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  1. Interesting how strong or weak Turkey will come out - any independent Kurdish state would be a disaster for Turkey, still they are unable to break US-Kurdish alliance. " The US-led international coalition against ISIS has “deliberately” deployed forces from the US army to Manbij in northern Syria, to “reassure” the Manbij Military Council (MMC), an ally of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and “deter aggression” against them, the spokesperson for the coalition said on Saturday. " Does it mean they are deployed to hold Turkey at bay?
  2. Oh I do enjoy Haiduk's military reports too and never question them -I do not have separatist friends to verify his data.
  3. I think you should ask Haiduk to get you passage to Ukraine. Amazing how much you all know without ever being there. Haiduk, btw: are you a member of right sector?
  4. No you are just falling victim to Kremlin propaganda! He is surely Putin's bot. Russian hacked USA elections, hacked power plants, they even seduced your democrat daughters to vote on Trump. God I know what you think when bulb in your basement burns out... Nuland would be pretty pissed you give all the credit to Putin and blatantly try to depreciate her hard work and role in removal of democratically elected president. Bottom line is you should stop this mantra. It's getting old. Everyone pretty much knows your stance on this conflict, no need to reiterate.
  5. 'Want' and 'have' are different stories. I think you getting them would lead straight into Russian discovery of 'moderate' talibans and necessity of giving Houthis some better anti ship and anti air capabilities to fend off aggressors. Its ruined economy and poverty. Fixed. http://zik.ua/en/news/2016/11/23/ukraine_sinking_deeper_into_poverty__expert_996187
  6. Pretty sad men. And I though he'd prove to be decent and apology...
  7. Sorry, I do not understand. Can you tell me more? I don't know. You want me to give you all my keys?
  8. I am CM player since the beginning on the company. Funny, because everything on this forum which is not military but politicaly related that is said by US or Canadian players on this forum produces unstoppable seizures of laughter for everyone closer to Russia. You try to build impression or Russia using your own standards. Russia in anachronic in many ways but trying to compare it by own social or economical standards is a pure folly and must bring false results, It is same as trying to compare Saudi Arabia chances in 1vs1 confrontation against Iran. And I don't contempt West. I just warn you are far off in your estimations. I do contempt hypocrisy. And your government mastered it to perfection long before Russians learnt it.
  9. Now you try to offend me again? Ar you a kind local jester? How old are you? In case you haven't followed your own elections let me remind you that west and east coast USA is not the same USA as the rest. Don't even make me start on inequalities between rich and poor or just black and white. One act of solidarity during terrorist attack is irrelevant.
  10. I really think you underestimate Russian resilience. The dependencies are mutual, half of Europe depends on Russian natural gas. Economic crisis would be world wide, it would all boil down to question if you can feed your people and keep alive as many as possible. I am sure Russia would survive limited nuclear exchange as a state easily, people in Russia can swallow a lot. USA however would not. All tensions -racial, regional and others -supressed by authorities during the peace time would make the country implode. USA is the single western country where during one natural disaster the rest of the world could see pictures of gangs shooting police helicopters. People in Russia are tougher. It is really hard to break them. You can hurt them but not break. This is why any serious Russian 'opposition' matters only in western media. One more thing about Russian leadership: Putin is predictable. He lies but no more than US dep.of state or so called 'intelligence community'. Russian diplomacy is predictable and respected by everyone outside transatlantic area. I would fear what happens when Putin is out. With Shoigu you may have Russian hawks in power and probable war. And they will not ignore McCain or Graham's insane mumblings, warmongering and hostility.
  11. OK. Things go really nasty - no matter how and who was responsible for escalation. Russia goes nuclear and drops just 2 nukes. One on Warsaw, one on Vilnius. Many people fear USA is the only NATO country that would be ready to do anything other than talk or condemn. NATO can easily draw EE countries into conflict, test where the red line is and then step back.
  12. Again, it is a pure political fiction. And please don't throw Poland and the Baltic States into the same bag, Poland doesn't have Russian minority and the only people that speak Russian in Poland are Ukrainian migrants and students. Poland feels nervous about Russia since always so nothing new here - with politicians being most nervous - as usually. I think only Baltic States may have some legitimate concerns, though military action is unlikely. Belarus is out of question, any influence attempts by NATO countries are likely to provoke war. Don't get fooled by Lukashenko's maneuevers -almost no Belarus citizen would ever act against Russians. Some other concern of eastern europe's NATO countries is fear of a potential local small scale nuclear attack - many people in Poland are convinced NOONE in NATO except USA would ever react in other way than starting immediate de-escalating negotiations.
  13. Sure, as many post colonial laws, where strong enforced their will upon the weak. $7,000,000 a year is much? Are you kidding me? Lease of that part of the land should be worth 100 times that amount. I guess Iraq should be happy about the big fortified US compound in the middle of Baghdad due to how it stimulates their economy too? Not only rock solid legally but even established in accordance with their constitution. Too bad you wrote it. Back to Guantanamo: Platt Amendment was nothing but an instrument designed to control, occupy and exploit Cuba. Legally rock solid - by the standards you set. John, it is pointless to go case by case throughout all the history. All I wanted to show USA is not even a tiny bit above Russia on morality ladder despite what you all claim. Even if you forget all other things, just remember 'Iraqi Freedom". The whole anger about Russia comes from the fact they did what US plannists did not expect. All US government and media propaganda and often hysteria is on borderline with sheer absurd. Don't be like Jen Psaki. BTW: Your new president would agree. O’Reilly told Trump that Putin is a killer. Trump’s reply: ‘You think our country is so innocent?’ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/02/04/oreilly-told-trump-that-putin-is-a-killer-trumps-reply-you-think-our-countrys-so-innocent/?utm_term=.815b16c4396e
  14. Sure....Russian majority had to be pointed with guns to vote for joining Russia:-) Especially concerning the average salary gap...*sigh*
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