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  1. A long time ago, someone did put together a Finnish mod pack and a short campaign.
  2. I have just fired up "Amiens Tonight" to check this. The "Out of Range" script does appear. And at first I thought it wasn't working. But, after turn or two's delay the mortar began to fire smoke. So you might like to give it another try.
  3. I've just complete five tests of "Roadblock" I had three "Stand and fights" and two "gap charges". So to my way of thinking 4.02 has made things worse in that regard, and sadly I don't see any point in embarking on another campaign at the moment. Just as an aside. Something I've not noticed in the past, my troops saying different things from one replay to the next. The shout before the gap charge in the first viewing "Shift position", rewind the action and watch again and the shout is "Retreat", watch a third time and I hear "Forward men".
  4. I remember when I first tested "Roadblock" in 4.01 it took me about 14 or 15 goes before the hedge gap rush problem reared it's head. Sadly, when I attempted the Montebourg campaign it manifested itself fairly quickly. I will give 4.02 a whirl but from what I've read so far, I'm not holding my breath.
  5. "any force" .... "between 1965 and 1991"..... I look forward to CM 1966 World Cup ... CM Poll Tax Riot
  6. I'm sure other scenario and map designers will be interested in your results.
  7. I think you might be able to use it, but you would need a decent contour map to go with it. The slopes of the river valleys, and hills such as 112 don't show up clearly, even when the Spitfires are making ground attacks.
  8. In recent weeks I've seen a few different yt video makers playing this game. I think the maps are fairly accurate in terms of towns, villages, rivers etc. But, it appears to my old eyes that fields are divided by trees, rather than hedgerows, and I can see no evidence of authentic looking sunken lanes.
  9. Make sure that you take one of Tim Webb's Belgian Beer Guides.
  10. One thing you might like to try with the MG42 is to use it "Semi-Deployed". To achieve this from a hedgerow I set a waypoint just before the MG Team reach the hedge, then have them "Slow" up to it, therefore the gunner will be lying down on the bank with his gun pointing towards the enemy, and not sat below it with the gun deployed.
  11. I've never sustained any casualties in game. But, it would make sense in real life.
  12. I live directly on the flight path that the Dakotas took on their way to Normandy on the 5th. It was a great sight and sound, both exciting and poignant.
  13. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha...... For those occasions when "lol" just isn't enough.
  14. Ah, I didn't know that the any of Inklings were involved in SLOD
  15. "It is an ex-pixeltroop. It has ceased to be." ... I thought I'd get that one in first.
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