4.02 would be very helpful. In the meantime despite Granddad Fitz being a Meathman, I am off to the telly to cheer on the boy from across the Offaly border.
  13. Hahahaha. And then I could start a thread called "How many of you would like to have a thread where we only discuss existing features within the game".
  14. Erm. 1. I'm not a "brit", I'm a Limey. 2. I didn't call Declan "Johnny Underpants", I said that he was beginning to sound like a member of that person's cabinet. 3. My comment in post no.4 was an honest reply to the OP and post no. 2. 4. I have never once complained about how BFC communicate with us, and was quite happy with "the old method". In fact my support for how BFC do things got me labelled a "fanboi" on more than one occasion.
  15. Give over, Declan. You know full well that I am aware of the fact that "There was a whole thread about it", and that I have the 4.02 patch, I've commented on it often enough. And you also know that my comment was specifically about CMBN, and that that is what we need fixing. You are beginning to sound like a member of Johnny Underpants last cabinet (obscure Limey political reference for our USAtian readers).
  16. Sadly, I've yet to any evidence of it being fixed.
  17. I always thought that it was Martin Luther who opened the can of worms when he started on that crazy diet.
  18. It's is very sad. Let's hope it gets fixed before next dung spreading.
  19. Given that they refused to take part in Le Tour in 1939. I think they had a bloody cheek coming back in 1940.
  20. Do we really need yet another "I'd love to have/see" thread?
  21. Never trust anyone who calls himself "Red" but dresses in violet. He's either colourblind, or a liar.
  22. It doesn't quite work like that. Individual troops can select their own Targets if the need, or opportunity, arises at any time during a minute of action. Go down to Level 1 or 2 and you will sometimes see members of the same squad firing off to the left or right. In the meantime I quite like the idea of a 71 year old being a "Junior Member". Happy Gaming!
  23. 2-pounder I only use this mod occasionally. That is when the Deep Marsh is standing alone, or just alongside "Marsh". I find that it looks a little odd when it is surrounding water as it appears to be sloping downwards. Perhaps that is me being a bit too fussy.
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