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  1. Doesn't it was the kingtiger posh turet who had that problem in real life, not the panther?
  2. I had panzershrek team shouting from building and getting damaged and killed by that, it depends on the size of the building
  3. well actually writing have nothing to do whit tv show 90% of the stuff I watch is in english and same for what I read ,since I'm always on the computer and the internet everything is in English ,it just that i'm very bad at writing ,even in my home language im not very good (frenche)
  4. Something rare a flakpather whit 2x 5cm or 2x37 mm ,sturmtiger , karl 600mm mortar, p1000 ,e100 ,sturmtiger , donkey whit panzer faus ,i tink just flakpanther be nice
  5. notice a visual bug also it's not on the a half track it the Möbelwagen and SPW 251/21 Ausf. D there tracks appear white on the side at some angle, I hope my link work for a picture of the visual bug http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2eutqah&s=5
  6. this game is the best strategy game I have played in my life. About the half track yea I hunt in reverse but there is a bug whit them I think so the gun should place back is self to the rear not the side and fire ark don't work
  7. The problem is not that the gun cannot shout to the front of the a half track I'm aware that they cannot do it. The problem is that the gun point on the side of the half-track after shooting some ammo and used target ark they don't reposition on the rear direction they point on the side , no one has seriously tried them? they are full of bugs
  8. ok my writing is not good I have no problem reading and understand English at least. Sadly I can't post a screen shot of the problem, all the aa half-track gun point on the side for no reason after shooting , target ark don't work also , I hope the problem will be fixed , I have 2.11 and I still have a problem with them
  9. the aa gun alawais whant to point to the front instead of the rear, and m15a1 50. cal dont seam to shout note did not tested it much caus of previous problem i talked
  10. Found bug whith all the aa halftrack allied and axis they cannot use target arc and target armour arc. And there gun will always point front right for no reason afther some time. there also visual bug whith track of some new vehicule on the german, track will appear some time to be low graphic (look like stone track) on one unit went other unit look o.k.
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