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  1. Hi there Been away from CM for over two years, the last contact I had with the technical stuff was when I bought all of the engine upgrades for all of the titles - I checked today and , for instance, I happen to have engine 4 for FI, but I haven't reinstallewd the GL addon - some two and half a year ago if I can recall. Only a couple of days ago I got back to CM: SF and not because of the update. I had actually scrapped the idea of upgrading that before, but I guess I have just changed my mind. The thing is I don't seem to recall where I had stored my license numbers. Will that be recoverable in my BF customer account?And if I happen to have the game installed - thus licensed - currently with all of the official addons and I buy the full upgrade module - will I have to type the license at some point while upgrading or the installer is going to look for the license file in the existing game folder? I ama ssuming nothing has changed regarding the older custom scenarios playable with the engine version 4? I read at the forums that yes, they are - has anyone confirmed that?
  2. Thanks a lot mate, I have been returning to CMA lately - it's far from being perfect, but there aren't plenty of games covering the Soviet-Afghan War, are there?
  3. As far as I can remember it was a play that was later on turned into a screenplay. George Dzundza has a remarkably good appearance in this one, but in general as a depiction of the Soviet-Afghan War it's the same thing as with "Star Wars" being (not) science-fiction - lots of fiction and no science. Just note that moment when a Soviet tanker jumps out of a turret inside the kishlak just to take a pot shot with his RPG at a minaret there. Soviet tank platoon assaulting on its own a presumably hostile local settlement is also a peculiarity on its own. However, as a drama the movie gets a great job at portraying how a human nature and personality become devoured by brutality and cruelty of the war to the point where everyone is an enemy including Dzundza who turns on himself as a matter of fact which results in his ultimate loss. If you want to see a movie that was endorsed by Soviet veterans - "afghantsy" that is - you should see "The Afghan Breakdown" starring the Italian actor Michele Placido, known for his "The Octopus" series, as a VDV coy commander. Truly remarkabale movie featuring Rosenbaum's music form the era.
  4. That's all good, no? ... At least we happen to know what's going on and what has gone wrong?
  5. Well, I thought I had answered to this post, but perhaps I did that via PM. So no, hex 29, 32 is Vientianne and even if vacated by the original garrison it still does not allow me to deploy indigenous reinforcements - over there or anywhere else, either in Laos or entire Indochinese theater. I concluded the turn and the situation reappears - I have two garrison units waiting to be deployed, but they can't. Apart from that still a great custom scenario which redefines the SC engine for a counter-guerilla warfare. I attempted to review that for Wargamer.com in my application.
  6. Actually not, French Laos is so far virtually free from insurgents, Luang Prabang and Vientianne are in firm French control etc. Anyway, I was to attach the save game file, but it's to big for the upload limits here.
  7. Well, I recruited two French Laotian garrison units in 1947, but I can't deploy them anywhere in Indochina - no land tiles are highlighted as usual when there is a unit to place it on the map.Now what? ...
  8. Hello burroughs,

    Interested in playing CMBN, FI, or RT, up to Reinforced Company, Meeting, QB's.

    I also use Dropbox for Game File exchanges, and can do 1-2 turns daily.


  9. Alright, no problem, I do understand, just wanted the things to be clarified for me whcih I am grateful for. Better luck next time or something.
  10. So am I still getting my chance to command a battalion from Consthum or not? This project was supposed to kick off around September, but I am assuming we're having issues here, aren't we?
  11. The only thing which comes to my mind then is the issue I had with CMSF at some point: the scenario files were loaded as default into a different language folder instead of the one which was to be used with the English version. I bought a Paradox disc version here in Poland and a disc version of CMA, too - actually those two are the only ones I had in hard copies ( had to rebuy a digital version of CMSF from BF again this year: i couldn't get the Paradox version to run without any glitches anymore ... ). Nevertheless - check manually if the file is physically - er ... digitally I guess is the better word - in the correct root location - if you use English version this has to be English / Game Files / Scenarios or something like that in your main game directory. That's all I can come up with.
  12. Odd, I have never had any of such difficulties myself. What's your game version and where did you buy that? If I may ask. Can you open the scenario file in the editor? Is it available in the editor scenario at all?
  13. Did you unpack them? You need a .btt extension files in there.
  14. So weher are we at actually wiuth this endeavour? I am following the thread and having certain difficulties figuring that out. I am asking since I am keeping at least a sloty open and wonder what the workloads are going to be involved here.
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