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  1. Very true, it is a real beach, with lots of gullies between the dunes to move through. I went for attacking down the left flank, using my Brens for suppression, then adding the MMG's and Mortars to the mix as they came ashore, rather than wait for the tanks and naval guns. I only swung right after the naval bombardment was over.
  2. In the meantime, Del Boy goes hunting for missing vowels, and consonants, for that matter.
  3. "It's the G.P.O. Telecommunications Tower now, and forever, get it. I don't wanna hear none of that "telecom" nonsense."
  4. In the example above it could be a case of the corner AS being unusable by a "Squad" which is what you have, despite it only consisting of four men.
  5. You might also find that sometimes it goes back the other way during longer missions.
  6. Also, the typical "rolling barrage" is something that would normally happen outside of the remit of CM battles, i.e. before, or between them. Although I agree with Freyberg you can try to create your own with TRPs. Also, some designers do include pre-planned arty missions, but it is quite rare. And I tend to have my troops keep their heads downs, just in case.
  7. I have noticed that so many people nowadays don't know the difference between "to" and "too". Sadly, living in the Dictatorship of the Semi-literate this kind of behaviour has become the norm rather than the exception. Oh sorry, you meant the spreading out behaviour introduced in Engine 4 because so many people moaned about their pixeltuppen bunching up. Well, as Dartford Mick and the Tax Dodgers once sang "You can't always get what you want. But you might just find, if you moan too much, you get something, you don't really need, ooh baby baby." On a more prosaic note, it don't look 40 yards to me; more like 16 or 17.
  8. Two missions completed. One Tactical Victory and one Total, not bad going for me.
  9. You did far better than I did. Losing five tanks, and having one lose it's main gun, and having four half tracks knocked out, (two of them to the same round) was enough for me. On to Victory!
  10. No you weren't. I have it on good authority that at the time of your purchase Mr Axeman was wrapped in the arms of his sweet lady wife, and therefore not in a position to force you to do anything.
  11. Pervert! Leave the old girlfriend alone, one suspects that she was better at CM than you were.
  12. I've just begun the first mission. A beach landing on a great looking map. Wish my men luck.
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