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  1. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 10:02 So, the battle rages on. I can surely use some additional time to move my forces around. Despite the casualties. Enemies on both sides of the main street opened up on my forces. I mean, I think pretty much all of them. I have no contacts outside of the built up area. Not in the Green Zone (or even NE further from it), nor on the NE corner of the map, which is still in enemy's hands. Because there are trenches there I will not even think to assault with my LAR Platoon. More so, I don't even need to do anything in that area. Only the village is my concern and responsibility. I do have the road leading out of it in my sights, so anyone trying to sneak out would have a hard time doing so. 2nd Platoon's fire from the south have forced most known enemy units on the southern part of the road to run away north. I guess they're simply doing this in panic. The guys that smacked my LAR Platoon dismounts simply refuse to die. I leveled ALL the buildings in their compound. And they're still alive and kicking. I managed to maneuver some units into position to deal with them, but it's not 100% to succeed, given their track record. Also, there are enemies right in the street who I also need to deal with, so my forward-most units have their hands full. Will see how it goes in the next minute or so. Survivors still resist and fight back: SMAW guys opened up on an enemy contact and made a big bada boom: Further maneuvering:
  2. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 9:58 It's not over yet! As soon as the message about our recent Marine losses hit the net, every local commander of what seems to be the United States Amphibious Demolitions Corps gave the order to increase the volume of fire upon the enemy. The guys that I haven't used that much in this battle in their direct fire role, the SMAW gunners of the assault teams, targeted enemy HQ in the building. ON MY COMMAND! BACKBLAST AREA SECURE! ROCKET! I haven't forgotten about my TOW humvees! Work of the wrecking crew: New hint: Phelps is male, Jones is female. Oooh. What a mystery.
  3. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 9:56 Force preservation. Right. Little did I know... 3 WIA, 1 KIA. My Marines, who were advancing over an open field. The field with quite a few dead enemies lying around. Who tried to do the same thing. Oh dear... Scout Sniper fired a shot from M40A3 rifle at not fully visible contact. Units do that sometimes. But that's the first time I'm seeing a sniper do that. Wonder if he actually hit anyone. New hint: Phelps is from California. Jones is from NYC.
  4. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Ha-ha! I totally forgot about Ellen's cat! But, unfortunately, no. Nice try though! Jones and Phelps in question are not parts of the Alien franchise. And are not related to each other directly. But do have something strong in common. Oh, alright, and one of them is a fictional US Marine. They are both fictional characters, from completely different franchises. That's enough hints for today
  5. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 9:54 1st Platoon reinforced the 3rd. It took defensive positions but also sent one squad across the road to help clearing the buildings. All the enemy forces I'm in contact with are in Obj Jones area. Elements of the 3rd Platoon who are currently advancing NE on the northern side of the road are valiantly crossing the open area under enemy fire while being supported by other Marines. Fire & maneuver is the name of the game. Overview: At this point, I've pretty much isolated the Obj Jones and gained a foothold there. Unfortunately, as I suspected, I will not be able to clear the Obj Jones in time. Therefore, from this point on, I'm focusing on force preservation. LAR Platoon dismounts are unable to capture the second compound as planned due to casualties. But even so, I was able to identify several enemy positions and can target them with fire from multiple directions. Coy HQ with FO team have set up at Obj Vasquez, but I won't be calling in neither Cobras nor the mortars. No time for that. One of the key points in the briefing was ammo preservation, so there's that too.
  6. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 9:53 Multiple enemy units tried withdrawing further NE through the alleys, and pretty successfully. LoS in MOUT is rather limited at ground level. Oh well.. At this point I suspect that Obj Phelps (older boundary reference) is free of enemy forces, but I'm yet to actually finish clearing every single building. 3rd Platoon: 2nd Platoon got eyes on the Green Zone and starts clearing it. One contact immediately pops up and gets neutralized. Enemy MG was hidden among the trees, ready to ambush my Marines. My positioning was better though: LAR Platoon dismounts tried using the compound they've captured to get a glance at nearby buildings. Bad idea. Kind of. They were immediately fired upon from a nearby building. Were suppressed and unable to return fire. All vehicles in the vicinity are tasked with providing support for them.
