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  1. It was only recently that I had this happen. The first time it was a heavy quick order and the second was medium long order. I don't even bother with emergency orders anymore. It very easily could of been on my end. After some late night beverages my officers seem to give some questionable orders.
  2. Hey gents, I have had a situation happen twice now and was just curious if it was bad luck or if I was doing something wrong. I have hit my own spotter with the spotting round twice now in two separate battles. First situation was my spotter unit called in 60mm mortal fire on a wood shed that had an MG inside of it 167m down a country lane. My spotter had good sight on the shed and he called in a heavy, quick immediate fire order. two minutes later the first spotting round came in and direct hit my spotter team killing both of them. Spotting team were regulars. Second situation was I had a company command team up in a third story building calling in 105 fire on a German HQ building. The distance from my command team to the target was around 300m. I called in the arty and the first spotting round landed 100m behind my command team and the next came in maybe 20m closer and so on and basically walked the arty spotting rounds right onto the commander in the house hitting the top and killing the radio man. Command team was regulars. I have played CMBN for a few years now and have never had this happen before and than it happened in back to back games. I also played a PBEM battle in which my opponent killed his own spotter with his German mortars around four turns into the game and asked to stop the battle. Is this something that is happening now sometimes or my luck is really what I was wondering.
  3. I do like the increase in visuals that the modders bring to the game. I really enjoy the hit markers for vehicles it is a nice visual add on and ads immersion. My opinion only here now.....I enjoy CM for its WWII combat appeal. I enjoy the thinking involved in command decisions and how unforgiving the game is. Small unit tactics are amazing in this game. I play this game with my two sons for a few reasons. One....it is a game they have to use their brain and plan out a strategy and weigh the consequences of their choices. Two...Their is a lot of Historical knowledge in this community and I have my boys research when possible the battles we fight. My sons are 14 and 16 and they really enjoy CM and are getting pretty darn good at it. They do not need blood and gore to enjoy the game. If blood and gore was an option that would not bother me I just would not use it. I would rather see the developers efforts in other areas.
  4. No controllers or anything like that. Seems to be related to sleep mode on my pc. I changed that setting and have not had the problem again so hopefully its fixed.
  5. I was just wondering if anybody else had the issue before. I talked with another gent on ts and found they had a similiar issue and it is all fixed now. Seems if the screen goes into sleep mode or I alt/tab this map issue happens. I restarted and have no issues with the game now.
  6. I have been playing Combat mission for a few years now with little issues. I play everyday for the most part. I was in a h2h battle and on one of my loads for my turn the when I got into the game my camera went straight up birds eye view as high as it would go. I checked my key bindings and they are all good the lower key does not make the map come down though. I messd around for about 40 minutes and could not find an issue. I thought well maybe my keyboard or mouse so I replaced both of those and have the same problem. I than loaded Italy demo and my Red thunder full version game and have the same issue all the games maps go straight up. I am at a loss of what to try next and I have no clue why this happened as like I said I play every day and have no problems.
  7. Unfortunately it was my opponent that had the Panther. Had to write a lot of letters home because of that Panther.
  8. The Panther was riddled. It did not seem to notice the damage though.
  9. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/27365724721150485/C761C7180C61B423F364DC726165FD6E15670D19/ I Don't know if this is the same kind of issue. I had a Panther in a pbem game that took a beating and killed seven of my tanks including two Firefly's. I hit the Panther 30+ times with nine penetrating. The Panther never seemed to notice as it kept advancing and killing the whole game. Here is one pic I took from Steam.
  10. I don't know about this. I had six Panthers hull down at around 900m. I had a spotter to their front left that seen the at guns before I rolled up. My Panthers fired and missed the at guns did not. I get this result things happen, so be it. My main point was that I lost all my Panthers in this battle....everyone of them with its main gun destroyed. I lost three of the four stugs all with main gun destroyed. This happened through the entire battle not just in one fight. I won the fight basically using my tanks as heavy mg platforms. I was just curious if losing the main gun is a common thing or if I just had bad luck this battle.
  11. My Firefly punched a hole through the Panther from side to side but could not kill it before the Panther returned a one shot kill at 920M. These situations are not normal for me either they have just been happening a lot in my last three games.
