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  1. Well, it's a little bit of exaggeration. But one year ago if someone told me he could land 6 rounds of laser guided 152mm on 6 different targets in 20 min I would laugh at this idea. Now... T+1 min: UKR FO requested one round of 152mm PGM on the right most BTR. It will take 7 min to make 1st round PGM land on target. T+6: Now here is the key. 5 min later, when the art panel status changed to "Preparing", it is time to click "adjust fire". I called the fire on the left most BTR. Click confirm, then wait for 2 more min T+8: 2 min later, the FO guided first round of 152mm PGM and it hit the right most BTR. At the same time, the 2S19 Plt is preparing to fire on the left most BTR, which was targeted by adjust fire 2 min ago. Now it is time to adjust it again. I adjusted the fire on to a MTLB T+10, 2 min later. 2nd rnd PGM killed the left most BTR, arty plt is preparing to fire on the new target --- MTLB, and I click adjust fire again to call a new round onto a BMP...... I will repeat this procedure until the 2S19 plt expend all 6 rounds of PGM T+20, all 6 rounds PGM expended, killed 6 different AFV targets.
  2. Maybe, you should hit "Pop smoke" twice before the contact, this will deplete smoke grenade. Make you AFV occupy a position, then hit "pause" Hopefully this will solve the problem 😎
  3. Sorry, I should put a better description there. The highlighted AGS team is a specialist team purchased and assigned to 2nd Battalion HQ's command.
  4. that's weird. it works for me the AGS-17 team is from 2nd Bn, they have no trouble to take grenade from 1st Bn's BTR-4E
  5. For issue like this , it is because a squad will take two action spot. The squad leader in team A has a clear LOS on target but the LMG gunner in team B sit on adjacent does not.
  6. I have seen a lot of Blue-on-Blue infantry casualty caused by trigger happy auto-cannon gunner in CMBS. It is very likely to happen if your infantry is staying under a tree, and the AFV behind fire shots that hit the tree. This is a risk you have to take when you put infantry in front of your AFV
  7. well, I have no problem for thermal sight to see through smoke, I have question on how does Laser Beam get through the dense smoke. If the ATGM is guided by radio or wire, it should be able to guided through smoke. But laser?
  8. Thanks for the explanation Here is another test. This is a 200m x 4000+ m map. RedFor has two AT-14 team on south side of the map. They do have total 8 ATGM in inventory. At the first turn BlueFor AI will drop smoke screen 300m in front of RedFor. One BlueFor's BTR Co. will show up as reinforcement on the north side of the map. We know that the Thermal sight on AT-14 allows it to see through smoke. Laser should be blocked by smoke, missile can "remember" its flight path. An assumption is since the laser is blocked from beginning, the missile should lost it's accuracy after 4000m flight? The answer is NO, it is still super accurate. 8 Missile will take out 7 or 8 BTRs. ATGM test field.btt
  9. Here is the test. After intercept 4 9K114 ATGM, the Trophy APS on Abrams turned to dark grey. The 5th and 6th ATGM hit Abrams
  10. I remember the BMP-1 has the same problem in CMSF and CMSF2. It will fire its main gun first, then ATGM. The gunner is very likely to get killed when expose himself during reloading. Possible solution are, 1, use target briefly 2, target, put a movement command, but adding a pause on it. Not sure if it will work on BTR-4E in CMBS
  11. Oh , wait a minute. Smoke grenade launchers can be a good example. It will turn to grey on subsystems panel after running out of smoke grenade. hmmm....
  12. My understanding is subsystems panel only tells you if this equipment is function or not. If the APS is out of ammo, it may be green still?
  13. Is there any way to check how many APS (Active Protection System) shots left? Thx
  14. 120mm is not so effective against building, you need larger gun. for the 155mm, even an anti-personal airburst mission can knock down the building very quickly. I remember saw a two story building knocked down by 3 rounds of 155mm air burst
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