  7. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 9:50 Alright, it's the final stretch! 1st Platoon has finished securing Obj Vasquez! Overall, starting from the entry point, there were no enemy units at all. Which is great, because 1st Platoon has suffered enough already. 2nd Platoon has finished securing Obj Rick! There were also very few enemies during the assault. I suspect that most of the enemy southern force have died at Obj Morty. Was there something in USMC MOUT docpub/manual about defense that said you should not have lots of troops in forward positions? They are needed there only to force the enemy to deploy his forces earlier and to stall him. Oh well. There's a lowland area to the north of 2nd Platoon, called "Green Zone". I will send a couple of squads there to keep increasing the pressure on the Objs Phelps and Jones from SE direction. 3rd Platoon is doing great so far. But as I suspected, there are too many buildings on the southern side of the road, and I need additional manpower to clear them. For that, I'm deploying a smokescreen to let one more squad move across the road. Additionally, I will move up parts of the 1st Platoon there to relieve defensive line (overwatch/BoF units), which will allow the 3rd Platoon to continue moving as a whole unit. LAR Platoon took 5 WIA casualties storming the compound I talked about earlier. Damn hand grenades are deadly. This is totally my fault, because I've failed the fire & maneuver principle. I was not firing at the building. I was relying on my troops to fire by themselves upon contact. Very dumb on my part, especially after I specifically said that "now I'm free to hose this house with lead". Yeah... Screenies time. 1st Platoon exercises "Top to Bottom assault" by moving over the roof into the adjacent building (just as in @IanL example from the previous page). There were no enemies there though, but still, just wanted to show you how I use this method myself: 3rd Platoon's adventures: LAR Platoon dismounts assault the compound: Some other enemy at Obj Jones tried to fire LMG at LAV-25's unbuttoned commander (but missed and will get whacked on the next turn): My current situation and imaginary (not 100% guaranteed to be accurate, as in with blown up AAV earlier) front line/line of control. 1st Plt is to move up to 3rd. 2nd to continue move north into the Green Zone:
  8. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 9:46 Wow, I am amazed by what's happening right now. The way my Marines handle the firefights is just majestic! Even though quite a lot of them are regular level troops, and many being morally depressed (cautious or scared, borderline panic). 1st Platoon entered the Obj Vasquez compound without any resistance. No contacts so far. But their AAV was attacked by an RPG guy from the Obj Phelps. The RPG gunner missed though, and was killed by AAV's quick return fire. The vehicle commander was up on the turret, unbuttoned. 2nd Platoon meets very small resistance as it moves through Obj Rick. Just a couple of guys that were dealt with surprisingly well at a disadvantageous situation for my Marines (they were out in the open, while the enemies were inside the building and fired at them at almost black range. But the Marines killed both and then cleared the house completely. Remember that compound at Obj Jones that my LAR Platoon dismounts were about to storm? The one where I created additional entry points in the walls. I am specifically forbidden to fire indiscriminately at the buildings if I'm not fired upon from them. So I was not firing at the buildings, just made some holes in the walls, nothing dangerous, let me assure you. However, the enemy might not even be aware of this. He opened up early and fired at one of my LAV-25s. It was a near hit (not direct). Small damage to LAV's wheels, but everyone's OK. LAV commander was unbuttoned when the RPG hit nearby, and he immediately closed the hatch afterwards and directed the gunner to open up on the building with 25mm. And I think we've killed the guy who fired the RPG. Also, now I can freely hose the building with lead before entering. Now unto the most action heavy part. 3rd Platoon's adventures. Remember the plans I wrote on the previous page? So far I'm sticking to it. 2nd and 3rd Squads have reached the northern end of the planned route, the one with a burning car in the yard. They've uncovered multiple enemy groups and are in the middle of a vicious firefight. They are to stay there and will cover 1st Squad's movement. 1st and Assault Squads are crossing the road, moving to the southern side of the Obj Phelps. They will blow a hole in the wall and will proceed clearing the southern side of the Obj Phelps. It might take a while, and I'm afraid that I'd need additional manpower to be sent to the southern side, but we'll see. The fighting is going very well so far. I'm proud of my little pixeltruppen. 2nd & 3rd Squads of the 3rd Platoon exchange lead with the enemy:
  9. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 9:43 So far so good. For the most part of the mission, my Marines were able to achieve local fire superiority upon enemy contact. Almost each time. I intend to keep this trend until the end of the scenario. The pockets of resistance here and there that I encounter are quickly dealt with, all thanks to Marine TO&E and target area isolation. I can target most of the buildings from multiple sides at the same time, and most of the outer ones with heavy weaponry. So as soon as the enemy is spotted, there's little chance for it to escape. Elements of the 3rd Platoon on point: Encounter with survivals of the previous firefight: In the mean time, 1st Platoon is seconds away from storming Obj Vasquez: 2nd Platoon assembled and lined up along the Obj Rick: Fire & maneuver of the 3rd Platoon continues: LAR Platoon's LAVs create an additional entry point in preparation before storming one of the Obj Jones compounds:
  10. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Sitrep @ 9:40 Mkay, so there's only 20 minutes remaining. What do I have to report? 1st Platoon is moving into position to storm Obj Vasquez. Obj Morty has been secured. 2nd Platoon is almost in position to start clearing Obj Rick. 3rd Platoon is swarming through Obj Phelps like little ants. LAR Plt keeps clearing the lowgrounds in the north. I'm confident that I'd be able to clear Objectives Vasquez and Rick in time. Unless 1st Platoon decides to go AWOL during the assault. Their morale is pretty low, so I keep the Squad Leader team where it is needed the most. Obj Phelps will most likely not be fully cleared by the end of this mission. 3rd Platoon had only two breaching charges. The first one was used at the initial entry point: One of the RPG guys at Obj Phelps survived and managed to run away: The swarm of Marines @ Obj Phelps:
  11. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    That's a negative!
  12. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Nope! I'll announce the answer to our little quiz upon completion of this Nasty AAR! Sitrep @ 9:33 1st Platoon is making itself useful! Not only did they manage to spot an enemy sniper, moving to a new position, but they also skillfully supported 3rd Platoon's movement! I love when my pixeltruppen actually do what I wanted them to. Enemy sniper is a High Value Target in my book, so his location was targeted by a Javelin missile strike. And a focused fire by several vehicles. Time to surgically destroy another building. So 1st Platoon's successes... Right, right. I set them along the Obj Drake border to support 3rd Platoon moving into Obj Phelps (*smooth jazz tune slowly increases in volume*). 1st Platoon had to do just one thing, and one thing only. Watch out for any signs of trouble. The alleys across the bridge were still and silent, and only barely noticeable desert wind kept the men aware by throwing small pieces of sand into their tired, wary faces. - Come to me, darling, - Sergeant broke a brief moment of silence. - I ain't no detective, but I WILL get to you. Aren't you tired of running?, - he spit into the sand and continued thoughtfully gazing into the far reaches of the valley ahead. So, the 1st Platoon was watching. Watching.. And suddenly, the shots erupted, sounding from the other side of the bridge. An RPG team appeared on a rooftop, barely noticeable for the Marines. Then came more shots, and another team of armed men appeared on a distant roof. The Sergeant awoke from his short moment of quaint absence and started shouting orders to the men: - Two o'clock, three hundred meters, rooftops! Light them up, boys! One after the other, the 1st Platoon Marine teams, beaten but still very much trigger-happy, acquired their respective targets and started firing. The whole valley awoke with loud noises of a firefight. The Marines managed to successfully suppress the enemy, giving time to several distant vehicle crews to figure out they also have to tune into this chaotic rumble of death and destruction. Ahem.. Yeah, I got carried away a little. Wink. Wink. So.. 1st Platoon reacted good! More info to come.. Enemy sniper changes his position: 2nd Platoon awaits for the smoke screen before entering the enemy compound. Also, just a weird scene. 1st Platoon covers 3rd Platoon's movement:
  13. L0ckAndL0ad

    CV90 bells and whistles

    Cool! CMSF1? I don't think so. I think direct fire airburst munitions were first introduced with BMP-3 (and later for some version of M1 Abrams) in CMBS. Any notes on LWR and other defensive capabilities? I remember in CMSF1 there were some strange armor stats for CV9035NL, having lower protection values compared to other (older) western IFVs.
  14. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Okay, I'll give you another hint (you all missed the first one apparently). They are both fictional characters (just like the others, duh) that are not directly related but have something strong in common.
  15. L0ckAndL0ad

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Thanks! Actually, I completely forgot to include AAV crews into the calculations. Now I see I'm exactly at 80% threshold. But there's no way I'm gonna be able to keep it that way. BTW, nobody still managed to guess what Objectives Phelps and Jones refer to