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  1. Silentotto41

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    Thanks for all your help - I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, patched it up to current and now its working. Not sure exactly what the issue was but thanks again for all your help!
  2. Silentotto41

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    Thanks guys. I did all of that and waited a good 15 minutes and still stuck at 70%. I've never had this problem before with any other download.
  3. Silentotto41

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    Thanks MANoWar but that did not work....any other ideas?
  4. Silentotto41

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    I downloaded and it does not seems to be working. When loading it never gets past 70%....any ideas? Thanks.
  5. I just completed the first mission - thank you for the excellent work on this. SPOILERS I sent my infantry up the cleared corridors as others have done. I setup my HMG's to cover my approach to the trench line and bunkers and this seemed to work well. The HMG's really did a nice job of pinning down and carving up the Russian infantry as I approached. Once the trench lines were cleared out I sent in the pioneers to destroy the bunkers. I had 40 KIA which I didn't think was too bad for the assault. I used the same approach for the attack on the command bunker. I was surprised to find that the last trench objectives were not defended by the Russians. However as soon as I had my troops occupy the final trenches the Russians attacked out of the woods with a fairly large amount of infantry. I was fortunate to have already taken the trenches. If the Russian infantry had gotten there first I would have had a very difficult time dislodging them. Just started mission 2. Wow - this is a big mission. This will take me a while to finish but I will update you on it when I am done. Thanks again for your work!
  6. Silentotto41

    CMRT Campaign - Kampfgruppe "von Schroif"

    I had the same reaction - this is a tough one! Also one of the best maps I've seen in CMRT (if not the best)
  7. Silentotto41

    CMRT Campaign - Kampfgruppe "von Schroif"

    Wow - just finished the third mission. Very challenging - I captured 4 of the 6 objectives however lost all but one of my panzers and as a result earned a "draw". Unfortunately the campaign is over. What a great mission, very demanding with lots of options for an attack. I'll have to give this a break for a few weeks and then come back at it again. Thanks again for a great campaign!
  8. Silentotto41

    CMRT Campaign - Kampfgruppe "von Schroif"

    I was optimistic until the 3rd mission - I'm about 45 minutes in and it is a TOUGH fight. Still enjoying it though, I love a good challenge!
  9. Silentotto41

    CMRT Campaign - Kampfgruppe "von Schroif"

    Thanks George - as I had feared....no Tigers to help win this key battle. I'll have to rely on the excellent tactics of Von Schroif
  10. Silentotto41

    CMRT Campaign - Kampfgruppe "von Schroif"

    Really enjoying this. An incredible level of detail/effort went into it - thank you. I'm just starting the 3rd mission (3b Angriff gegen einen Brueckenkopf). In the pdf copy of the mission briefing I'm told that I have 3 King Tigers from the 501st but in the mission briefing on my PC it doesn't discuss the King Tigers and more importantly they are not on the map. Should I expect them or was it a typo in the mission briefing? Thanks.
  11. Silentotto41

    Hot Time in Hatten?

    Thanks for the clarification. I've been enjoying this scenario since the release date and I'm still about 20 turns from finishing it. What a monster scenario!
  12. Silentotto41

    CMRT Campaign - Kampfgruppe "von Schroif"

    Thank you very much for this - I've enjoyed all of your work including back to the "blowtorch scenarios"
  13. Silentotto41

    [PREVIEW] Juju's Blitz UI

    This is great work - lots of options. Thank you!
  14. Silentotto41

    This is going to take..ages :(

    Looks great to me - nice work!
  15. Silentotto41

    CMPzC Operation "Nyak Leves" (Budapest '45)

    I'm willing to play either side if you need more players on the Soviet side.