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  1. yah it is call whit same name but only on Normandy it work different . Like that tanks canot go ower it .
  2. not seen this problem on RT and Low Bocage is there too.
  3. well im 99% sure that you will get more problems on v4.00 than whit patch
  4. do we get patch note then to ewery different game ?
  5. i know that dont worry πŸ˜„ sou i mean game engine V 2
  6. hym ok . im tjust wondering if it then update Gustav line to 4.0 if i buy it and istall ower , but i think install program dont allow this .
  7. hym can you install then this new module ower base italy module what is still on 2.0 versio ? or do i have to buy game engine update ?
  8. well 4.0 patch are not ewen out and nou any new info about thous.
  9. some new info about patch status could be cool
  10. i think steve said " before end of march , if i dont remember wrong.
  11. what was indicate then to owerall healt of comppany ? because im prety sure that when you take casyaltys one of thous start to go down.
  12. Morale and ammount of personnells at least , others i dont say anything.
  13. it should be owerall conditions of units / troops under hes command.
  14. some new move order types for infantry , performance improve that game engine can handle 3+ battalion size battles 😝and more AI triggers + Ai groups to editor.
  15. game engine patch first would be better πŸ˜›
  16. patch would be nice to get out , dont mind that mutch when SF2 go out .
  17. good job ☺️ and thanks for the update , what is status for game engine 4 patch ?
  18. my commander die moust of time when ERA detonate πŸ˜„, risky to ceep him unbuttoned.
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