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  1. No prob John. But you are the guy we normally rely on for detailed information. I'd have thought that you could not only tell us what material the Limey helmet covers were made from, the factory they were made in, but even how many holes there was in the netting that they stuck the twigs and leaves into to. As for this particular photo, I'm plumping for Spear and Jackson to have made the pickaxes.
  2. Looks like you've put a lot of effort into this. I look forward to losing it soon.
  3. I ended up uninstalling engine 4, and going back to playing the game on 3. It's shame, but there you go, accidents will happen as some Limey singer once said.
  4. "the British have bare helmets"... Titter ye not, as Frankie Howerd would say. Joking aside, given that this was filmed back in Blighty they wouldn't need any kind of cover, or camo for their helmets.
  5. @benpark beat me to it. This what I think of as a railway embankment, and this one is in what we gamers call CMBN-MG country.
  6. I would give this a "like" but I have exceeded my limit.
  7. That is spot on. Sadly, I haven't heard anything new about the possibility of a hedgerow fix since July.
  8. E-boats based in Cherbourg did try to attack the invasion fleet on the morning of 6th June, but without success thankfully. This was due to the sheer weight of numbers facing them. Earlier in the year at Slapton Sands they caused havoc during a training exercise.
  9. I hate it when one guy surrenders whilst his mates hide out of view, and then start firing. It's is enough to make one forget one's manners and to shout "dash, blast, and fiddlesticks" loudly at the electronic typewriting/calculating machine thingy upon my bureau. And then commit a war crime.
  10. Going back to the Designers notes.... "The what if scenarios (plural) are included in the Arnhem module ..." Jaws then talked about producing two scenarios based on the actual battles in the future. Perhaps he never did
  11. Yeah, they help cut down on the heating bills in winter.
  12. I sometimes like to round a Sunday evening off with a Duvel, although my night cap of choice is Westmalle Dubbel.
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