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  1. My thoughts as well. They read the battle description than chose the sides. It was a good night with lots of rematch talk so more battles are sure to come.
  2. I introduced my two sons to the game a few months ago. They both really enjoy playing and last night for the first time they fought against each other with no help from me. My oldest son who is 15 played as the Germans and defended the city. My other son 12 played the British para's and tried to attack and take the city. They both played good and had a lot of fun. I am very happy that they have a love for history and war games. I hope you enjoy the vid.
  3. Glad you liked it. One of the Churchills took around 30 hits. I will do more videos when I get time.
  4. Sorry guys for taking so long. My Graphics card died on me and I had to find my old one in storage. Here is the video. Hope you enjoy it pretty basic but was a fun battle.
  5. Unfortunately, I have DSL. Normally it is not this slow. I found the reason for the issue to be a Forrest fire that came down the ridge outside of the town I live in and one block was evacuated. My provider said there lines didn't go down but the service was severely slowed. I will try again tonight. I use Fraps full version than edit with SonyVegas. I do record in HD so maybe lowering quality would be a good idea. I seem to only have video issues with CMBN but only when I have large files.
  6. I am currently looking into a way to upload to youtube. It is telling me today atleast it will take about 5 min per Mb to upload so the video would take 2 days and 37 minutes to upload. The video was only an hour and thirty minutes with dropbox. Maybe its just youtube right now but I will try later to see if it improves or try and find a different way to send the video.
  7. Yea sorry guys. I used dropbox because it uploads so fast for me. Ill re upload on youtube tonight.
  8. I made a little video of a battle with the 3.0 update. I filmed in movie mode which made it all a little B$W, not sure I like that but the new parts of 3.0 are really cool so here is the vid. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107423573/CMBN_3.0.rar Enjoy!
  9. Thanks for the tip with the engineers. That will help a lot.
  10. Hey gents just had a question on a few little things in the game. 1. Why do engineer units have to blast then run through the blast area? Why can they not blow the are and not run through. In the bocage some times this just decimates the engineers because they blow a gap run through get shot up. Normally the guy with the demo is hit and his is in a strange death spot that buddy aid cannot retrieve his demo. 2 Why when you need to get out of the open like the paratroopers on road to Nijmegen that they get a quick order than stack up in a single line to run out of the field instead of spreading and running.
  11. @Pak40, yes sorry I meant 8HE and 3 smoke. Not sure why I put AP. Anyway the ammo carrier for this gun only listed the ammo for the support gun not their own small arms ammunition. Just like to say thanks to all the people giving feedback as I am very new to the game. I sometimes overthink and am critical but do not mean to put the game down. Thanks gents. Semper Fi
  12. My SS Panzergrenadiers all had a few mg 42's in the squad. These gave awesome firepower but all the units ran out of ammos so fast. The rifle troops as well without shooting more than 20 rounds. I understand feeding the mg's ammo but you would never give all your ammo like that. This just seemed odd to me. I also had a ammo carrier unit for a infantry gun, there ammo was listed as what the support gun shot something like 8 he and 13 ap rounds. This unit never ran out of ammo and was shooting for along time most of the battle.
  13. Hey gents. I was curious about the ammunition usage. In my example I had an SS unit and the MG used all the ammo for all the squad members. My unit fought for around 11 straight turns with the mg blazing away. My two rifle armed units shot around 15 rounds each and the entire unit was out of ammo. Why is the ammo used this way instead of each man having his own ammo allotment. At the minimal why not give the MG its own allotment so it cant take rounds from the rifle troops. My other question was about a replay option. Will there be a replay option added to the game so you can watch the entire battle when over? Can one be added? Thanks for your time
  14. Not sure exactly what this comment is about as its nothing that was talked about. Nobody said they wanted "absolute graphical assurance". I asked if there was a mod or something that had a damaged/destroyed vehicle model. That is it nothing more. I do believe going back to your Stug story that at 800m it would be hard to tell for sure, at 100m with a panzer IV shooting a jeep you would tell for sure. Has nothing to do with gameplay just adds to the game. A lot of people seem very against adding anything more than vanilla, seems strange to me for this era of pc games. I am an old board game warrior myself so being able to go from cut out counters to what we can have now is wonderful. So no disrespect meant to the traditional vanilla fans.
  15. Yes, I see your point if you want to go back to board games to play the game. It is the day of the computer game so why not get everything possible out of the game we can. Almost all mods are not needed but a lot of them greatly improve the vanilla version. To be against improving something you enjoy seems odd.
  16. How is it not necessary? Knocked out vehicles adds to the confusion of combat adds spice to the game. Killed/damaged vehicle would also add immersion to the game. If its to hard to do, I can understand that but to say not necessary in a combat simulator makes no sense. The game alone in vanilla form is very fun and challenging. Add mods for looks and sound and anything else that adds to the immersion and the game transforms into amazing! I know that I am new here but seems a lot of negative replies for something that could add to the enjoyment.
  17. As a Vet, most vehicles I have seen destroyed with MG fire smoke as well, they do not look good as new. I love the game it is wonderful. Reminds me of ASL for Avalon hill days:) I was just curious to see if it can be done or if others were interested in this as well.
  18. Hey gents very new to the CM game. I just DL the demo for Normandy and Italy a few nights ago. I have not stopped fighting since:) I was given some uniform, graphic and sound mods from a buddy. I was wondering if there was a mod for Damaged/Destroyed vehicles. I noticed that I blew up a jeep and when the smoke cleared the occupants were dead and the jeep was looking new although it was destroyed. Same with tanks, I know they have fire come out I was just wondering if there was a cool mod for blown up vehicles. Thanks
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