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  1. ChappyCanuck

    Road to Montebourg

    Thanks Ian....nice information there....well done! Yes I see he is not listed there as the author of Scottish Corridor...but he is right?
  2. ChappyCanuck

    Road to Montebourg

    DONE! Wow, that was an experience! I played this campaign on Iron level, and never suffered a defeat or a draw. And I never cheated by reloading a previous game save. I have to say I am very satisfied with the result, especially considering who created it. A huge thanks to Paper Tiger. Brilliant. I can only imagine how much time was spent by him in this game creation, let alone adding the research time of this historical campaign to that! Mind blowing. There were two battles of the sixteen that were more difficult for me than the others. The first was the smallest of the battles (I forget the name) that involves the platoon using the aid of a Priest (not the Catholic type) to secure a building at a crossroads. I managed to win it but it came down to the very last turn...really. And the second was the climax battle - Eroudeville. That was so bloody that my Easy company was below effective combat capability. It was mauled. The series of effective German arty and mortar strikes were quite amazing, accurate, and incessant. My Fox company did much, much better. Oh and I also lost two of the five Shermans. This battle ebbed and flowed so much that I wondered if I would be successful in the whole campaign. But the turning point occurred when I witnessed something I had never seen before: several Stugs were hunkered down before a line of bocage. My FOO called down a 107mm linear mortar strike on top of the Stugs, and within 30 seconds, two of the Stugs were toast. I have seen singular tanks destroyed by arty before, but never two at once. And that was the game changer. If I may, I would like to add three key things that were instrumental in my campaign success to those who are interested in playing this fantastic campaign: 1. Mortars!!!! - the 60mm mortar is huge. When the MG42 teams are hosing down your pixel troopers from behind thick bocage, the light mortar reigns supreme in bringing those enemy down...use them wisely and use them lots 2. Demo charges - sometimes you are given engineer resources who have demo charges, and sometimes you have paras who have inherent section demo charges. These can be game saving. They allow your troops to outflank key German defences that wouldn't normally be assailed because you can't get through the bocage. There are precious few bocage "holes" to scoot through...precious few....so every demo charge is extremely important! 3. Patience - I have a difficult time with patience in CM battles. Sometimes impatience works for me and I gain an advantage; other times it leads to disaster. Believe me, there are more disasters in this campaign due to impatience than advantages. Take your time. Advance slowly...use a combination of section assault moves, or try splitting a section up into teams and move independently. Ensure you clear an area before moving on. Outflank. Use all of your time. If you have 1h30m for a battle - use it. Slow and steady wins the race. I have now completed this campaign and the Scottish Corridor campaign - both were fantastic. I am looking forward to starting the Nijmegen campaign. For Paper Tiger: what other campaigns have you created and where do I find them? Have you done a campaign from the German side? Thanks, Paper Tiger, for an amazing ride
  3. Thanks Ian and Josey (nice video!) Stonecutter (my opponent in this battle) and I reviewed this footage over and over and we couldn't figure it out. We both have hundreds of hours (thousands?) of CM gaming experience but this situation was unique in the scope of our own experiences with this game. I can only imagine the visual and audio horrors of witnessing the demise of fellow section/platoon mates, and I fully understand game mechanics that attempt to replicate the negative morale effects of such experiences. However, in this case, both gun crews were not only distant, but also occupying a reverse slope position and out of LOS of the casualties who were on the forward slope. And this makes it difficult for me to accept what happened in this instance. Cheers everyone!
  4. Hmmm not sure how to fix the "cannot receive messages" I just went through all of the account settings to no avail
  5. yeah I probably still have it.....one sec
  6. Except that my guns were on a reverse slope, there was no incoming fire, and they were about 200 meters from each other and both happened at the exact same second. Bizarre!
  7. I was recently playing the CMFI battle, "Alvano Anvil", with a friend. Two of my Pak40's were out of sight and spread far apart from each other. They were suffering no incoming fire, indirect or otherwise, and my friend confirmed that they were not targeted. At the EXACT same second of the same turn, both crews experienced a mysterious casualty and subsequently abandoned their guns. Their ammo bearers also panicked and ran at the same time although they did not suffer the mysterious casualty. I can only assume this is a glitch of some sort. In any case, I have kept the file. Has this ever happened to any of you? Cheers
  8. ChappyCanuck

