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  1. This can happen with certain building types. It affected one, or possibly two of the Dutch buildings introduced in Market-Garden. And unfortunately they were then used in Final Blitzkrieg. If the building is on it's own troops will bypass the door and enter through the side wall. However things can be even worse if the building is used in a row with others, as the troops will exhibit the behaviour that you describe. Perhaps you could give some examples, i.e. QB, Stand alone battle, campaign etc
  2. "Never mind the Beans on Toast, Just give me the Brandy".
  3. These boys are smiling cuz they've just eaten their paratha.
  4. Warburton's Medium White is £1 a loaf at our local Iceland. So someone is telling you porkies. Although to be honest I was always more of a Bovril on toast man myself. I'm not sure where @umlaut stands on the great Marmite vs Bovril debate, perhaps he'll let us know later.
  5. I'm not sure of arrangements for train transport by the German's, whether the tank crews would have been in a passenger carriage, or on a completely different train altogether. I know von Rosen's tank got taken out in an attack by Thunderbolts. I'd interested to know how he survived the journey.
  6. Hahahaha... I threw it up and you knocked it out of the ground. Although I was thinking more along the lines of "You either love it or you hate it".
  7. Or, as John Otway put it. "Bewars of the flowers, cuz I'm sure they're gonna get you yeah".
  8. In my younger days I did rub shoulders with Sikhs on anti-Nazi demos, and was glad to have them on my side. Regarding my sense of humour, well it's a bit like Marmite (you have to be a Limey to get that one). As for being a subject of your great empire, my dad's family didn't get here until the 1500's, and my mum's not until the 1930s, so I missed out on that one. But, my two nephews did have a band called King Knut with a couple of their mates. Meanwhile I hope that you are staying safe and well on your side of the Dogger Bank.
  9. I've used up my allocation of "Likes" for today. So both Bootie and Umlaut will have to take it is read that I've given them some.
  10. Oh, thanks for that. My mum had a "Kadet" of a totally different design in the 1970s. I didn't know that Opel had used the name previously.
  11. There seems to be some debate on whether speed has any influence on the possibility of bogging. So it is best to try it for yourself.
  12. I don't think they are VWs. There were only a handful produced pre-war. During the war itself the chassis was used for the Kubelwagen. If anyone knows what we are seeing in the screenshot please tell us.
  13. I'd like to pretend that I first saw this at an exhibition. But, I didn't. The first time I saw it was on the front cover of a Tracey Thorn single.
  14. Oh well done, Wicky. I got the right Metro station, but the wrong end of it. A mistake I wouldn't have made if I'd been able to read the street sign. Just in case people think we make this rubbish up here is a view from inside the modern station...
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