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  1. Just shows how we are all different. I enjoy it when it happens, gives me a chuckle.
  2. Yes, even if you lose, it is still a lot of fun to play. And it is more accurate than Hollywood's take on the Bulge. Rolling oil barrels down a sun baked slope, as if.
  3. It can be complicated. Especially as different victory levels can effect the route you take But just as an example, I think the perfect route would look like this. Mission 00 --- Mission 01 --- Mission 06 --- Mission 10 --- Mission 14 --- Mission 18 Although in the words of many a football manager, "We'll just take each match as it comes, and at the end of the day it's only a game."
  4. Damn and blast my 400 year old eyes. I completely missed the exclamation marks. I can't blame that on Elizabeth's ale, or Sarge's reefers. Although in my defence I would like it put on record that we didn't have Specsavers in my day.
  5. @Bulletpoint Ignoring the snide unhelpful comments above. The four different versions of "To the Meuse" are numbered 15, 16, 17, and 18 on the scenario listing. Which of those you will fight depends on your progress through the campaign. Numbers 15 and 16 take place on the closely confined map that you have described with the three defence lines. Whilst numbers 17 and 18 take place on the more open map shown in the OP's screenshots. Happy gaming.
  6. Well put down your reefers for a minute. And provide us with an explanation of the differences between the various missions entitled "To the Meuse".. Please.
  7. Perhaps if you post some Camera Level 6 screenshots, someone might have played your version of the battle.
  8. Given that we have already established the fact that it has been scripted in four different ways, what have you added to our knowledge? Exits stage right with Burning Spear's "Christopher Columbus" blaring from the speakers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  9. Once again, it is always best to let your fellow forumites know where you noticed something. Just as an example, the 4th Platoon HQ in the first mission of the Triona campaign doesn't have a radio, but if you look around the set-up zone you'll find a dismounted jeep that has a radio, and bob's your uncle. You will also notice that 4th Platoon will include both MG and Mortar teams. I have seen video makers send their HQs off into battle with the MG's and then spend the rest of the video moaning because "useless BFC scenario designers" won't let them use their mortars. So keep your HQ within range of his mortars, his Company CO or a radio. Or follow the gentleman from our colonies north of the 49th, and use the 60mm in a direct fire role.
  10. Paddy sips from the last Guinness that he managed to purloin back in the Delta, raises his eyes to God's heaven and murmurs. "For fecks sake, will yer tell thees eejits to stop keep calling me a fecking Brit!" Wanders over to the bordello's gramophone, cranks the handle, and puts on that old favourite of LIMEY troops. "If Abyssinia was only the begin-yer of Mussolini's plans for Africa. It's a damn good job we stopped 'im in 'is tracks, and sent the bastard back." I'm still waiting for my royalty check from Amen Corner for that one
  11. Ah, there are a couple of videos from this battle on YT, and the screenshots look familiar to me. According to the campaign tree there are four different versions of "To the Meuse" but, I always thought battle variations only affected things like, opposition preparedness, force composition, reinforcements etc
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. I have in fact watched quite a few videos of the game although none by the maker of this one so I will take a look. My comment was a bit tongue in cheek as what I really want is more WW2 eastern and western front content from BFC. But i'm not in any rush, as I can always find campaigns that I have lost to play again.
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