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  1. Chibot Mk IX

    Drone Tactics

    I won't surprise if it was shot down by Tunguska. RQ-7 is a small size UAV, but it is not a stealth UAV. My guess the RCS of RQ-7 should be in the range of 0.1m^2 ~ 1m^2 . So it could be hard to detect by radar at long distance or by old generation mobile SAM radar, but not invisible to the modern radar at short distance If the RQ-7 is circling over a Tunguska for couple minutes , I won't surprise at some time Tunguska's radar be able to catch enough radar reflection signal , then using either IR or optic to ID the target before firing a burst of 30mm
  2. Chibot Mk IX

    Company HQ close to action?

    There are some of the operational level wargame feature the order delay and limited orders. But as IanL mentioned below, CM is a tactical level simulation game, player assume the commander role from Bn commander to team leader. Implementing these features will change the scope of the CM game. One of the wargame FCRS (Flashpoint campaigns red storm) feature both order delay and limited orders. Order delay is built in the game, the limited order is an optional choice. There are some discussion and thoughts about limited orders feature. Here I would like to share one discussion copied from Matrixgames forum http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3775464
  3. Maybe you can post your question on CM2 General Tech Support forum I know after CMRT, the folders contain save, scenario , maps are no longer in the same location with the game file. if my memory is correct, they are in "user name"/ documents/ game now maybe your windows is based on different language? or the user name that you log into windows is in different language? I had the same problem with one of my desktop which has Chinese language windows installed hopefully this could be helpful
  4. Chibot Mk IX

    NATO Units????

    CMBS already have one vehicle on M113 chassis: M1064 Mortar Carrier
  5. Chibot Mk IX

    Small bug when displaying Javelin ammo

    also keep in mind if your Javelin team is not far away from a fallen comrade that carry Javelin, then your team have access to those Javelin.
  6. Chibot Mk IX

    Russian army under equipped?

    it looks like Shenyang Li Jian (sharp sword), which looks like RQ-170
  7. Chibot Mk IX

    Red Thunder bugs

    yes, too many SVT. If my memory is correct, there were 1 million SVT built, but the half of them were lost in disasters after disasters in first two years.
  8. Chibot Mk IX

    Operating your IFV/APC under the threat of Javelin

    No, I mean Soviets , in a what if scenario that Soviet Union still there in 2000s. Why not? Each soviet division has 4 SS-21 , why let the SS-21 crew drink vodka and enjoy the sunshine while the others are fighting a bloody war, the division commander would love to assign some tasks to them
  9. Chibot Mk IX

    Operating your IFV/APC under the threat of Javelin

    I absolutely agree on this. Reading briefing and study map is a must. However , not every scenario gives you a lot of artillery support. And in a PBEM game, your human opponent may deployed to a different place. Or put the ATGM in safe place , deploy them as soon as the barrage stops. Javelin team in a good human opponent's hand are nasty, because before you bring up enough direct area fire onto their exposed position, they may already be 20m away. Before your artillery drops, they may have already jumped on a Humvee and go to the other side of the map But I agree, if you have enough artillery assets in the beginning, plan the fires. ID the possible ATGM position , put yourself in the other side's shoes, think about where you would like to deploy ATGM at. Suppress those area. It is always good to have a plan. The best case scenario is the attack goes with the plan most of the time, react to unexpected situation once a while. It is easier said than done
  10. Chibot Mk IX

    Operating your IFV/APC under the threat of Javelin

    War, War never changes. I agree you on most of the part, but disagree with some part. When BMP-1 get into Soviets armed force service, it was designed to follow tank formation closely. However after Yom Kippur war Soviets realized their BMP-1 are very brittle on the battlefield. So they changed their doctrine. The BMP companies must keep distance with tanks companies , preferred distance is 500m-1000m. So Tank companies lead the way, BMP companies are in "on call" position, follow behind and ready to provide support. This doctrine will not only keep BMPs relatively safe in nuclear warfare with tactical nuclear weapons detonate everywhere, but will also keep them safe in a 70-80s conventional warfare. Yes, NATO has a lot of ATGM assets, but Heavy ATGM are issued to Battalion/Company level. Light ATGM M47 Dragon at platoon level may not be able to effectively stop MBT. Later the TOW 2 on M2 IFV increased a lot of firepower to the Mech inf platoon. But basically Soviet can concentrate their artillery, use their MBT to absorb enough damage, Mech infantry in an "on call" position to provide support, the whole formation keep moving. Javelin could change the whole situation, they are relatively light weight, relatively cheap, easy to change fire position, hard to detect. Issued to Squad/Platoon level so it has both the quality and quantity, and they are providing same punch as a heavy TOW 2 Glad the cold war didn't turn hot. And cold war ended before Javelin get into service. So we don't know what Soviets will do to adapt to this new threat (maybe their solution is very simple: use tactical nukes and chemicals). One thing is clear, if you try to reenact this Soviet doctrine in CMBS, you will get a lot of burning T-90s. Like you said , sending out infantry as screen is a solution, but this will cost speed, it is not fit into Soviet doctrine. For some of the NATO screen force at the border, forcing Warsaw Pact change into an assault formation can be considered as a victory, it will disrupt Soviets schedule and slow down the enemy. My point is, new high tech shining toys could force the opposite side to adapt a new tactics. Naval and Air operation are more sensitive to this. Land warfare is less sensitive. But charging a machine gun post in a Napoleonic era column formation is a bad idea. In modern day battlefield, mass your artillery in a Soviet WW2 style will make the enemy's counter battery mission a piece of cake. So, new weapon system/hardware has an impact on tactics my 2 cents
  11. Chibot Mk IX

