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  1. What's the best stategy to take Malta in the AoD World at War campaign? seems like a tough nut to crack.
  2. There's only two historical scenarios in AoD, 1939 World at War and 1942 Solomons campain, all the rest are what-ifs. As far as I know there is no bundle, I had to purchse both games separately.
  3. Don't have a saved game either, approaching the fateful date in a new game I'm playing right now, if it happens again I'll save the turn and send it to you Hub.
  4. For sub hunting, I generally form a task force built around two or three DD units and a carrier that I position centrally in the North Atlantic, then use my other DDs to patrol the convoy routes, assigning a particular stretch to each. Once I bump into a sub, I pounce with my hunt group. As for naval combat, recon is the key, either with airplanes or subs, to avoid nasty surprises.
  5. While playing as Axis vs the AI, I experienced some very long AI naval reorganization phase after US entry into the war. Lasted about three turns, took the AI several minutes to think about its naval reorg, anyone else experienced this? Waent back to normal in ealy 1942....
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