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  1. (If there is already a thread like this out there, apologizes for the spam of the topic then) Other than the Aris Vehicle Mods, I was wondering what mods are a must have for CMFI+GL?
  2. Exporting the files somewhere else fixed it. The installer much have downloaded something out of order. Thanks guys.
  3. I installed with the all-in-one master installer. No separate installers.
  4. I just bought the complete BN package and I seem to be having a age old issue; my soldiers are invisible. You know, the classy ghost that can hold weapons. I know its something on my end because I had the same issue when I tried the demo some time ago but I forgot how to fix it. And for some reason, any tank hits (ricochets and penetrations) are completely black and boxy. I am updated to version 3.12 if that helps with solving the problem.
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