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  1. Sadly, this wait is longer than the one that Diana Ross had to endure.
  2. Yes, that's right. King & Country, then Poppies which is set in August, and Clipper in muddy November. As for forces, you're right about the US/CW mix in Clipper. whilst Poppies is a US campaign.
  3. You might like to play them in chronological order, enjoy the changes in the seasons,
  4. Good luck. It will be interesting to know how you get on.
  5. I haven't heard about any progress on this since last July, sadly.
  6. Hahaha. Yeah, I just logged back into my yt and found that the name had reverted to the original.
  7. Given the fact that a certain antipodean colonial has changed the name of his yt channel, does that mean there is new content in the offing?
  8. I saw it first time around, and it was well worth seeing again. Just a shame that Aunty didn't re-show the brilliant 3-hour docudrama they made some years back as well.
  9. Which BG did you have in mind? And what did they take to get them "hazy"? "Talk about that night in West End Central, they busted Lulu then they busted me."
  10. This is such a great picture. Your eyes just want to follow the little green spark to it's destination.
  11. Keep the folders with your unused mods. And just use the individual file or files you need. And remove whatever comes after the _ so it appears like this e.g portrait usa infantry Do the same for armour, airborne etc
  12. Famous footage. But, someone should have taught these guys "Stalin wasn't stallin'".
  13. Even before the "evade" problem reared it's head this was a tough one. A Major Defeat with 41 casualties back in the good old days of Engine 2.
  14. It's called "Welcome to Sicily". A three mission mini-campaign.
  15. ? ... This isn't "The CM.FI introductory mini-campaign". Have you been in the bushes again Sarge?
  16. I first saw the top picture in "Panzers in Normandy Then and Now" which I have had for decades, and still love.
  17. @Bozowans If you do give it a go be sure to let us know how you get on.
  18. @jxrey I hope that you had more fun with the other missions in this campaign.
  19. Elvis has previous when it comes to big radios ...
  20. I think that you are spot on. It may be frustrating for players (myself included), but this mission does illustrate the historical limitations of the Kriegsmarine perfectly. Even without going into the lack of heavy support weapons, just take the make up of the standard "Gruppe", 9 men = 1 Smg and 8 Rifles. If we were fighting with Fallschirmjager we'd have 9 men but this time with 2 MG42s 2 Rifle Grenade launchers and in some cases a second Smg.
  21. I've seen this series a few times since it was first aired about seven years ago. Always worth another viewing.
  22. Your mortars are 50mm not 55mm, although whether that would make much difference is a moot point. You are attacking stoutly built Dutch houses with one or two barns. The US troops are well trained and experienced Airborne. Your own men are naval cadets and their instructors. In my view it is unwinnable, and some people have suggested hitting "Cease Fire" at the end of Turn 1 just in order to get a better result from reduced casualties. Personally, I try to follow the designer's instructions and take my defeat on the chin.
  23. I suppose we all find the setting that we are comfortable with. "Iron" isn't for everyone, but I can't imagine playing the game any other way.
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