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  1. Ooh...! Some indirect news about the next CMFI module there ? I like it. BFC been far too quiet on the I-talian front ?
  2. Anyone had any success with this trick? I'm hoping someone comes back with a resounding YES! R9 280x here.
  3. Jeez dude... Having a grumpy day, or what? I find the members of this forum to be some of the best of any online community. Please don't single handedly ruin that belief for me.
  4. Very similar situation for me too. Would also like to see this. Effectively, I cannot play CM unless home. When home, I want to play on my big desktop screen!
  5. Very impressive bud. Would love to see the save game so I can watch! Can you upload it for us? ?
  6. Hmm okay. Overclocking Cpu and leaving turbo boost on to help with CM single core threading likely to make much difference?
  7. Hi guys I'm really enjoying the demo for this. Currently I have a i7 870, 8gb RAM and a R9 280x. In an effort to increase FPS, I'm planning on switching from AMD to an Nvidia. The R9 280x 3gb is a great card, but with the whole AMD Opengl mess I believe it's time to switch. What is a good Nvidia equivalent to my current card? Is there any card you guys use that gives you good results? What I want to avoid is losing fps in other games, so really looking for a card which is the Nvidia equivalent of what I have now. Thanks in advance guys!
  8. Out of curiosity, is CM performance in general the same on Mac as Windows? I mean for all the games, not just FB.
  9. I may be wrong about this, but its worth trying to disable shaders - if you are lucky, the "snow" effect is shader driven, in which case your FPS will shoot up dramatically as shaders would be removed from the GPU calculations. Worth a try
  10. Seems I got overly excited - not a new feature. Sorry gents, ladies..
  11. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDCatalyst15-7WINReleaseNotes.aspx Mine still downloading, but saw this: Drivers + Support FRAME RATE TARGET CONTROL: FRTC allows the user to set a maximum frame rate when playing an application in full screen exclusive mode. This feature provides the following benefits: Reduced GPU power consumption Reduced system heat Lower fan speeds and less noise This is what NVIDIA users use (I think) to limit to 30 fps for smoother gameplay. I'll feedback when download done, and I can test.
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