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  1. I thought LOS is calculated from waypoints so one can easily determine where a unit should be moved - a feature which seems not to work for me.
  2. Hi Vic, Changing just the colors of your HQ and tank icons to their original (or some other) colors might be an (perhaps only slight) improvement. You might even do this with your FO or mortar icons etc. The more icons on the map the more helpful this may be.
  3. System Profiler is now called System Information. The way memory is managed has changed radically which probably explains why indicators like pie charts have been replaced by new indicators like "memory pressure" etc, though I haven't checked the details.
  4. The buffering in Airplay creates a delay of about 2-3 seconds in the soundtrack of any video one is watching. Is there any user adjustable way in CM that this delay can be offset?
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