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  1. Thanks Bootie ... I am playing this one with Manzcaser .... loads of fun!
  2. This one is well balanced and fun http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/combat-mission-final-blitzkrieg/battle-for-chaumont-second-round/b-15.htm?action=scenario&id=11777
  3. Mac user here (aka Panzer Lehr) I have been playing all CM game (Mostly WWII) since the very start of BF. Here is what I have iMac mid 2011 model 16GB of RAM High Sierra. I play lots of PBEM so I keep multiple installs since not all my gaming friends upgrade. The following refer to engine 4 and the two upgrades The Good - RT and FB all good 4.0 - .02 Open great shutdown great The Bad - FI and BN 4.0 open slow close slow sometimes I have to force quit. .01 upgrade worked played many a turn ... then they stopped! .02 full installs NEVER WORK. What do I mean by don't work ... Game show up in DOCK minutes that feel like hours pass ... icon shuts down in DOCK ... I get no game screen at all ... watching RAM usage as this happens ... the apps bleed all the 15GB up. https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/136663 - I tried this ... Nothing. Ideas please
  4. Just caught up on the news ... Really exciting stuff coming ... Thanks you Steve and All at BF
  5. UPDATE: "Martin did my answer help at all?" "Yes, I have a fix in the works. Unfortunately, BFC have fairly radically changed the way that they are storing Game Files and Data on Mac, so it's not so easy for me. Standby (the Windows version is already being tested by people) Martin"
  6. I send an email to Martin or GaJ with "Will there be fix coming? " He responded with "Yeah - I needed to be prodded into action. Can you help me out: I need to know the path(s) that CMFB installs on, and the list of brzs that are in the Data folder." Cheers, Martin" Maybe you guys can help me out with how to respond
  7. I have been asking BF just that ... you described issue perfectly ... I tried manually moving the files under the resources folder ... CHM to recognize the the game when I did that BUT then CMFB would not work ... I just froze on a black screen
  8. I am also having issues ... it is greyed out ... I'm on a mac
  9. CMH for Mac not working with Final Blitzkrieg ... It is greyed out after I add install
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