    Road to Montebourg

    What else is fun is following the battles geographically on google maps. Right from the start I could identify what section of bocage/fields and roads, etc are on the modern day map from a top down view because in most cases not much has changed in that area. Paper Tiger does an excellent job of recreating what is actually on the ground.
  9. ChappyCanuck

    Road to Montebourg

    Hey Sgt Squarehead.....there is another mission later on where you have to cross a swamp/stream that not only slows the boys down, but the ground is relatively flat and open...scary. Mortars, mortars, mortars. Good luck! Paper Tiger makes the best campaigns and I am looking forward to the Nijmegen one when I am done this one.
  10. ChappyCanuck

    Road to Montebourg

    I am currently playing this campaign and I am at "Holding Action"...I have completely lost track of which battle this is but I think am about 2/3 of the way through the 16 battles? I have also played the Scottish Corridor campaign and enjoyed it immensely. With tons of bocage and 16 battles, this campaign can get a little repetitive (VERY minor point) but I am still having a lot of fun of course! The German defenders are always in good locations, and withdraw usually at just the right time. This campaign illustrates the huge importance of small mortars. MANY times my soldiers were held up by a small German MG team behind bocage, only to have them dislodged by my mortars. Mortars are the key to this campaign....trust me So far I have scored Major victories in all of the battles with the exception of one Total and one Tactical victory. No draws or losses so far. I am progressing well and taking minor casualties for each battle. Hopefully I can make it to the end in good form. Thanks very much, Paper Tiger. Your campaigns are the best things in the CM world, IMO.
  11. Gentlemen, orders! (refer to map above for place names/locations) Time now: 1500 hrs SITUATION: En - The Germans paid dearly for their defence of San Leonardo and Cider Crossroads. Although they put up a skilled defence, they were eventually overwhelmed, and their battered formations have retreated to the port town of Ortona. We have identified our opponents as elements of 1st Fallschirmjager Division. Intelligence and photo reconnaissance has indicated that the Germans have been preparing the streets of Ortona for a stubborn delaying action, something they have become extremely proficient at. Although their panzer assets are headed away to the north, we still suspect plenty of anti-tank firepower in place as well as mines and booby-traps and other obstacles. The paras are formidable opponents and will fight to the end. Fr - RCR Battlegroup Chappy is now entering Phase 4, the final phase of the Ortona campaign. We have successfully crossed the Moro River and captured San Leonardo, followed by the investment of Cider Crossroads. We have taken significant casualties throughout this advance. I have been forced to combine A & C Coys (now known as A Coy) as well as B & D Coys (now known as B Coy) A Coy will advance left forward, B Coy right forward. The Hasty P company will now be known as C Coy, Hasty P’s and will form the depth company in the advance. Cbt Tm Stonecutter (including 3RR, Combat Support Coy and the 1st Field Engineer Company) remains as BGp reserve. Ground - Ortona is a small built up area, a port town on the Adriatic Sea. The paras have worked hard to develop the defences here, including obstacles, mines and booby traps. Rubble may provide an obstacle for our vehicles, and the city streets will be under constant observation. The coastal highway from San Donato to Ortona is impassable to vehicles. The Jerries have totally destroyed the large bridge that crosses the wide end of the gully down by the sea. Another smaller concrete bridge has been only partially destroyed - it leads to Ortona from the San Leonardo & Cider Crossroads battlefields. The Germans were exiting vehicles to the north using this bridge, and then they detonated the final charges as the Cider Crossroads battle ended. Canadian engineers will need time to perform repairs to allow the Shermans and other