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  1. "Ah, Mr Jorrocks Sir, will yer'se take a listen to these 'ere fellas? "Stand-offish", me left foot. You always get yer round in, nothing "stand-offish" about you Sir. Although the Field Marshall is a bit of a tight wad, but that is only to be expected with an Anglican. As for the "Soviets", didn't the Bolsheviks do away with them in the 1920's?"
  2. I know. No one from my neck of the woods uses the word "kecks" unless we are extracting the urine.
  3. I always smile when I see "25 pounders" in the mission briefing. There used to be one near the entrance to the National Army Museum in Chelsea, I assume it is still there, but my last visit was about 15 years ago.
  4. Paddy sits in his Bedford bottle of Guinness in hand, "Will yer'se listen to these here feckers, they wouldn't have no 25-pounders if me and me mets didn't tow 'em".
  5. Having failed to stamp out "degenerate music" i.e. Jazz. Joseph Gob****e used Charlie to make propaganda tunes based on British dance band and US swing tunes.
  6. "Erika" and "Lili" get used when I'm playing FB as the Germans. But, Charlie and his Orchestra fill all the music slots for BN, FI and RT.
  7. Those Dutch-style buildings look somewhat out of place in Berlin to my old eyes. But, still a good action shot.
  8. It was certainly a problem when the MG buildings were used in Final Blitzkrieg e.g. on the Aachen map. Hopefully the new patch will have fixed this. But, probably worth checking before you go any further.
  9. Some of the four and five story buildings have a door entry bug. Rather than going through the door, troops will enter the building through the side wall. I think it happens mainly with the tall houses that have a single round window in the roof space. When they are on their own it isn't too big a problem. But when they form a row, it can result in troops going all the way around the block to enter in through a back door.
  10. I don't want to throw a spanner in the works, but some of the buildings you are using were introduced in Market-Garden and might have the infamous door entry bug. Perhaps that would be worth testing out before you get too far into this project.
  11. I was hoping that it had been cured, but sadly not. I've just encountered it again in CMBN.
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