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  1. CptMiller, so you gave an order combination of 1, move forward. 2, Target area. 3, pause 20s. 4, reverse? Well, if you want to ask BMP fire ATGM, you cannot give another movement order after the fire order at the last action point. so you have to delete step 4. Looks like this is hard coded in CMSF. I guess you can first give a 30s or 40s pause to the vehicle, then fast to the fire position, target the control tower. Hopefully, they can reach the position , finish aim and fire the missile before the turn ends. And in the next turn cycle, you can give a pause then reverse command combo, to let the gunner finish the guide. But anyway, Javelin will rain down on your poor BMPs Good Hunting
  2. Chibot Mk IX

    A Chinese man built a 1:2 Pz IV tank

    because everyone loves German car? lol
  3. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av25520917 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av25590985/ a Pz IV F2?
  4. Chibot Mk IX

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    T-26, T-34/76, and maybe a dozen of BT-7
  5. Chibot Mk IX

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Wow, take my money please! It brings back my memory of those days playing CMBB. “Once a king” was one my favorite scenario, herding a mixed group of Heer, SS and Volkssturm to escape the doomed Reich By the description I guess the new Mod will cover the period from Vistlua-Oder Offensive (Jan 1945) to Battle of Berlin (May 1945). And from the description the new Mod will focus on Army Group North and Army Group Center? It’s pity that Polish People's Army is not included in new units. Will it cover the Army Group Courland? Will it expand to south a little bit, so that we can experience the battle of Budapest and Operation Frühlingserwachen? Maybe we can find Hungarian, Romanian and even Yugoslavian in the game? OK, I guess I have asked too much. Battlefront, thank you for sharing this good news, can’t wait for this MOD.
  6. I cannot find if there is any restriction on weapon reclaim from manual, below are my observation in 3.0 engine Not sure they are correct, please correct me if I am wrong 1) A riflemen (bolt-action rifle) will reclaim the LMG and MP44, he cannot reclaim SMG, Semi-Auto rifle 2) A SMG gunner will reclaim the rifle (both bolt-action and semi-auto) and LMG 3) A LMG gunner will reclaim the SMG 4) Tank crew will reclaim rifle/SMG/LMG 5) Anti Tank Rifle (ATR) cannot be reclaimed by anybody 6) Only the other member in the same HMG team can reclaim the HMG 7) Only the engineer or personal in engineer squad can reclaim Demo Charges
  7. Chibot Mk IX

    When is Shock Force 2

    Yes, please! Release CMSF 2 ASAP, before WW 3 breaks out and nuclear warheads are flying high in the sky!
  8. Chibot Mk IX

    Then we will fight in the shade!

    German infantry unit's composition is not good for attacking in woods, it is not even good for a meeting engagement. I learned a hard lesson in CMRT. Man, those dirty SMG commies are brutal! In one of the CMRT scenario, I had a powerful Panzer formation support by a platoon of Panzergrenadier. At first everything went well, everything Russian AI had was destroyed by my Panzer ball. Then I sent the platoon into the wood to chase the rout soviet infantry units, a team of AT gun crew destroyed the whole platoon. My powerful Panzer couldn't do anything but just sit there and watch. Everyone in that AT Gun team carries a PPSh SMG! They lost their 45mm AT gun at the beginning, but none of them were killed. After this incident I have to click cease fire, accept a draw because I don't have enough infantry to occupy the VP point. The German infantry units’ firepower comes from their LMG. I think this game simulate the extra time for LMG deployment, the delayed reaction time will be deadly in close combat. And trust me, when you receive fire from the enemy, first casualties are always your LMG gunner. here is my thought on how German player should deal with attacking into woods 1, Avoid woods like a plague. Do NOT enter it. Drop 105mm and 120mm on the trees is far better than spill the blood on the soil. Use your firepower to control the woods, setup a HMG team and overwatch it, fire at anything that looks suspicious 2, if you must follow an area denial doctrine, prevent your opponent or AI to move their infantry to edge of the woods, causing trouble to your formation march on the open field, then you should control the edge. Of course, the first thing is to set up some fire support to overwatch this area. Sending some team to station at the edge, but do not get too deep. Hopefully your infantry team and fire support units share the same LOS in the woods, anything come out will receive hail of fire. Sometime the fire support unit will not have LOS with enemy units. A tip is to area fire surrounding area, it will cause suppression. 3, When it comes to a situation requires you must enter the wood. Well, good luck. Remember “area fire”. Split the infantry squad to two teams. Keep distance between these two. The one with LMG area fire, they have enough 7.92mm. Hopefully it will suppress the enemy hiding there, or at least making the enemy shoot back reveal their position. The team with SMG leap forward a short distance, wait a while and put your LMG team advance, then area fire again. Keep area fire even when you see enemy suffered casualties and running away, one or two survived SMG have enough firepower to turn the table. So…. area fire, area fire, area fire, then advance. My two cents
  9. Chibot Mk IX

    Ost Front Books

    I'd like to recommend "Supplying war: logistics from Wallenstein to Patton" Chapter 5. Russian Roulette https://www.amazon.com/Martin-van-Creveld-Supplying-Wallenstein/dp/B001E3CSX4 it talks about logistics, so maybe it is much more fit when you play an operational/strategic wargame like TOAW or WITE, but it is a good read.
  10. Thank you Erwin. Thanks for your offer, I do have that Marine SOF Mod too. I also thought about rename the file but I was too lazy to do the work. Just finished a scenario called "Panzertrack", a group PanzerGrenadier fight against Ivan with Panzerfaust, just like their ancestor. Time to go back to Syria. I will rename the US Camo to German when I come back to Euroscape mod
  11. Maybe it is a relatively low proiroty project? Russia is a threat, but a large scale land war between Russia and United States is unlikely. Even a war break out in the next five years. US Armor can still keep its edge. On the oher hand, Uncle Sam need a fleet of F-35, Arleigh Burke Flight III be combat ready in the next five years, to counter the new toys handled by China. (like J-20 in PLAAF , Type 055 DDG Type 095 SSN in PLAN). It costs money
  12. Hi Erwin I did search it but I cannot find CMSF German woodland camo. I am playing the game with "Euroscape" mod. This is a fantastic mod, but unfortunately it doesn't convert German troops to woodland camo. That's the reason why I am asking this question
  13. Hi, just want to know if there is any mod changes Bundeswehr's camo into woodland camo Thanks
  14. Pacific is a huge theater, it's not only about USMC or IJA, BFC can release one expansion after another. BFC can charge us $10 for a Soviet expansion module . $5 for IJN SNLF, $2 for Chinese nationalist army and communist army, $1 for Royal Thailand Army