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  1. I do agree and updated modern engine would be fantastic. There is no other game/simulation out there that even compares to combat mission. I do really enjoy the game as is but would not be against a smoother game with eye candy I have been around a while but do not comment much. I have had a lot of people tell me they like the concept of this series just not the look and they don't even give it a try....which is a mistake because combat mission is wonderful. Would I love to see smooth graphics with more intense immersive detail...Hell ya! I do not need it to enjoy the game though. I truly do not know the effort it would take to bring combat mission into 2017 as I enjoy the game as a player but do not know the technical side at all. I do believe if the series was modernized and eye candy added they would benefit greatly from that.
  2. I just purchased CMFB last night. I sat down with my beer and pretzels and played the beginner campaign. I absolutely love this game.
  3. Fun little scenario. I do believe Heinrich505 said it all. I do believe the Germans need a little help as pushing into town and securing it was a bit easy.
  4. Hey gents, here is my first update. Changed some deployment zone sizes and a few small fixes. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107423573/Kraut_Corner.rar
  5. Combat mission Normandy all modules, Red Thunder. I also play a lot of board games from Avalon Hill and Victory Games. Other PC games I play are some John Tiller games and HPS titles mainly WW2, Napoleonic and US Civil war.
  6. I am still working on the background info. I mainly wanted to see if the map feels playable and it all works. I will update this weekend. Thanks for your feedback Harry.
  7. Excellent, thank you. I think I already need to shorten the map so the allied movement is not so far.
  8. Hey guys, I thought I would dip into the scenario making just to see how it works. What started as a small thing turned into a monster that I didn't want to stop working on. I have decided to let you gents have a look and see what kind of feedback you more experienced guys can give me. Its a fictional fight based on real events. I took the idea from John Tillers "Panzer Battles". I hope you enjoy. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107423573/Bloody-Hill 192.rar
  9. I agree with you 100% that the squad should not be broken up. I do like the sound of your "magic vehicle" would save a lot of lives.
  10. @c3k I am not sure if you ever served in the military. Common sense on building vehicles, spending money our footprint or maintenance is never thought of it seems. Look at the massive support that is needed to keep a platoon of Abrams going. Design of the Saic could change by the time it is deployed and most likely will change after it is used in real world. Marines don't care how they get to the fight they just want to get to it. Marine Amtracs have crossed many miles of desert and stayed very effective in transporting and supporting Marines. As for your jet-ski battalion you had just better hope the enemy has no modern ability to use Arty with cluster rounds or your battalion is dead in the water. I do not know why the saic would not hold a full squad the only reasoning I was ever told was for the survivability situation I posted above.
  11. Thanks guys. I looked as well but could not find any earlier discussions. I have never really noticed this situation to be a problem before my last battle. I will just give this to the Gods of War and for whatever reason they wanted that Sherman to live longer and deal death while it was still alive.
  12. I was curious to a situation that happened to me twice in the same battle. I unfortunately did not get a pic. The situation was this.....I was fighting the AI my Panzer IV took out a Sherman and there was another one behind it and my Panzer kept firing but naturally hitting the dead Sherman blowing it up more and more. The problem was the Sherman behind was able to rotate its barrel inside of the dead Sherman and fire and kill multiple targets all the while have a shield in front of it. Had the same kind of situation with a Churchill tank shooting through another Churchill that was knocked out. I always thought wrecks stopped rounds from both sides...am I wrong in this or maybe I just never noticed before.
  13. As a Marine myself (medically retired) I loved the old AAV7's. As being attached to an engineer unit we were at sea way to much and got to land on a few shore lines. The idea of the saic as I understand it is to have two vehicles carry a squad. One vehicle with two fire teams in it and the other with squad command a fire team and more gear. Less lives lost if a vehicle is destroyed.
  14. If it would of been my Panther your first shot would of hit my main gun making me useless for engaging enemy armor.
  15. Hey John. My boys are 16(Russian player) and 13(German player). They have played a few CM games against each other and absolutely love the game. We normally don't play meeting engagements. We decide attacker/defender by a die roll and we ended up picking this scenario. They both got confused during the battle as they both wanted to attack and defend at the same time so neither one truly committed to an attack. They seemed to of traded losses until the IS-2s made a presence than the Germans were done. The younger brother has sworn vengeance and we are currently getting another battle ready. I don't remember the exact scenario they played but it was all armor with some supporting tank riders for both sides. Glad you enjoyed the battle. I think I am going to pick up the Italy bundle as they watched a video that PanzerPajamas put up and are reading all the Italy information they can find.
  16. They had a lot of fun with this meeting engagement battle. I am pretty poor at making the movies but here ya go. Hope you all enjoy!
  17. Well I am a believer in General Patton......If he wanted them there was a good reason for it. The Sherman most definitely played a major role to winning the war.
  18. There was a documentary with this in it I watched. It was mainly about U.S. Armor during the war. How U.S. tanks were killed in mass in a lot of fights. One of the guys in the documentary was a maintenance chief talking about cleaning out the tanks when they were recovered. I don't know how accurate this is since I have never seen the data but he stated that the U.S. tank Battalion he was with lost five tanks to every one German tank.
  19. I had never seen it before and just thought I would share with you gents. I find the video amazing, horrible and sad all at the same time.
  20. I just thought this was horribly crazy.
  21. So would it be an update that people would want? Are the developers interested in doing something like this?
  22. I understand the work issue. With an update that would bring CMBN up to CMFB I would happily pay for. I am not asking for free goodies although the Battle Pack was wonderful. I would just like to see it done. Combat Mission is my escape and I always am looking for more and more and more.
  23. Hey gents, I was simply wondering if the Normandy and Italy titles would be updated to be more like CMFB with tank riders and other updates?
  24. Well it would seem I am the only one that is having this issue. I will try some more things to see if I can get it to work. Maybe uninstall everything and re-install again from scratch.
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