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  1. I agree that it is very much a mental thing playing this game. And yes, youtube does not serve the game justice, unless you have played the game yourself, I see that now. Maybe I can persuade my friend to try the demo. My backup plan is to have him come to my house, and I will have the game ready on two computers, with a pre-choosen scenario, and see if I can make him try. Any good suggestions for a battle? We wish to play cmrt tcpip Lan game, where it autopauses once a minute. I think it atleast has to be a very small scenario with not to many units
  2. It is as Erwin says because of the ai bug that we want to avoid the 4.0. Unfortunately my friend is not interested in the game. I thought combat mission would be something for him. He is interested in ww2 and plays pc games. But he just looked at the game on youtube and complained that the graphics look old etc. Basically it did not seem to catch his interest. I was surprised, cause I thought he would love it. I will have to find another friend/person. So unfortunately I/we never got to try and see if it is possible to do what my original post-question was. I really expected my friend to like the game, he is very much into ww2, and I thought I might finally have found someone who I could enjoy tcp lan games with. Too bad
  3. Thx for reply Erwin. I think you misunderstand what I mean: I am sure my original dvd, which is from pre-order is engine 3. What I want to know is if my friend can go to battlefront website today and buy red thunder base game, and then use the serial he gets to install MY dvd engine 3? I am asking because he has not bought yet. we dont waste the money in case it is not possible! When I look today at battlefront website, it says that red thunder is now base game engine 4!
  4. Disregard double post mistake
  5. I already own original dvd with red thunder and have I have re-downloadet red thunder from my battlefront account. I do NOT want to upgrade to upgrade to engine 4. My friend wish to play against me from his own pc. He does not own the game yet. Is it possible for him to buy new download version of red thunder, to acquire serial code, and then he uses my downloaded red thunder engine 3 to install and then activate with his newly bought serial??? We are basically trying to avoid engine 4! Best regards
  6. That is how war is. Thats why combat mission is like that. Its all under the hood, an abstraction. There are so many million if not billions more cpu cycles/calculations going on in this game compared to other games, every bullit is accounted for. If you dont like it, its beacuse you dont know how war really is. There are no limits to what is abstracted in this game, not to forget the hilarious "we-are-so-realistic-cooperation" with the New Zealand military. Back to your question, in regard to shooting blanks: yes they are blanks, just check your history books. There was a period during the war, when germany suffered heavily from sabotage within they're industrial production(Australia probably did as well). So as always battlefront has made this part of the game, just like the famous "you shoot at me, then I instantly charge/flee against you" thing they added.
  7. Yet another mindblowing example of russian greatness. According to my private sources within the former kgb(behind triple vpn, 1024 bit military grade x encryption, i still use the same licence from my retirement from the NSA, just for keeping contacts etc), Stalin much preferred the Arisaka over the Mosin. Best regards
  8. Wow, just wow. I am blown away by that( no pun intended). Suffered the same. Was looking for the length of the Garand, believing it to be 1,105 mm. I failed miserably. but then i found it, and was completely taken by surprise, this weapon which was used in the pacific theatre had a staggering lenght of, just wait.... a mindblowing 1,107 mm( and that is without the standard edition bajonet). And that is MILLIMETERS my gents. I was chocked. yours sincerely
  9. But why don't you find the joy in that offcourse BF has fixed the bar rifle graphic where the magazine was slightly positioned maybe 0.002 pixel too far to the left, which almost ruined the whole gaming experience. To be honest. CMBN is a serious joke and wreck by now.
  10. I used to play alot with a friend of mine, but must admit I have not played for long now(atleast 1 year). I lost interest because of too many bugs. Bugs like: Americans and british in Cmbn have serious bugs with AT-guns disappering(being under the map itself). And weapons disappering from soldiers etc. It was just too annoying, so we lost interest. We always used to play tcp Lan-turnbased in my house. I reported the bugs, but most of them did not seem to be fixed. And I must admit I am not willing to pay for upgrades anymore in "hope" that BUGS should be fixed. And the way the updgrade/update part works at Battlefront, that is what one would have to do. Also some solution like trenches, mines, fortifications seem like halfway-solutions, so they are really not working well. It just seems that lan tcp gamemode is not something alot play and therefore it is low on Battlefronts list. Most people seem to play pbem. I understand that Battlefront is a small company, so so be it. Maybe I will start playing pbem a bit. But must admit I am turned very much off by the whole upgrade/update mishmash. Sorry to hear the playmode tcp-lan is messy. But doesnt surprise me the least. I still read on this forum once in awhile. But my cmbn and red thunder have stayed untouched for very long. Now come and beat me/my post all you fanboys.
  11. Check out this thread, you must open ports in firewall and router: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118476-trouble-with-internetlan-2-player-connection/?fromsearch=1
  12. You must have missed/overlooked McGyver umlaut, -cause it was aired on danish national TV, I remember watching it, especially I recall McGyver using pinecones to throw into burning oilbarrels, and they supposedly cook of sounding like gunshots, hilarious. I am from the year 1977, am not sure exactly which year it was aired, maybe late 80'. I watched it alot on DR (Danish national TV)
  13. This problem has been around for years now. Too bad, cause AT-guns are fun to use in game. Here is an older thread about same bug. the thread has more links to several other identical AT-bugs http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117069-german-75mm-at-guns-stealth-mode/ AT-guns needs som BF-love
  14. Hi All Sorry to hear some people are still experiencing desyncs after saving game. I thought these problems had been fixed?!! They have on my two systems! I have played CM red thunder two player tcp LAN alot since patch 1.0 to 1.03. my personal experience: before patch 1.02: game would always crash wen loading from a save tcp lan two player AFTER patch 1.02 (and 1.03) -fixed the desync and crash after loading from a save completely on my two systems: win7 pro 64 bit asus nvidia 670 gtx i7 4770k no antivirus, only windows defender win 7 home 64 bit asus nvidia 650ti boost intel q9550 no antivirus I have played and finished 5-7 two hour tcp lan games since patch 1.02. Frequently loading and continuing from saves. I know this is of no help to people experiencing the problem. But for what its worth, I will be happy to help test or try in someway to assist if possible (testing or whatever on my pc's): games on two pc's: CMBN +commonwealt+marketgarden+ vehicle pack fully updated red thunder fully updated
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