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  1. "I don't want to start a contentious debate here". The title of this thread suggests otherwise.
  2. I never use them, I think they look ugly, like green candy floss. But, one man's "must have" mod, is another man's "no thanks" mod.
  3. I have to second that. The maps are brilliant.
  4. I've reached the final mission, which is going well. Lots of long range tank kills, whilst my arty is pummeling the hamlets, so I'm certainly hoping for a better result than I got four years ago. Of the previous four missions in three I did better than before. But, I took a good kicking in mission two.
  5. He did indeed. In the meantime I hope the people who have pre-ordered Rome to Victory will be enjoying it soon.
  6. It looks like a cricket pitch roller in the background, near the fenced off piece of ground, although it probably isn't.
  7. At the top of the page I was very confused, as I am currently playing this campaign myself. "30" should be the type of Panzerfaust. Although to be fair you are not the first to think that it meant the quantity.
  8. Hahaha. I've never been quite sure who came up with that slogan. Bernie Rhodes, Caroline Coon, or Kozmo Vinyl.? And for a short time they were vital. Of course, the only British band who ever really mattered was The Ken Colyer Jazzmen. But, that is another story.
  9. I pre-ordered it for two reasons. One to help it get to No1 in UK albums charts. And two, cuz the shop owner promised me the wall display. I've never been that fussed about buying anything that may or may not get in the charts since.
  10. Last thing I pre-ordered was Combat Rock by The Clash.
  11. It certainly was a wonderful surprise when I first saw it. Which I imagine was the first time I took a wander down the Scottish Corridor.
  12. Rubs sleep from my Limey eyes and peers at calendar. I think you're right.
  13. LiveNoMore beat me to it. As well as having the Italians in some of the stand alone battles. They also get their own campaign called "The Fleeting Moment".
  14. Great blend of pictures and story telling as per usual. And hopefully, not the end of the line.
  15. I'm thinking Tyne might be going on my thankfully short ignore list too, as I think that it is probably a forlorn hope to expect some kind of apology to the people he abused.
  16. Yes, Tyne I did understand that. And, I also appreciate that you can hurl as much abuse at the scenario designers, Steve, and Charles as you like, and there is Sweet Fanny Adams that we can do to stop you.
  17. I just want to make sure that I am understanding this correctly. He can be as ****ty (and far worse) as he wants to be about BFC. But we aren't allowed to defend BFC from his abuse on BFC's own forum. Well, that makes perfect sense.
  18. Thanks. Hopefully when you return to making CM videos they will be of the standard that we know you are capable of, rather than you get back to letting yourself down by turning the air blue as you did sadly far too often, with or without bridges. I might even consider resubscribing.
  19. Yes, with Jimmy Rushing on vocals. I use it in one of my CM Period Music mods.
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