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  1. A "safe spot" where they are taking casualties is not a safe spot, by definition. It might still be better than running into the street, of course, that's an AI/map geometry thing. Especially in complex terrain this is always going to be a little suspect. The key to an ambush is overwhelming firepower - you want all of the fire to be heading in one direction, all at the same time. That typically means short covered arcs. Typically I'll set very short arcs to hold fire and open up manually with the Target command to maximise this.
  2. In-game, it'll go up and down the chain, but not efficiently. No amount of radios will be as fast as some GI running up and have a conversation a little like: "Oi guv'nor!, bloody Jerry tank right over there" "Excuse me, why are you British?" "Issa war, see, it does odd fings to a chap"
  3. Yes, the hull down point it's tracing to is actually a couple of metres off the ground. It still works fine with the above though. The old ways (hunt commands to a ridgeline or eyeballing it) are worse, and it's a very useful command to use. Sometimes you won't want to - it's hard to know precisely where you're going to stop along that path, and you could get tripped up - but in most cases it's a massive improvement.
  4. I think that's valid. The thing I really like about CMFI, especially around Sicily, is the comparative power level of everything - there's fewer super-units in general. Anti-tank guns and Armoured cars are of much greater utility.
  5. Hull Down is really powerful, but I didn't find it as much use on this particular scenario as normal. There are two ways to use it, but I only use it the second way. For the first, the command is used like a move command, and it means "move until you are hull down to this spot, then stop". If you are never hull down to that spot along the movement path, you won't stop. That's why I don't use it that way. The second I use like this: I.e., a Hull Down command, followed by a target command. This means "Move along this path until you are hull down to the targeted point". This is also a move command, so if there is no way of being hull down, you'll move until the end of the hull down command. This means that the above example is actually too far forward, and in practice I'd move it to a safer point, just behind the hill crest.
  6. Nah, it's just tough. I had a Total victory on my quick run through, but it didn't feel "total". Is fine though - end of the tutorial being "This is what the rest of CM is going to be like, forever"
  7. The 3(?) Panzer 3s aren't so much of a problem - the 50mm guns will mostly bounce off Sherman glacis, but they can get lucky shots. That means priority one is identifying and isolating the Panzer 4s. In the above I say I lost two tanks - I actually lost one that was sniped on the approach, and another was immobilised before the crew bailed (but I got them back in). Some of the others took minor damage, and I lost a couple of crew to partial penetrations and the like, but had three mobile, mostly fully functional Shermans to take the forward objective by the end.
  8. Oh, and above all, patience. If you're in a good position, there's no need to move to another one. You're defending, and not in a rush. Wait for the spots to happen, and don't chase any armour you've driven off - they have low walls, woods and hills, and you'd be advancing into a worse spot.
  9. The Marine campaign was uploaded to fix an issue with a unit - I think there was a NATO module-only truck in there somewhere, or something of that ilk. Won't hurt to download it, but it's probably the same as the one you have.
  10. Righty, just cease-fired my way through the tutorial to have a look at this one, and the armour fight isn't trivial. One issue is that it's tough to fight unbuttoned, as German artillery was hitting the objective at about the same time as the Shermans got there. The way I approached it was to combine forces in the centre, and split up the German armour temporarily with smoke from the rightmost on-map Howitzer. That way you're getting temporary armour superiority, which you can turn into something permanent. Wind direction is important, but it's from right to left (from the perspective of your lines). Once in spots where I could gain LOS (even when they don't have spots), I'd bound them forwards, gingerly. This is still tough - I lost two of them - but took out all of the German armour.
  11. 1. Canister... (holds breath) 2. ???? 3. ROUNDS!
  12. It's just a nervous tick. Sometimes you get hit by them when you don't expect it, and thereafter you end up posting "Canister rounds?" every so often.
  13. He's editing it out. It's a shame, it would be very helpful for videos and the like to have the option to turn it off.
  14. Task Force Thunder is long, but the missions are generally quite small - platoons and companies, for the most part.
  15. I believe that's correct, yes. Again, based only on subjective observation, and not even intensive testing.
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