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  1. Hello there! Would gladly play an MP game as Entente player. Please write me a PM or email me at rafalsokulski@yahoo.com. Best, Rafal
  2. So, yet again, looking for AoC Barbarossa scenario GER player (I'd prefer to play SOV). If you're interested, please PM me.
  3. This scenario seems to be a high quality work and exactly something I was looking for since a long time (First Indochina War just doesn't get enough attention when it comes to the strategy games). Many thanks for this scenario.
  4. Looking for AoC Barbarossa scenario GER player (I'd prefer to play SOV). If you're interested, please PM me.
  5. Regarding taking Leningrad: Seems like a poor idea to be honest. It requires some significant amount of force to do it "on march" in 1941,while you still need to eliminate Smolensk and Kiev defence lines. If SOV player tries to save as much units as possible, you will face very strong opposition in either of those areas and panzers used to assault on Leningrad will be actually a burden, as most of SOV industry is pretty much elsewhere. SOV player saving mech corps can pretty much be a threat in those two areas and can knock out some panzer units and it's really not that hard imo. Even if you will destroy most of the air units SOV has in the west, SOV player can still muster 2 fighter units, 2 tac bombers and 1 strat bomber => enough to fight with them in Smolensk or Kiev battle if put on very good supply (like 8 or 9), You can damage GER supply lines efficiently and generate tons of MPP losses there. I'd advise to ignore Leningrad in pretty much every game for GER player.
  6. I usually don't pay attention to "reload=1" info if it happens once in a while as crashes tend to happen (besides you can easily cheat this reload check by changing the names of the savegames iirc or just play on the other machine). I think vast majority of the mp players play fair and only once I was in doubt of that. It's a great community really
  7. You have my sword. PS. Don't refer to the Imperial Germany simply as Prussia. Soldiers from Kingdom of Saxony, Kingdom of W├╝rttenberg and Kingdom of Bavaria would feel deeply offended!
  8. Yeah, it's still played online, it has very interesting multiplayer.
  9. Opinion of a player that plays strategy games since about 16 years and mostly multiplayer mode of strategy games since about 7 years. I'm assesing only the multiplayer value of add ons since it's what matters the most and shows game balance the best. In my opinion Assault on Communism add-on offers the best player-vs-player multiplayer SC experience when it comes to WW2 Eastern Front depiction and feeling, it's just awesome and allows many, many viable strategies for both sides. It has also quite mobile, vigorous feeling when it comes to offensives and counteroffensives and multiple decisions to be made almost every turn (GER: should I concentrate more forces on Smolensk/Kiev, should I ignore Leningrad, should I go after Moscow or for Rostov, where to launch summer 1942 offensive, how to deal with earlier-than-expected weather change etc. SOV: how to delay GER advance on Smolensk, how to delay GER advance on Kiev, should I try to defend Crimea actively, how to use Mech Corps for my advantage, how to counter deadly Luftwaffe efficiently etc.). Probably the best depiction of Eastern Front for multiplayer purposes I've ever seen and it's my favourite part of SC games for now. What it lacks is perhaps more historical events for historical flavour and better depiction of overall Axis powers situation on Eastern Front. AoC gets an 8.5/10 from me. Would be higher if more historical events would be added, I also miss more Hitler, Stalin, other generals and war propaganda depictions in events there. Lack of events informing about atrocities of war lowers it's educational value considerably, but being a history geek cannot affect clear fun value of multiplayer balance. Strategic Command WW1 with Breakthrough! add-on has overall CP bias in main campaign coming from CP player doing several easy hindsight decisions that affect Entente player chances of winning a lot (evade attacking GB-USA trade lines => lower USA interest in war, no chance to sink Lusitania, evade sending Zimmermann telegram). Also "All vs the East" strategy works really well due to too powerful AH army (there's very small chance to capture the NM Przemysl and Gallician Oilfields) "playing from the center" overall advantage and only, very efficient move for Entente Russia (striking at Silesia) is often outrunned by a preemptive CP attack coming from the Prussia. Entente can delay OE coming into the war considerably thanks to giving OE battleship it's promised, but that's pretty much all and war of attrition doesn't support Entente like it did in history as NM locations captured in Russia tend to even rise whole % points of CP morale sometimes, while Entente NM drop no matter what. If balance issues would be resolved, this could be the best of SC games as historical flavour is just incredible and you really have this feeling of trench warfare and (sometimes) offensives that claim lives of millions but doesn't change overall situation a lot. But this game has several other AWESOME scenarios like German WW1 East Africa campaign, Brusilov's offensive, Tannenberg battle etc. and their multiplayer value has nothing to be ashamed of. There's also a WW2 Europe campaign similar to SC2 campaign but with latest mechanics. All in all, 8.5/10 from me when it comes to multiplayer, but singleplayer value of this package probably beats SC:WW2 with all add ons Can't really comment on AoD mp value as I've not played it yet but it's grand campaign WW2 scenario seemed to be the one most played recently in mp. I'm not quite sure how balanced it is, but it's probably the best thing to get from AoD as other scenarios seem to be less interesting than the things offered in other packages. Imo, AoC>AoD. Regards, Rafal
  10. Hello there, I've an open spot for 1 game, it can be WW2 or WW1. I've SC Gold with AoC & AoD and SC WWI with Breakthrough PM me if you are interested and propose a scenario. I can go with Axis/Central Powers or Allies/Entente. cheers, Rafal
  11. Hello there, I've an open spot for 1 game, it can be WW2 or WW1. I've SC Gold with AoC & AoD and SC WWI with Breakthrough PM me if you are interested and propose a scenario. I can go with Axis/Central Powers or Allies/Entente. cheers, Rafal
  12. Ok, wasn't sure if Persian corridor (growing importance since second half of 1942) was directly implemented.
  13. SOVIET must-to-do: Invade the Kingdom of Iran as soon as possible, as Tehran and nearby oil fields are worth 40 mpp which helps you to cover your losses and balances the loss of western soviet cities. btw. does conquering Iran affect lend-lease events?
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