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  1. Right you are, Nelson. Well, I should have played the game BEFORE reading the manual
  2. Thanks for the explanations. Essentially, I can agree with my opponent on modifying the scenario objectives to include Unit objectives before playing in order to get more representative results if we are not happy with the threshold parameters alone. It won't work for Quick Battles, though. We'll figure something out, the 100 to 0 kind of results does not work well with the ladder system at our wargaming site.
  3. Being a CMx1 veteran, I've bought CMBN recently and I am happy with the new game in (almost) all respects. One thing I do not like is the way final score is calculated, especially when it comes to casualties. One can only get large chunks of points for keeping friendly casualties below certain threshold percentage, or for pushing the enemy above it. So, individual casualties - losing a few more men or keeping them alive - does not matter. I haven't tried Quick Battles yet, but according to the manual, casualties are not regarded at all in them! I don't say it is wrong and I haven't found anyone here complaining. I just don't like it. Is there an alternative system, perhaps one designed by the community, to convert the final results to account for individual casualties, even in QB? Something that the good old CMx1 did quite well?
  4. Driver updates didn't work for me, but the workaround did. - set the game shortcut to start in a minimized window - run it and ignore the error/crashdump message that pops on the screen (do not OK it!) - pick up the perfectly normally running game from the tray Tested on full game CMBN+CF 2.01
  5. Solved. Kind of. I set the CMBN demo to start minimzed (Right click on the shortcut, Properties tab, drop-down menu 'run') and all is fine. First I click on the tray icon to open the initial screen (play or buy), select 'play' and the game starts minimized. Then I pick it up from the tray once more after it starts. 100% success rate, and it is a lot less annoying than the 'trial/error' method I had to use before. The same trick does not work for CMFI demo, which makes me ask whether I will be able to use it with upgraded CMBN. But there is another difference: that initial screen in CMBN demo, asking you to play or buy, lacks the minimizing/maximizing controls, while CMFI has them. So, perhaps, once I click at the tray icon for the first time to open the window that launches the game, the application forgets it should be minimized? The full game does not have these play/buy screens, so I should be fine... any thoughts?
  6. OK - it seems unlikely you'll be able to reproduce my situation. If there is a conflict between the two graphics cards, I can try again to disable Intel HD in some way. I'll let you know if I make any progress. Hopefully I won't end up blowing something up.
  7. Removing Intro.wmv did not change the behavior. Thanks for your effort - let me know if you need more information on my configuration.
  8. There is no other error message than 'The Program Combat Mission Normandy Demo has stopped working'. It happens just after the Battlefront logo screen when the program attempts to switch to the dedicated graphics card. However, I also installed CMFI Demo, which behaves the same way (21 attempts, 4 successful launches today). This one leaves an error log in AppData/Local/Temp/CrashDumps folder when failing to start. And I found out CMBN Demo leaves similar files in another directory without telling anyone. Binary files, about 13 MB in size for CMBN and 300 kB for CMFI: CM Normandy Demo.exe.6860.dmp CM Fortress Italy Demo.6132.dmp I have A13 BIOS, and I uninstall old drivers before installing new ones – at least I think so. I run the AMD Install Manager from the Add/Remove Programs window and order to remove all AMD software. It then proceeds with removing drivers etc. until it removes itself at the end. Works the same way whether it comes from Dell or AMD, except that for the AMD drivers the only thing to remove is the Install Manager alone (as I had described before – and I tried the Beta, too). Then I run Driver Fusion and tell it to delete AMD Display driver entries. I haven't found any other way to uninstall old drivers. Any suggestions here?
  9. Thanks for looking into this. My Catalyst Control Center looks like this (note - your link does not point to YouTube): The text in the game is smooth – I know what you are talking about, I ran the demo before on an old laptop with integrated Intel HD only and I remember what the text looked like. The driver is from Dell – although when it installs, it comes with AMD software, including the Catalyst Control Center. Driver version, dated 15 Jan 2013. The AMD Mobile Catalyst Drivers tool tells me I have incompatible hardware. Their site suggests I should contact the manufacturer in this situation. However, my PC is not a laptop, and I think AMD Radeon HD 7600A is not even designed for laptops (at least AMD doesn't list it among laptop products) – is this tool the right one for me? I tried the AMD Drivers anyway (Catalyst Suite 13.4), but the installer worked strangely. It looked just like the installation from Dell, but it only installed the AMD Catalyst Install Manager, no drivers or Control Center. In addition, I found no way to run the Install Manager afterwards – the folder to which it was allegedly installed was empty. The Device Manager listed an old driver (, dated 19 Jun 2012), CMBN wouldn't run ('Could not initialize OpenGL graphics'), and so I reverted to my previous configuration. More experiments/observations: 1. When switched to “Power saving” in Catalyst Control Center, the game always starts, the text becomes blurred/splotched and performance is markedly worse (Intel HD Graphics, apparently). 2. When switched back to “High performance”, I get one start out of five or so attempts as before, but then the text is clear again and game runs much more smoothly (I guess Radeon wakes up). It looks I can run the game the way I want, I just have to be patient when launching it
  10. Hello, I installed the CMBN demo to find out whether it would work on my new PC before purchasing the full game. I can't get it to run correctly. Specifications: Dell Inspiron One 2330 (All-in-one desktop PC) Intel Core i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz 4096MB DDR3 (1600 MHz) AMD Radeon HD 7650A + Intel HD Graphics MS Windows 8 (64-bit) 1. Initially, the game would just crash after the Battlefront logo. I learned here that this may be caused by defaulting to the integrated Intel HD Graphics. I moved the game to 'High Performance' in the AMD Catalyst Control Center, but it changed nothing. 2. I disabled Intel HD Graphics in the Device Manager, trying to force the game into using the dedicated card. This time I received 'Unable to initialize OpenGL graphics. Please update your OpenGL drivers' message even before the Battlefront logo. 3. I removed the AMD driver and software from the PC and cleaned up with Driver Fusion. After restart, I installed the latest driver for my PC from the Dell website. The situation changed a bit – now I can start the game once in four or five attempts, apparently at random. When the start is successful, I can't tell for sure which graphics it is using, but I suspect Intel HD. Disabling Intel HD Graphics still has the same result as before – that ugly OpenGL message. Maybe actually nothing had changed and I just hadn't been lucky enough to run the game at least once before reinstalling the driver. 4. I tried to disable Intel HD Graphics in BIOS, but either that option is unavailable or I can't find it there. 5. I tested the AMD card with OpenGL Extensions Viewer. It recognizes the card, confirms support for OpenGL 4.2, and rendering tests succeed up to that version - if it means anything. Additional info: I have no other games or graphics-heavy applications installed. Except CMBB, which doesn’t work either, but that’s another story. I'm out of ideas, I'll be grateful for any advice I can get here. A successful solution wins $65 for Battlefront Thanks, Tchooder
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