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  1. Do you think installing 3.12 over 4.0, then re-installnig 4.0 may solve the issue?
  2. Hi there! So I recently started playing this game again, and had to make a clean install. In order CMBN, CMBN CF, v2.0, v3.0, v4.0. I do not have the vehicle pack, nor the Market Garden add-on. For some reason the hit impacts to vehicles is bugged. I noticed it in a tank battle, all the impacts are black squares. Looks pretty disappointing. Anyone else had this? Any solution ideas? (I do have the latest video drivers installed.)
  3. I wasn't able to create a working shortcut, probably because I messed up the "-s (and can't open your scrshots >.<) But I did try to open h2hh.exe from cmd. Nothing happened >.<
  4. I do have the 2.10.7 version :\ No error messages
  5. It won't start for me either, not even for a blink. I tried to reach the AppState.txt but in the AppData>Roaming folder there is no H2HH folder for me, nor a GreenAsJade folder as in your screenshot. Any idea why it won't create the folder?.. I have Windows 7 too...
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