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  1. Warts 'n' all

    Tips for Angriff

    On the other side of the coin. When I played this as the Russians, the Stuka wasted it's time bombing and strafing my trucks, leaving my tanks free to have a field day.
  2. I'm hoping for a massive helping of Wait 'n' See pie.
  3. Warts 'n' all

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    I'd keep off the acid if I was you mate.
  4. Warts 'n' all

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    That picture in particular caught my eye earlier.Thanks for posting them.
  5. Warts 'n' all


    Thanks gents.
  6. Warts 'n' all

    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    An interesting read. I've started playing this campaign again recently. It's the third time I've played it since CMFB came out. I don't do "restarts" if I lose I just record my defeat and move on to another campaign or battle. I love the map, it is a joy to fight over, even when the amis are killing my pixeltruppen.
  7. Warts 'n' all

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    A nice series of pictures. Not so good for your men.
  8. Warts 'n' all

    Tips for Angriff

    It is certainly easier playing as the Russians.
  9. An old chestnut. My advice is to use them as they were used in R/L i.e. for long range fire support as the infantry close with the enemy. Just my tuppence 'apennyworth.
  10. Warts 'n' all

    Tips for Angriff

    It is such a long time since I played this battle. I checked my records and only managed a high casualty Minor Victory as the Germans. Having just fired it up and taken a peek. I would keep your AFVs in the wood with overwatch on the Resupply point and the open ground towards the centre of the map. Hopefully you can take out some enemy before they spot you. Also remember to give your FO a target arc. You don't want any enemy fire on that building. Good Luck.
  11. At least you did much better than I could manage. So, well done.
  12. Warts 'n' all

    RTS & Wego

    Some of us are so strange as to spell it humour.
  13. Warts 'n' all

    Assault Boats?

    Surely the only funky unit worth having is James Brown's Funky JBs
  14. I've tried this campaign twice. And got stuffed both times early doors. So I can't comment on the quality of the urban maps. As for your comment on the FBB being an "Elite" unit your word "supposedly" is nearer the mark. You have to keep in mind that for most of war it had been seconded to the Grossdeutschland Division. And by 1944 it was a shadow of it's former self. A rag tag of elite troops and scratch units. It even had to be fleshed out with bicycle infantry for the Ardennes offensive.
  15. Warts 'n' all

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    A wonderful shot.