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  1. Hi! I'm ok for a CMSF1 PBEM game. I have full game (all modules) I prefer to be the underdog side, no problem even with unbalanced fights (but better medium size, no night battle (too unbalanced for NATO)). I usually (only!) play on Elite level and WEGO mode. Choose a scenario and let me know!
  2. I also played it (in H2H), and it is a very good infantry fight... Played also long time ago vs AI, and i got a good fight ! Thanks!
  3. Ok! I will wait for your email... I will try to keep at least 1 turn/day, sometimes more!
  4. Hi! I'm interested .. What is the battle lenght ? What is your required turn rate ? Elite level only.
  5. It would be fantastic if you can also extract from saved files the exact number of troops lost / enemy killed by single unit ! Do you plan something like that ?
  6. Long time ago i played this scenario in the demo version... i don't know why i was not interested in this title... after playing it, i immediately decided to buy CMBS... and i think it is the best of the "CM dinasty" ... i also decided to buy CMSF (with all modules), another great choice (despite 10 years old, it is still great)! By the way, i would like to play Gauntlets Crossed against an human (i would prefer Russian side)... i remember it was challenging, but i don't remember more details (except that it was only infantry battle and Rus was outnumbered).. So if someone is interested, i'm happy to have an hard fight (i have a great turn/rate ... even more than 3/4 turns per day)
  7. I also have the same problem in a PBEM game started with game already patched to the last version (1.02).. Run time error when loading bar is 26 %
  8. Hi, i know your great work to collect battle data in Overlord Campaign on the FGM site, but what i search is something that extract automatically, from current pbem turn, all relevant data of own units (and also rebuild the current OOB).. at the end of the battle i would also like enemy data. I searched through your posts, but probably i missed something more specific. I found on battlefront repository a program (CombatRecorder) but i never managed to make it run correctly. Thanks!
  9. I would like that, at the end of the battle (eventually also during the battle), a simple .txt file is generated for player side (at the end of the battle for both sides) reporting the army composition and organization with complete unit info. For example : Battalion HQ (Officer name, initial strenght, KIA, Wounded, MIA, final strenght (could be calculated from previous values, but no reason to hide it in the output file), Kills, Prisoners taken, list of initial equipment and relative ammunition count, final equipment + ammo count + Tanks/vehicles destroyed) .. and so on for each unit composing the army. All data are surely available (and tracked by the game engine) so it shouldn't be a problem to report them in a .txt file. This could be done at battle end for both sides, but for own side it could be updated (rewritten) every turn with only FOW data (no kills, no tanks destroyed).. This would help a lot all statistics "lovers" (like me) and also all people making an AOR of their battle. Thanks! Great game, never disappointed by this great Company products. I own CMBO, CMBB, CMAK and all CMx2 modules (for Normandy and Italy front)
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