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  1. The numbers of troops shouldn't make any difference. One jeep crew, can "Occupy" an objective. In my book, if it is ticked, you get the points. So it seems s bit strange.
  2. There will sometimes be faded icons representing dead, wounded, or missing enemy, normally, but not always these will disappear completely as the battle goes on. As for what you are seeing on the results screen, that doesn't sound right to me. If the objective has been ticked off then you should get 90 points. It has been a long time since I tried this campaign, hopefully someone who has played it recently might be able to shed some light.
  3. If we get a fix to the bocage gap charging behaviour I'll certain give it a go..
  4. It would by great to see. But, I doubt you'll find anyone volunteering to test it for you.
  5. Just hope that they don't run like Lady Madonna's stockings. That is one for our older forumites.
  6. An interesting lecture on the development of AT guns during WW2. Although what sticky bombs and Boys have to do with tanks in CMx2 I'm not sure. Perhaps you were trying to sneak in a plug for an early war game craftily. Don't worry pass one of these across Steve's palm and you might get your wish....
  7. I can't but help think that this might be one of 57 varieties of "Fiction". Well, someone had to say it.
  8. Ah, so that is why Charlie Stewart got Tony Dyke to paint him with three heads. I can't imagine Steve doing the same thing.
  9. I hate having to clean coffee off of my monitor and keyboard.
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