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  1. One thing that annoyed me. The player's reinforcements arrive by and large in column. And when looking for a likely area for an enemy counter-attack I set my troops up in good ambush positions along the road. Only for the counterattack force to arrive all in one go spread out over a fairly large area pretty much surrounding my troops, with predictable results. I was not a happy bunny, and hit Cease Fire. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, Stardekk said:

    @theforger US or german campaign ? There is not alot of US campaigns in CMFB and if there is, the only good one I can think of is the Aachen campaign.

    The Forger's massive scenario/mini campaign is German. As things stand there are three CMFB campaigns for the USatians. In addition to the Aachen one that you mentioned there is also "Courage Conquers" which deals with the counter attack towards Bastogne. And "Fields of Tears" which can be seen as a follow on from CMBN's "In the Fields where the Poppies grow". 

  3. Shame that we don't have the original commentary from British Pathe. As for the German tanks they were all knocked out on the day by tanks and an AT gun from 7th Armoured. Just to make sure that they couldn't be recovered if the Limeys had to withdraw they were set alight with petrol soaked rags. Over the next few days there were hit again by both fighter bombers whose pilots didn't know that they had been knocked out, as well as in the heavy bomber raid on the town.

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