    Operating your IFV/APC under the threat of Javelin

    All hail the powerful 8.4kg HEAT warhead I am in a PBEM game , scenario "Galloping Horse Downfall". This is what happened last turn. American is retreating, I send a MTLB chasing after Javelin.... Incoming! A miss, but.... Ouch. Glad both two crewman survived , they can still charge enemy with AKS-74U. A Javelin team spotted 20 min before this happening, that location is marked with yellow arrow in the first pic. I dropped probably 30 rounds 120mm mortar shells air burst in that area. The blue arrow marks where this Javelin comes from. Either my opponent changed his position after he detected spotting rounds or he has another Javelin team there. Anyway, it is the time for another round of bombardment.
  12. Chibot Mk IX

    Operating your IFV/APC under the threat of Javelin

    There are plenty of 7.62x54R in the 7 men Rifle squad. Ukraine's 7 men squad has 700rnd (1 PKM), Russian has 970rnd (1 PKP + 1 SVD). The 6 men squad could experience 7.62 ammo shortage much more often, Ukraine's 6 men squad has 300rnd, 420rnd in Russian squad. So make them grab 250 or 500rnd 7.62mm is highly recommended I usually do the same thing here. But recently I am rethinking this . In a PBEM game and when I expect to see enemy armor, I will constantly change my exposed infantry team's position every 30s or 45s. Light load will be helpful to my game play style. One thing puzzle me is, why the Russian/Ukraine's grenadier could not equips RPG-22/26? It looks like those who equips with GP-25 or GP-30 are screwed. They cannot equip with RPG, cannot pickup their fallen comrade's LMG. They only have 10 rounds UGL HE, and burning the ammo fast. BTR, MLTB and BMP don't carry 40mm VOG-25 HE. I hope BFC can add some 40mm HE to Russian/Ukraine AFV in next patch
  13. Chibot Mk IX

    Nato with no AA capabilities

    I know, I just want to share my thoughts on this, maybe it should be labeled as "Requested Features and Ideas" . Hopefully the development team will consider this when they work on next modern conflict game
  14. Chibot Mk IX

    Nato with no AA capabilities

    I haven't update my SF1 to SF2. But I don't like the idea of remove Syrian Air Assets. Penny wise and pound-foolish. It is going to be a blow to people who love to play Syrian civil war scenarios. Modern air battles happen in a very large area. Early warning to detect threat at 500km away. BVR Air to Air missiles and long range SAMs shoot at target 100km away, CAS aircraft drop JDAM 8000 ft above. This is way beyond CM Map's scale. So why not make off map Air-Defense assets available? I had this idea when I was playing CMBS. Maybe BFC can add an option called "CAP/Area denial" to both sides just like the EW Strength concept in CMBS. This is to simulate something like a F-22 shooting two AIM-120C at your poor Su-25, or a S-400 Battery released several SAM 100km away. When "CAP/Area denial" setting is at high level, there is high possibility the opposite side's Aircraft will get shoot down, or cancel their current task, or be driven off from their current station area (become temporarily unavailable)
  15. Looking for some tips from other Russian player. How to operate your IFV/APC safely , transport and disembark , and provide fire support? For the fire support part I can think about one. Find some place that do not have LOS with front line. Park at the space behind the building , or behind reverse slope. Then move out of the cover at a full speed , stop at a point with LOS to front line, pause 10-15 seconds and do Area Fire, then reverse back. In WeGo game this requires a combination of different commands. But you need to do extra work to make sure they survive under the threat of Javelin