  12. I was just wondering if I am the only one with bad luck when it comes to armor in the CM games. Here is my most recent example. Fighting a MP battle: Sticking it out. I am the Germans. As the battle starts I gently roll my five or six Panthers to crest the small hill. I am overlooking an Orchard and village. My Panthers spot two AT guns in the Orchard. All my Panthers shoot and miss. AT guns respond taking out two Panthers by hitting them in there main guns. My Panthers all fire again killing one AT gun. Now I roll up two stugs to help. AT gun takes out one stug and another Panther all with hits to the main gun. I finally kill the AT gun and roll my whole force to attack the village position. My opponent shows his Tank destroyers which knock out two more Panthers first shot on both taking out the main gun while my stug kills a TD. My last Panther is taken out one shot to the main gun before I kill the last TD. I know have my half track and one stug left to support the main attack. I just believe its bad luck to lose six or sor tanks and tank destroyers all with there main guns taken out. In another mp battle this time with me as the British I hit an enemy Panther 47 times I thing that's about how many hit markers I can count. I hit it all with Shermans and two fireflys. The Panther killed nine of my tanks and is still alive. It cannot move but It is still in action. Like I said I was just curious if I have just bad luck or if this is normal for tanks to lose there main guns this easily.
  13. @Rinaldi, thanks for the tips. I will try these.
  14. Hey gents. I am just looking for some advice from more experienced players on how to keep my Engineers in the battle. Here are my frustrating examples. 1. Fighting in hedgerows my Engineers blast a path but run through to get MG'd to death loosing the whole unit. Can you blast without running through? 2. Engineers in hunt mode going through minefield. I thought if they spot a mine they would stop. I lose three engineers on separate occasions to mines with the engineers in hunt mode searching for the mines. I could be using them wrong I am not sure. I just thought Engineers would hunt out mines than drop like being fired upon so they could mark them. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. So my question still stands. Why is it called WP in game when it is not? If it is suppose to be WP than why does it only smoke? If you cannot make WP work the way it is suppose to than why have it at all? Why not just have smoke rounds. It doesn't really matter. I was just curious why it was called something when it is in fact not.
  16. Why is the WP(willie pete or White phosphorus) round a smoke round? I served six years in the USMC and we had smoke grenades and smoke arty rounds than we had the beauty that is WP. WP is nasty and burns all things flammable. We used them a lot and they do put off smoke when they burn but not like in the game. A WP and HE barrage is a nasty thing. You can burn it all with that.
  17. I am interested. I currently have three opponents for CMBN and RT. The more the merrier. Just send me a pm for details.
  18. Just wanted to give a shout out to the Helpdesk. They are wonderful and got me up and running with all my pc game issues. Thanks guys Bill (Semper Fi)
  19. I just purchased Red Thunder. When I try to launch the game I get this error .DLL file, EKC3220.DLL not found. I only get this error for combat mission games all my others work fine. I am using windows 8.1 if that matters.
  20. Thanks guys the helpdesk is taking care of me.
  21. Looking for any help I can get with this. I have CMBN & CW Bundle with CMBNMG. I had these games on my old pc. I bought a new gaming laptop and a new desktop. I installed on both so I could play at home and on trips. My daughter dropped my laptop and broke the motherboard and my new desktop had a factory defect that I was able to exchange and get a new pc. My problem now is I have now replaced both pc's and am wanting to get the games on both systems but now it say I am out of activations. Is there any way to get more activations so I can get my games back?
  22. Lesson learned for sure. I am glad they are liking the game so much. I really enjoy playing it and now I have two more mp guys to fight against.
  23. 2nd battle was not as fun lol. My youngest attacked across a railroad embankment with 8 PZ IVs and lost all of them. All of his tanks for some reason targeted three halftracks and were murdered by the British tank destroyers.:confused: Re-match is tonight with a lot more caution being used for tank combat. Hard lesson learned but they were enthusiastic for another battle:)
  24. Yea he did really good. My youngest decided to attack across the bridge since re was running low on ammo and didn't just want to give the victory away. All they could talk about was another battle. We are currently fighting "Lost Cats" I believe. Its a ambush fight on Hells highway. Matthew (my youngest) is playing the Germans this time and Marcus(oldest) is playing the British.
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