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  1. This happened in a PBEM. I do hope the StuG III crews got a blindsight, deaf ears and a headache after the hit, apparently they are totally fine . They quickly fired 3 shots put my ISU-152 out of action, then knocked out a T-34/76 at the end of the turn. The next turn begin with breath hold and finger crossed. My last T-34/76 reached the destination 18m away from the StuG III, the TC got the StuG III on sight. So the next turn begin with T-34/76 rotating turret and the StuG III change the facing. It took 5 seconds before the shot fired but to me it feels like forever. Anyway, the T-34/76 fired first, a lucky shot. The AP partially penetrated through the driver vision port , the driver killed, other 3 bailed out. The 2nd shot was a ricochet. 3rd one partially penetrated the StuG III's low hull, causing a fire.... What a fight...
  2. Nyet, more and more DF-26 and DF-17 HGV that is going to be field soon posed a big threat to Guam
  3. Regarding Soviet's ATR, I think Russian player should use them as a skirmisher. Keep them firing (and change fire position every couple min) while your main body is hiding and holding fire.
  4. You don't see this happen too often, a 152mm bounced off from a StuG III https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BeqXcyroqg&feature=youtu.be FIRE! "We hit them hard!" (just remind me the good old days in WOT )
  5. Errr, TacAI will shoot 150-200m target with SMG, at least that's the case for PPSH and MP40
  6. Hi, Is there any place I can find CMSF1 mod Scipios' weapon icon? the download link provided by Scipios doesn't work anymore , Also, I am trying to make a AFV silhouettes mod myself. I got some silhouettes from one of the FCRS's user made mod. BMP-2 works fine. But silhouettes for BMP-1 doesn't work, no matter if it is for BMP-1, BMP-1P or BMP-1P(4A). I put the file name as "silhouette BMP-1", "silhouette BMP-1P", "silhouette BMP-1P(4A)" and "silhouette BMP-1P(4C)" Any tips on how to correct that? Thank you
  7. I took some video from my recent game, hopefully this will be helpful part 1&2, inf units staged an ambush from both side. This is a prefect place for an genade assault situation. Constraint terrain, bottleneck, and there is an expensive roadblock, a destroyed Pz IV in front of enemy's route. So when first tank get in, the speed was reduced to crawling. Note that I was concerning the enemy is going to area fire the entrance, so I placed my inf 2 action points (16m) away. They throw 2-3 genade, all missed but one of it disabled the tank https://youtu.be/7yXRQT3_UVE https://youtu.be/lYCw1GuQLPQ Part 3, I moved my inf closer, 1 ap away. This time their genade assault became much more frecious, one tank destoryed , another one disabled part 4, another genade assault but this one is a failure, because enemy tank running through my infantry line at high speed. My inf throw 3 genades but all missed https://youtu.be/ai9JVsYg9_4
  8. Too bad this problem is still there, I thought it was fixed in 4.02 patch but I was wrong. Mr dumb https://youtu.be/gAPCBsLZxuM Mr dumber https://youtu.be/_JTgSOpWDx8 dumb and dumber in SS uniform, note that the evade is caused by small arms fire https://youtu.be/tPmsn-R26cc
  9. Thank you , I hope I can do an AAR. Unfortunately that game happened two years ago, I am afraid I have lost most of the PBEM file
  10. Actually compare to the idea of new game design, I am thinking about mod CMFI into Korea. Mountain, snow and hot girls, this is a prefect title that can be mod into Korea peninsula
  11. You will need more than Soviet equipment/TOE to describe communist force. KPA's armor force is built with Soviet equipment and Soviet TOE, but the infantry division's organization is very similar to IJA, Imperial Japanese Army . the CPVA (Chinese People's Volunteer Army) in 1950 and 1951 were largely armed with Japanese equipment, some were armed with captured American equipment, while the rest armed with Chinese made equipment. So to describe a CPVA platoon, you will also need Japanese equipment, ZB26, type 24 Zhongzheng (this one should be relatively easy to mod, this is a copy of Gewehr 98)
  12. How about a QB, meeting engagement. Both sides choose Uncon and Toyota pickup trucks Only? Fast and Furious! 😀
  13. Be aware of Tunguska. I haven't played scenario "Cry Havoc", but I can understand your frustration. I had a PBEM on Rolling Thunder (?) . The redfor's Tunguska shot down my two UAVs in the first min, while It takes my 8 rounds of stinger to shot down the redfor's UAV . I realized that I got to knock out that Tunguska before I sent my two Apache. And next 50 min became a "hide and seek" game between me and my opponent. I made several Jav teams and FO teams infiltrate the front line, try to get a lock on that Tunguska. My opponent is cunning, he constantly move Tunguska every couple min. So my artillery PGM, barrage missed his Tunguska. And he was moving like a ghost, Jav team cannot get a lock. Finally my M1 put a 120mm on Tunguska, but it was almost at the end of the game.
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