vehicles to cross it. This means that our tracked and wheeled assets will be significantly delayed. Until then, patrols and our main advance will all be on foot. Intelligence - it is important for all commanders to keep a look out for enemy intel and locations of minefields. All such information must be passed immediately to the CO for processing to higher MISSION: RCR Battlegroup Chappy will capture Ortona and preserve the docks for future operations EXECUTION: General Outline. The battle for Ortona will commence at 1500 hrs with a massive rolling barrage consisting of various calibres from the 1st Field Regiment (1 RCHA). This onslaught will move forward at timed intervals. At 1505 hrs, A & B Coys will follow at a safe distance behind the creeping barrage. B Coy will immediately capture Objective Halifax (see map), a potential thorn in our side. If the enemy occupies Obj Halifax, he will be able to flank fire into A Coy as they advance towards Ortona. A Coy cannot advance until Obj Halifax is secure. A & B Coys will then capture their respective town blocks, using the main road into Ortona as their boundary line. They will exploit from Phase Line Edith to Phase Line Francis and then consolidate there and await further orders. Meanwhile, at H+20, C Coy Hasty P’s and 1st Field Engineer Company will advance in depth, looking for opportunities to either penetrate weakened German lines or reinforce A & B Coys if required. Once the bridge has been repaired, Cbt Tm Stonecutter will join the BGp as reserve and be prepared to cut off retreating enemy and/or provide fire support for the infantry companies. This operation will be conducted in 2 phases: Phase 1 - secure Obj Halifax; and Phase 2 - capture Ortona up to Phase Line Francis A Coy (Kuderian): Atts: one section assault pioneers Ph 1 - left forward; advance behind rolling barrage; await capture of Obj Halifax by B Coy before assaulting Ortona; Ph 2 - capture Ortona up to Phase Line Francis and consolidate there. B Coy (snake_eye): Atts: one section assault pioneers Ph 1 - right forward; advance behind rolling barrage and capture Obj Halifax; Ph 2 - capture Ortona up to Phase Line Francis and consolidate there. C Coy, Hasty P’s (Stonecutter): Atts: nil Ph 1 - arrive H+20; depth company to provide assistance to leading companies Ph 2 - be prepared to advance through and/or reinforce A or B Coys to Phase Line Francis; Cbt Team Stonecutter (Stonecutter): Atts: 2 x troops 3RR, 1st Field Engineer Company, Support Company (Mor pl, Carrier Pl, Anti Tank Pl) Ph 1 - H+20 - 1st Field Engineer company arrives as reserve; once bridge is repaired, the remainder of the cbt tm will join the BGp as reserve Ph 2 - support assault to capture Ortona up to Phase Line Francis TIMINGS: 1. 1500 hrs - Time now; Rolling barrage commences 2. 1505 hrs - A & B Coy arrive 3. 1520 hrs - C Coy Hasty P’s and 1st Field Engineer Company arrive 4. 1530?? hrs - Cbt Team Stonecutter arrives 5. 1600 hrs - HMS Trafalgar ready to support assault 6. 1715 hrs - Ortona must be captured and secured COMMUNICATIONS: A & B Coy boundary - the main road leading into Ortona (see map) Phase Line Edith - edge of Ortona Phase Line Francis - limit of exploitation until further orders Obj Halifax - to be secured ASAP by B Coy ***** Remember to report enemy intel and minefields to the CO!!!!
  12. Another great AAR Frank! I feel your pain with regards to lackluster air support and the arty imbalance so far. At least we are on the doorstep to Ortona now....
  13. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that whenever someone quotes from a reference work it is always immediately discounted? Hmmmm As for testing, I have tested extensively through the scenarios and battles. I have made my observation, as have many others on this issue. And I have reported it here. I am not getting paid by Battlefront to do any testing, etc... and as a matter of fact, I (and we) pay them to do this when I purchase their products. Can the company really expect the gamers to do any more than that? Does any other gaming company expect this?
  14. Fine be me...get off my forum topic then. Asshat? Well look who the classy guy is now eh?