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  1. Warts 'n' all

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Great series of pics.
  2. Never Mind The Wolves.... Here's the Redhead Spekkies.......... As Jamie Reid didn't quite say.
  3. Warts 'n' all

    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    I needed the help of the little red square, to see them.
  4. Warts 'n' all

    Mine flails

    Give "The Lions of Carpiquet" campaign a go. I love it when my Sherman Crabs do their thing.
  5. Warts 'n' all


    No, it was tragedy straight away.
  6. Warts 'n' all

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    I'm not sure a game forum is the right place for these.
  7. Warts 'n' all


    Just found out that a vintage JU52 has crashed in Switzerland, killing 17 passengers, and 3 crew. Thoughts are with the victims, and their families and friends.
  8. Warts 'n' all

    Mine flails

    I suppose BFC can't win either way. If we all have to spend ages every Command Phase making sure that our infantry don's share an AS with our tanks, there would be a lot of moaning.
  9. I'd just love to know how a Firefly got to Heelsum in the first place.
  10. Paddy looks up from his Daily Herald again and mumbles, "There were no Brits in Arnhem, they were limeys. And they escaped across the Nieder Rijn on a pontoon that I made out of half-inched crates of Guinness".
  11. I don't wish to be rude. But, I'm too busy playing CM.
  12. Paddy raises his eyes from his Daily Herald, and mumbles, "Does that mean they won't let me in to see the fillim?"
  13. Warts 'n' all

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Let me be the first. "When it's ready".
  14. Warts 'n' all

    New Website status update

    I have to type in my new password every time I log on. But, I can't see myself forgetting it, despite being 400 years old.
  15. Warts 'n' all

    Light Mortars in Buildings

    You don't state which scenario, or which nation you are playing as. But, in my experience only British Paras can use their mortars inside buildings, and that is only for firing "Smoke" rounds. If anyone knows different hopefully they can help you.