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  1. The biggest selling point for me is the sheer amount of content this title contains, so many factions and a ton of scenarios.
  2. Guilty as charged. Track IR was around $200 as well...
  3. Yeah i used the "activate new products" exe, apparently my serial key is invalid.
  4. I haven't been able to activate any of the 4.0 upgrades with my bundle serial key, tried every game.
  5. Where was Scouts battalion and the APC-borne reserves (probably battalion size as well) during all this? Great thread by the way, a very informative as well as entertaining read.
  6. Hmm, when i tried to launch it yesterday it wanted me to activate, which i couldn't do since it said activation limit had been reached. Now, i tried to launch this morning and all was fine, didn't require activation - oddly enough it launched without a hitch.
  7. What human wave? It is a frontal assault with tank support something which was very common in the mentioned battle. If you compare the german and soviet casualties and read the memoirs of people who fought there, all of them pretty much describe the same thing - a massive preparatory artillery barrage followed by a combined frontal assault. The soviets did not manage to break through so they tried until they bled out. There was an decent amount of military personell involved in the production of the film including the guy who wrote it, so i wouldn't write off all the things you deem inapropriate for a "tactically superior 1944 red army" as ignorance.
  8. Yeah, clip from the estonian movie "1944".
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