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  1. Just purchased the Big bundle upgrade for combat mission games. Was given 1 serial key for all versions of the upgrade. Applied patch to Red Thunder and key works fine and am able to play game no problem. However applied patch to Battle for Normandy and attempted activation with same key and am informed that the license key is invalid. Uninstalled Normandy and downloaded version 4 full installer. Installed that entered keys for Commenwealth Bundle, Market Garden, Upgrade 3 all successful then entered upgrade 4 key, once again License Key Invalid. Why isn't it accepting it ?. Wh
  2. Thanks for the help lads, looking forward to getting to grip with this fantastic tactical game.
  3. I am a bit new to this game and am struggling with how to play it properly. I have all of the CM Normandy modules upgraded to 3.0 Looking for any kind of help and advice on how to properly use my units and how to attack or defend. Seems like there is a lot to take in with regards to tactics and strategy but am willing to learn. So any help with basic or intermediate tutorials that help to learn how to play this game. Cheers
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