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  1. I have now tried every single scenario with the BP1 and they all crash in Lan battles when both players push ready. As stated before I still can play all previous modules of CMBN with no issues.
  2. So far it is only and all of the BP1 scenarios that crash. Yes both players have BP1. Today we have tried five of the BP1 scenarios and all crashed during the setup or after we both pushed ready. We were able to play two regular battles though on with market garden and one with the core game. I play a lot of h2h battles all different sizes and game lengths and it is not normal for there to be a crash. I have not been able to play a single BP1 game though. We played "My honor is my Loyalty" today in real time and it worked just fine.
  3. So I have uninstalled and reinstalled to bring my game back up current again. I can play h2h and lan battle with no issues except on BP1. Every time the setup is over and both players hit go the game crashes.
  4. Well that fixed it. Unbutton to fire the .50....Thanks again.
  5. @ IanL, I have not. Seems like a good idea though. Do you need to unbutton for other vehicles? Will try right now. Thanks.
  6. I am fighting the Nulli Secundis scenario that has some cool vehicles in it. I cannot get the Priest Kangaroos to fire their .50s. Target order, fire zones or leaving them alone the gunner just will not operate the gun giving the apc no immediate support.
  7. I tried to fight four times last night with the BP1. I do not remember the names of the scenario I will get them when I get home. Every time we tried to play turn based or real time the minute both players clicked ready we got CM has stopped working crash. Just to make sure we went back and fought a regular cmbn scenario and it worked fine.
  8. No. Tac is actually Tacticus the leader of the [N] Napoleonic's clan in Napoleon Total War. We have played a few battles against each other. This was the first one with CM helper that I could record. I am always looking for opponents. I have CMBN with all modules and I have RT. I hope to get Italy soon.
  9. It was my pleasure. We had a fun battle and soon hope to get another one going. After all the holiday madness goes away.
  10. This is a PBEM game against my buddy Tac. Small battle called "Bad Apples" I played as the Germans holding the Orchard and the farm. Will be getting more battle AARs out when I can. Hope you enjoy.
  11. I did the same thing. I cleared the mines first though. Killed my team when I went to clear the roadblock. I wish the engineers could put a satchel down and then move away before it explodes.
  12. No trees but there was a split rail fence, maybe 10-15 feet in front of the T34-85.
  13. Yes, I tried to move everything to the same spots for the turn but this time after losing one Pz IV three of his buddies responded killing the T34-85.
  14. IanL@ I got it working through the help desk. I had to remove the app launcher from my folder and put it on the desktop....than copy paste it back in and the game ran just fine. I have had no issue with wind 10 and CM before the update. As for my CM situation I went back and looked at the battle but could not recreate what had happened. I did notice that about 50M in front of the T34-85 was a rail fence so maybe this blocked LOF enough that my Pz IV's could no return fire. In the future I will try and get my save files if I have any problems. Honestly though most issues I have in game are my fault once I look into the problem
  15. Thanks man, that helped. I ran the same fix for the macs on windows 10 and is fixed all the launchers.
  16. Yea this is not good. I play my CM games throughout the day almost every day. So far no compatability combinations work or running as admin.
  17. Hey gents just curious if others have this problem. My windows 10 updated now CMBN and RT launch and stay on blank black screen and do not respond. I went to compatability mode and ran it that way as admin but cant find a way to get the games to launch.
  18. Well, I cant check anything at the moment. Windows 10 updated and now my CM games don't launch.
  19. No save of that part of the fight. I do have one that is from a turn or two before the death of my Pz IV's I will try and see if it happens again and save if I can recreate Or maybe I can notice something different.
  20. It is unusual for sure. I have not noticed this before. My Pz IV's had ammo lol. Sorry for no save file. They simply would not shoot the T 34. I seem to always have bad luck with armor but no worries I am sure its more on me than the game as the game is amazing. note: I did not mean the T34-85 killed all in one shot it killed them all one at a time taking only one shot for each kill. I re-read my post sorry for the confusion.
  21. I don't understand spotting at times it really seems to make no sense. I had a situation today where one Russian T34-85 buttoned up killed five Panzer IV. T34-85 was regular buttoned up and nervous as all his buddies around him were dead. The Panzer IV's were all Veteran and unbuttoned. The fight was at 1,032meters. The icons said I could see the Russian tank and eyeing it myself seemed to be able to see it as well. The T34-85 just systematically shot and killed all five with one shot as fast as it could and my tanks kept pointing at the T34-85 but would not shoot.
  22. I would like to see two things be added/changed in the game series. 1. I would like to see a better unit integrity when it came to individual model space. I notice a lot especially in woods I will have two or three infantry all mixed into one blob. In a CMBN battle I had three CW soldiers killed by the same bullet all looking out the same window and all three models were mushed into one blob looking thing. In another fight I took out a German tank in the gap of a hedgerow perfectly blocking the gap from being used by vehicles. Other German tanks just morphed right through the knocked out tank. So I would like to see a better individual model integrity so units could not mush up into one another. 2. This one is just my want from many fights. I know with the move commands we have fast, quick, move, hunt and slow. I would like to have a move option that was similar to quick and than acted like hunt for the purpose when taking fire. I would like to say throw some troops across and area they take fire and go to ground immediately as an option instead of running to their death in a straight line. You could still have the normal quick move and all the others but adding a quick/hunt move order could keep your men a live better.
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