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  1. Chibot Mk IX

    Nato with no AA capabilities

    I know, I just want to share my thoughts on this, maybe it should be labeled as "Requested Features and Ideas" . Hopefully the development team will consider this when they work on next modern conflict game
  2. Chibot Mk IX

    Nato with no AA capabilities

    I haven't update my SF1 to SF2. But I don't like the idea of remove Syrian Air Assets. Penny wise and pound-foolish. It is going to be a blow to people who love to play Syrian civil war scenarios. Modern air battles happen in a very large area. Early warning to detect threat at 500km away. BVR Air to Air missiles and long range SAMs shoot at target 100km away, CAS aircraft drop JDAM 8000 ft above. This is way beyond CM Map's scale. So why not make off map Air-Defense assets available? I had this idea when I was playing CMBS. Maybe BFC can add an option called "CAP/Area denial" to both sides just like the EW Strength concept in CMBS. This is to simulate something like a F-22 shooting two AIM-120C at your poor Su-25, or a S-400 Battery released several SAM 100km away. When "CAP/Area denial" setting is at high level, there is high possibility the opposite side's Aircraft will get shoot down, or cancel their current task, or be driven off from their current station area (become temporarily unavailable)
  3. Looking for some tips from other Russian player. How to operate your IFV/APC safely , transport and disembark , and provide fire support? For the fire support part I can think about one. Find some place that do not have LOS with front line. Park at the space behind the building , or behind reverse slope. Then move out of the cover at a full speed , stop at a point with LOS to front line, pause 10-15 seconds and do Area Fire, then reverse back. In WeGo game this requires a combination of different commands. But you need to do extra work to make sure they survive under the threat of Javelin
  4. Chibot Mk IX

    Javelin ammo

    One tip is to assign other personal in the same group as ammo bearer Note: Make sure it is the guy from the same group! like the pic below. From a infantry squad that is in the same platoon with the Javelin team, I split a two man scout team. They grab a Javelin missile from the supply truck, then move to 1 or 2 grid (8-16m) away from the Javelin. Now they can share their ammo. Javelin team has only one missile in their inventory, but Ammo section tells you there are 2 available
  5. Chibot Mk IX

    ATGM malfunction?

    too bad I forgot to save that turn's replay, but I have the save file before and after Before After Javelin left a huge crater, caused 3 casualties to the personal in that BTR-80A
  6. Chibot Mk IX

    New Game Suggestion US vs China

    Taiwan is a hot spot but I don't think it fits CM very well. It is going to be melody composed by Radars, EW , surface warship, submarine , aircraft and missiles. War is over before US and China land force clash. Taiwan scenario fits into naval war game like CMANO. Maybe we should set the stage at Central Asia , just like Command & Conquer: Generals, US vs China vs GLA.... and we can add Russia into this.
  7. Chibot Mk IX

    ATGM malfunction?

    no, I mean 105mm. In scenario "Hold the line" US paratroops has the support from M119A3 105mm, I saw 2-3 rounds close miss at a BTR-80A, but only cause slightly damage on the wheel
  8. Chibot Mk IX

    ATGM malfunction?

    I agree, but on the other hand the Javelin's warhead weight is 8.4kg, Milan's warhead weight is 2.7kg. Yesterday in one of my CMBS game, I noticed that a BTR was knocked out by close missed Javelin. The same vehicle could survive a close missed 105mm HE.
  9. Chibot Mk IX

    ATGM malfunction?

    I could have a wrong impression but I think it is not this one. Anyway, thank you for sharing this video.
  10. Chibot Mk IX

    Questions from a newbie

    Sorry, a lot of questions here. Most of them are related to CM’s coverage on Technology part. I did a quick search on the forum but could not find any discussion 1, The first question is an observation of the game from my limit experience. I noticed that in the game the American's Artillery PGM is relatively inaccurate compare to Russian/Ukraine's. My guess is M982 Excalibur and XM395 are built with GPS guide system (CEP 5m-10m) while the Russian and Ukraine one are Laser Guide (CEP 0.5m-1m), so there is an accuracy difference in the game and it is caused by different guidance system. Is this correct? 2, Then the next question is , in the game is there any Russian or Ukraine UAV has laser designator system that could support their Laser guide Artillery PGM? US side their UAV can definitely support Artillery PGM strike as the guidance is done by GPS. 3, Question number three is, does EW warfare strength have an impact on GPS guide PGM? In other word, does EW include GPS jamming? 4, Question number four: Does EW strength have an impact on ground radar, like searching/fire control radar on Tunguska? I have a great respect on Tunguska’s radar. In one of my game it picked up the RQ-11B as soon as it arrives, shoot it down with one bust of AA gun fire. Just wondering if my UAV could survive longer in a heavy EW environment. 5, Then the last question: Does CM simulate the Thermal Inversion at dawn and dusk (the rapid change of background heat should have a negative impact on the thermal imager/IR optics)?
  11. Chibot Mk IX

    AT-13 vs AT-14 thoughts

    I have a different thought on this In a PBEM game an AT-14 could be a better choice for "hit and run" tactics. If your ATGM team fired one or two shots in the pervious turn, then at the beginning of the next turn it is very likely to subject concentrated area fire from another human player. AT-13 has a pack up time of 20s, AT-14's pack up time is 0. That means if you give a withdraw command, the AT-14 team will be able to running away immediately, the AT-13 won't leave until 20s later, by that time AT-13 team might have been cut down by 25mm/30mm HE
  12. Good Luck to that Not saying it is not a good idea. But as Chinese military is experiencing a radical reform, all I can do is to wish BFC good luck when they study the PLA's OOB.
  13. Chibot Mk IX

    ATGM malfunction?

    Thanks everyone, good to know I remember there was a video clip of US SOF and SDF try to intercept an incoming ISIS VBIED, 3 Milan launches failed as missiles out of control and dropped to the ground, then American has to use the Javelin to destroy that VBIED
  14. Chibot Mk IX

    ATGM malfunction?

    I noticed that sometime the lunched ATGM missile will drop on the ground 2 to 3 seconds after the missile left the tube. This happens on wired guide ATGM like AT-4 and AT-7. At first I thought it is to simulate low experience operator. But latter I found out that even Veteran/Crack ATGM group could experience this problem. So is it simulate the malfunction of ATGM? or simulate the missile is out of control because wire entangled with trees? What is chance this will happen? (My limit game experience give me a number of 20%) Thx