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  1. I used to play alot with a friend of mine, but must admit I have not played for long now(atleast 1 year). I lost interest because of too many bugs. Bugs like: Americans and british in Cmbn have serious bugs with AT-guns disappering(being under the map itself). And weapons disappering from soldiers etc. It was just too annoying, so we lost interest. We always used to play tcp Lan-turnbased in my house. I reported the bugs, but most of them did not seem to be fixed. And I must admit I am not willing to pay for upgrades anymore in "hope" that BUGS should be fixed. And the way the updgrade/update part works at Battlefront, that is what one would have to do. Also some solution like trenches, mines, fortifications seem like halfway-solutions, so they are really not working well. It just seems that lan tcp gamemode is not something alot play and therefore it is low on Battlefronts list. Most people seem to play pbem. I understand that Battlefront is a small company, so so be it. Maybe I will start playing pbem a bit. But must admit I am turned very much off by the whole upgrade/update mishmash. Sorry to hear the playmode tcp-lan is messy. But doesnt surprise me the least. I still read on this forum once in awhile. But my cmbn and red thunder have stayed untouched for very long. Now come and beat me/my post all you fanboys.
  2. Check out this thread, you must open ports in firewall and router: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118476-trouble-with-internetlan-2-player-connection/?fromsearch=1
  3. You must have missed/overlooked McGyver umlaut, -cause it was aired on danish national TV, I remember watching it, especially I recall McGyver using pinecones to throw into burning oilbarrels, and they supposedly cook of sounding like gunshots, hilarious. I am from the year 1977, am not sure exactly which year it was aired, maybe late 80'. I watched it alot on DR (Danish national TV)
  4. This problem has been around for years now. Too bad, cause AT-guns are fun to use in game. Here is an older thread about same bug. the thread has more links to several other identical AT-bugs http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117069-german-75mm-at-guns-stealth-mode/ AT-guns needs som BF-love
  5. Hi All Sorry to hear some people are still experiencing desyncs after saving game. I thought these problems had been fixed?!! They have on my two systems! I have played CM red thunder two player tcp LAN alot since patch 1.0 to 1.03. my personal experience: before patch 1.02: game would always crash wen loading from a save tcp lan two player AFTER patch 1.02 (and 1.03) -fixed the desync and crash after loading from a save completely on my two systems: win7 pro 64 bit asus nvidia 670 gtx i7 4770k no antivirus, only windows defender win 7 home 64 bit asus nvidia 650ti boost intel q9550 no antivirus I have played and finished 5-7 two hour tcp lan games since patch 1.02. Frequently loading and continuing from saves. I know this is of no help to people experiencing the problem. But for what its worth, I will be happy to help test or try in someway to assist if possible (testing or whatever on my pc's): games on two pc's: CMBN +commonwealt+marketgarden+ vehicle pack fully updated red thunder fully updated
  6. Do you BOTH have TCP and UDP Port 7023 open in your firewall/modem/router ? edit: there is also this older thread going more into depth about How-To-Setup ports etc: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/95521-how-do-we-set-up/
  7. The wonders of technology... Invisible AT-guns. The germans would have won the war. -BUT Good about Combat mission is that it always has been wellbalanced game: so dont worry cause in cmbn the UK and US are also in possesion of invisible AT-guns. could battlefront please finally look into these AT-guns, it has been reported repeatedly for over one year if not more. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=117232 http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=116413 http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=112664&highlight=antitank
  8. Glad to hear it went well for you PiatPunk I ended up purchasing the Market Garden module also. Happy i did. I decided to do a complete reinstall of CMBN from scratch with all modules and packs. I have two different stationary windows 7 pc's with nvidia graphic cards. for whole year I always had bug on both my systems with some at-guns disappearing or being under map for both us army and british. seems to do with the at-guns being mounted or dismounted trucks. Since i reinstalled most of the problems with UK at-guns seems fixed, but not all. The us armored infantry is still very bugged, with alot of atguns being postioned in the corner of the map or completely missing! I have installed and reinstalled 3-4 times over the last year. problem is always there. now with market garden the UK seems less bugged than earlier, but stil some antitank batteries in the editor the guns are missing. I did make report to helpdesk one year ago. But no response install procedure this time: No antivirus, computers started with only windows services and windows defender of: CMBN commonwelth bundle patch 1.11 upgrade 2.0 Market Garden patch 2.12 upgrade 3.0 vehicle pack patch 3.11
  9. BUMP as it is now. And has been for very long. AT-guns are bugged. Is this a compilerbug just like the bug with entering buildings, since not everybody has this at-gun problem? will this ever get fixed/attention please battlefront. I will happily assist with two pc's that show this at-gun bug. as it is now it is impossible to play with at-guns for US and especially Commonwealth
  10. I am in sort of same problem as PiatPunk. I have for some time considered to buy Market Garden. I already own CMBN+CW +3.0+ vehicle pack partched to 3.11. But fearing messing it all up has kept me from buying. I have all the patches and install files kept from over time. But also fear I will have to download it all again since the installers seems to have changed over time?! The whole updating patching has become a bit of a mess to say it mildly. too bad, cause the game is so great.
  11. I think you are right Sgthatred. I am still on Red Thunder 1.01. tcp-wego: russian player crash (guestplayer) The assault command seems to trigger crash. generates crashdump. event id 1000. exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) faulting module redthunder.exe and faulting path: ..../redthunder.exe alot is pointing to a bug in the game and not driverbug or something. temporarily solution: not to use assaultcommand
  12. I found this on google : Windows 7 64-bit, GTX 570 I have the latest drivers. Did a format of the harddrive about two weeks ago, and this was the first time I installed KRP after formating the drive. Temp. on GPU seems fine, never goes over 60 degrees celsius. Think I had the same problem in beta 5 but not sure. SOLVED- Quick update just in case someone else would experience the same problem. Apparently this is a problem that occurs on any manufacturers 500 series card that has been factory overclocked. I bought my 570 little over a year ago and have experienced this problem in other games, but never in KRP. Anyway, its a low voltage issue that can produce crashes and display driver restarts. It has nothing to do with the game itself, manufacturers didnt set core voltage high enough. Easiest way to solve it is to download MSI Afterburner and downclock the card; to use same settings as on a reference GPU. For a GTX570 thats 732 (MHz) core clock and 1464 (MHz) shader clock. Of course this will have a negative effect on performance, so another solution is to increase cole voltage. This isnt very hard to do, but it will create more heat and can destroy the card if your not careful. http://forum.kartracing-pro.com/index.php?topic=1525.0 -------- I can understand if you dont feel like changing voltage etc. But many people with 500-series seem to have problems like you. You could try lowering the coreclock on card, that should not break it as far as i know.
  13. Sorry for your trouble panzer. Does your computer generate a crashdump-file?? You could check the windows log- go to administration-eventlog/event viewer. Find the time of the crash and see what the eventlog states has happened.
  14. forget to mention: when you install graphics driver, ONLY install physx driver and display driver.... Do NOT install any other nvidia stuff like : audio driver, geforce experience etc.... they seem to cause alot of crashes for alot of people... maybe when you remove the original driver, you could use a tool called Display Driver Uninstaller DDU, to completely remove all nvidia stuff... good luck.. let me hear how it goes.... and what errors might turn up...
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