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  1. I always love it when members of the same Squad take on different targets to the left or right as they pop up. And then the beauty of WEGO allows you to watch it again and again.
  2. I was the first Politically Correct head of state in the English-speaking world. And look what they did to my napper after I died.
  3. Warts 'n' all

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    It will be interesting to so how this develops.
  4. Warts 'n' all

    Combat Mission future

    I seem to remember in AH's France 1940, that was called "The Idiot Game".
  5. A nice find, John. Thanks. It also features a nice piece of parking.
  6. Warts 'n' all

    British Army 2 Inch Mortar Bug?

    I currently fighting the first mission from "Amiens Tonight". I received a Carrier Platoon as reinforcement, and had no problems. The Mortar bomb icon appears on the UI and the can use the weapon normally. I'm running Engine 3.
  7. Warts 'n' all

    10,000 Posts in General Discussion

    BANNED by Aunty Beeb in '67. But, luckily not in here.
  8. I actually said that first, at Naseby. But, my quill and ink were in the baggage train, and got stolen by that Rhinelander Prinz Ruprecht, so I wasn't able to write it down..
  9. Having given the campaign another go, I got to this mission bearing in mind Majick's OP. First impression of the map. The "Monastery" looks like nothing of the sort. It is just a hilltop church with a low wall about 1 AS away. No cloisters, no vegetable patches, no orchards, no barns, and no high wall. In other words, nowhere to ambush Jerry. My tanks, and infantry in, or near the church, got slaughtered within a few minutes. And it wasn't too much longer before my outflanking troops followed a similar fate. I hit "Cease Fire" once I'd lost all my tanks. Of course, that meant the campaign terminated early. And although I scored a "Tactical Victory" overall, it was still a disappointing end.
  10. Warts 'n' all

    Improvement suggestions

    And there was thinking that the "MAD MINUTE" was what CM was all about.
  11. Warts 'n' all

    Spotting rounds ?

  12. Warts 'n' all

    Spotting rounds ?

    That makes sense, tested, or not.
  13. Warts 'n' all

    Spotting rounds ?

    My worst experience came when I had spotting rounds landing behind my FO. I quickly hit "Cease Fire" before he got hit.