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  1. I'm allowed to be comically ignorant. I'm 400 years old. I only made one purchase, made two free downloads, one refund request, and one more visit after my refund was refused. Perhaps the five £30 thefts were just a co-incidence. Personally I couldn't give a monkey's. My bank gave me my money bank, end of story. Now about this engine 4 patch.......
  2. I gave up gaming for three years after my old dad died. The Big Bundle was my first purchase, and I got addicted straight away. May you continue to enjoy your return.
  3. Oh, there was a thread on here back in January. Unfortunately I can't remember the actual title. A lot or people had money stolen from their Credit Cards, and some seemed to think that it was down to a BFC problem, because they'd purchased CMSF2. I chipped in with my tuppence-ha'penny worth. 1. I didn't buy CMSF2 (Not my period of interest). 2. I bought something on Steam and someone helped themselves to £150 in five batches, which just happened to be the amount of times I visited their website. And just to rub salt in the wound I fell foul of their policy of sending a receipt printed in battleship grey on a black background, so that my old eyes missed the terms and conditions. And of course, because they rarely give us demos to play, by the time I found out that the game was garbage it was too late to get my coin of the Commonwealth back because I'd exceeded their strange 2-hour rule. So not a happy Crommers.
  4. Given my experiences with them earlier in the year, I view them as a bunch of....... Goes off to fill Elizabeth's "Oliver's Profanity Box" with coin of The Commonwealth.
  5. There is only one reply to people who say "whats going on". "Marvin Gaye 1971". Which I seem to remember was about the time that Ajax were teaching the world how to play Total Football. Just my tuppence ha'penny worth.
  6. That's because us Limeys are as tough as old boots.
  7. I saw The Ruts at Ally Pally, Easter 1979.
  8. The perfect antidote to the above would be "Wet it" by The Harlem Hamfats.
  9. Hi Elvis I saw you in Brockwell Park in 1978. Ah, we were all so much younger then.....
  10. Personally I blame Puritan iconoclasts. Well it's no less plausible than some of the rubbish I've seen on the net in the last few days.
  11. I quite enjoyed enjoyed using them in the Aachen campaign. Even firing them out of windows at nearby buildings a few times. Pretty coloured flames and dead Jerries, what more could one want?
  12. A great series of shots for us to feast our eyes on.
  13. One of the rare screenshots where the game is actually better without mods. He can't see to shoot, and the ammo drum looks like a snot coloured ball stuck to the gun.
  14. Not much of an improvement. I really don't understand why you need to use words like "pimp" or "ponce". Must be an age gap thing.
  15. Great bit of photo hunting Sgt. Thanks for posting it.
  16. I liked the old boy puffing away on his ciggie despite "DEFENCE DE FUMER" being painted on the walls in large letters. Perhaps he was Flemish and pretending not to know what it means.
  17. A brilliant piece of driving. He must have had a lot of faith in the guy giving the hand signals.
  18. I'd certainly be miffed if I was on the other end of their fire.
  19. Thanks. I've never noticed this before.
  20. Would be interesting to see a picture.
  21. Just finished this. A very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I managed a Total Victory with 11 KIA and 8 WIA. Sadly, Barkmann was on the casualty list. With his optics shot to pieces I risked opening him up. And whilst standing there bellowing "You ain't seen nothing yet", an MG round took his napper off. Luckily his crew mates weren't too put out and continued to give the Ami's what for. I'm off to celebrate with some Bavarian Weizen.
  22. Being the world's most famous Puritan I obviously have no idea what this is about. And on no account was I tapping my foot the whole way through it.
  23. Oh, we all have are our favourites. So one person's "Must-have" will be someone else's "Don't want". But, for me, it is pretty much everything by Aris, Tanks a lot's buildings, Juju's UI and Mord's Unit portraits. I also have a wealth of uniform mods but, some of them never made it from the original Repository over to CMMODSIII As for music mods I make my own.
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