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  1. @sburke That's exactly what I did wrong. Thanks for your help. CMBN at v.4.01! Hurrah!
  2. Thanks @mirekm61 @sttp. I've got it working now! Thanks!
  3. What engine version should I be seeing on the menu screen? 4.01 after patch? Only installed patch for CMBN so far and engine version is still v4.00.
  4. I too was hit with a fraudulent transaction a few weeks after buying CMSF2. It was only $0.75, so obviously testing the card. Caught by the bank within minutes and card was cancelled. Again, probably a coincidence. The only thing of note is that I'm in the UK and the transaction was somewhere in the US.
  5. Perhaps a development diary, when things get interesting, might be something to consider rather than predictions of a release date.
  6. This looks great. I've installed ReShade no problem but unfortunately get a compiling error (C5109) on a large amount of the effects when loading on the main battlefront menu. I do get a handful of effects loading but not all of the effects in the shader folder. Any ideas how to fix this?
  7. And your anger management has come a long way since then Ollie.
  8. For CMRT you must reenter your base game code. It's a quirk specific to CMRT. I'll see what I can do about flagging this information for easier viewing. Steve The above worked for me. I've got CMBS and CMRT working now. CMBN continues to a be a problem. Activates okay but immediately get an APPCRASH error and the game crashes to desktop without progressing further.
  9. Managed to fix it. Had to do a full reinstall with the master installer and then install the v3.12 patch. Quick battle options back to normal.
  10. I might have to do that Ian. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  11. Re-installed the patch (with mods removed) and still get the same set of options. Any further thoughts how to fix this?
  12. Good point Ian. I usually remove my mods before updating but I think I forgot to do that this time.
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