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  1. A HQ higher up in the same CoC will be able to take over command of an element from lower down the chain if its immediate HQ is out of range or KIA. This can only take place at "Close Visual" or "Voice" range (or both). From the Engine Manual: If a squad or team is out of contact with its immediate superior (usually a platoon HQ) then its company or battalion HQ may provide voice and close visual contact, but not radio or distant-visual contact. This simulates that a higher HQ can step in and provide command-and-control in a limited radius in emergency situations.
  2. MOS:96B2P

    Grenade allocation Bug?

    In the game the AT team has always taken most of the grenades when split from the squad first in all the CM2 titles. This is why, especially for three team WW2 squads, we split off an assault team (A team) first so they take most of the grenades to use in any close assaulting. Then split off an AT team. If the AT team is split off first they take most of the grenades. I'm not defending the behavior I'm just saying it has always worked this way in CM2 titles. In your CMSF2 scenario you probably only have two teams per squad. If you split an A team off first the A team will take most (maybe all the grenades). The B team will then be the AT team. However it will be a three man AT team............. I know, probably not what you were looking for............
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    Below is my understanding for buildings. Of course the only building type CMSF 1 or 2 have is modular buildings. I think somebody tested foxholes and trenches and concluded trenches provided better protection. Generally the bigger the building the stronger it is. The skin of the building does not matter. A combination of a buildings height and footprint (total square footage) determines the strength of the building, relative to collapsing, within the four building types listed below. I suspect the type of building has more to do with the protection provided to the troops from suppression & casualties than the size. As in the Church vs barn example. Very Strong: Three biggest church structures. Strong: Modular buildings and independent small church. Average: Independent houses, independent commercial, and independent other. (CMBN & CMFB have an "other" category for buildings.) Weak: Barns
  4. In CMSF 2 when fighter technicals are selected they display with a crew of fighters as expected. When combatant technicals are selected they are also crewed by fighters. In CMSF1 combatant technicals were crewed by combatants. So I think this must have been unintentional to have fighters as crews of combatant vehicles. Hope this is an easy fix for the first patch? Screenshots below. CMSF 2 combatant technicals. CMSF 1. Combatant technicals on left. Fighter technicals on right.
  5. MOS:96B2P

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    +1 Thank you, Sir!!
  6. Very useful when deciding when to dismount. +1 to both. Edit: What? I ran out of up votes? I'll get you both tomorrow.
  7. MOS:96B2P

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    +1 Thank you. Very cool.
  8. MOS:96B2P

    Marking Mines?

    +1 Very cool. Your RL story is more interesting than the game mechanics .
  9. Agreed. @domfluff is able to figure out and understand the game mechanics. He has the added ability to articulate this understanding for the rest of us. Reminds me of @womble who, sadly, has not been on the forums for awhile.
  10. MOS:96B2P

    Marking Mines?

    Wow. Glad you are okay, my friend. You've just had a blast in many parts of the world............... Thank you for your service.
  11. +1 Entertaining video. The narrative really helps to explain what is going on. Without the bigger picture provided by the narrative it would mostly be just some running and gunning. I cheered when the QRF arrived!! Good job.
  12. Not sure if you find it helpful but the below statement is where I took my understanding from.
  13. This is a nice, understandable explanation which I'll add to my notes. Only a small nit / clarification. If the fire teams are in the same platoon they will be effected by combat stress caused by casualties. It does not matter if the teams are in C2 or not for the purposes of receiving combat stress. They somehow know that their "out of C2" buddy just bought the farm on the other side of the map and are stressed by this event.
  14. MOS:96B2P

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    +1 AIRBORNE!!!
  15. MOS:96B2P

    Marking Mines?

    Marking mines only helps infantry to navigate the marked minefield. Marking mines does nothing for vehicles. Yes. But except in some of the WW2 titles (with flail vehicles) engineers don't clear mines. Engineers don't neutralize mines @MikeyD. They Mark mines as the command in the user interface reads. The mines are marked so a carefully moving troop can step around them on his way across the minefield. If he is not careful and tries to Fast or Quick across the marked minefield his chances of stepping where he should not is increased. Of course vehicles are not agile enough to step (drive) around the marked mines in a minefield. So, outside of some desperate situation, do not intentionally drive vehicles into marked or unmarked minefields. IEDs are a different topic and can't be Marked in any case.
  16. MOS:96B2P

    How to Use Extra HQ Units?

    When playing a Quick Battle PBEM, where I get to choose my own TOE, I often do the same thing. It works out well. You seem to be catching on fast to understanding the game. The more you understand the better it gets.
  17. MOS:96B2P

    QB Uncons Vehicles bug?

    Yep. I used your mixed combatant mod in CMSF1. Very cool mod.
  18. MOS:96B2P

    How to Use Extra HQ Units?

    In the game the ability to call for artillery fire is not based on having a radio but instead on the authority of the caller. It is often referred to as the field telephone abstraction. As an example you will notice if an FO team's officer becomes KIA and the RTO is still alive with a working radio the FO team can no longer call for or adjust fire. So the US XOs can call for arty even when they don't have a radio. As a result I will often have an XO accompany a maneuver platoon. Then when the platoon needs to call for indirect fire support the XO team will handle leaving the platoon HQ team free to move about keeping the fire teams in C2 and facilitating the sharing of OpFor contact information. Also when I have different formations in the same scenario I may use XOs, 2ICs, etc as liaisons. Example you have an infantry company from 1st Infantry Battalion and a tank company from an tank battalion. I will put the two Bn XOs in the other Battalion TOC so they will horizontally share OpFor contact information between the two formations. See the below link for an explanation on C2. I also sometimes assign them to the TOC as a TRP officer. They are responsible for calling in fires in the area of Target Reference Points (TRP)s to support the scheme of maneuver. They generally have one off map 105mm howitzer platoon I reserve for their use. They can call for fires from the safety of the TOC to impact in the area of the TRPs which were placed to support the planned Avenue of Advance. At the appropriate time the TRP officer (XO) will call for a maximum duration, light, low tube count mission which lasts for about 34 minutes. The XO will adjust this mission between TRPs to support the maneuvering platoons. I like to have the TRP officer in the relative safety of the TOC because if he is KIA while the maximum duration fire mission is ongoing control of those tubes will be lost and they will fire on the last adjustment until dry (I had this happen once in a PBEM). At times I have also used them as medics. This should give you some ideas 11Bravo. Keep swervin and happy hunting!!
  19. MOS:96B2P

    Civilian Density. Bug?

    Yep, I'm getting the same results. I think maybe Battlefront forgot to flip the switch to turn on civilian density (or however that works with code).
  20. MOS:96B2P

    Marking Mines?

    This is my SOP: First I split my engineers into two fire teams. Then I have one engineer team Slow (crawl) through an area where I think there are mines. This generally works well and the red mine signs will appear. Then I have the second team follow behind the first (also on Slow) and Mark the mines causing the signs to change from red to off white / yellow. The downside is if I'm wrong about the location I can end up with exhausted engineers.
  21. MOS:96B2P

    A plea for a French Army DLC

    It must be a rewarding challenge for the soft, western, French officers to lead their rougher more adaptable eastern troops. Or have the French officers been replaced with more adaptable, rougher stock?
  22. MOS:96B2P

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Very cool what the game can do. A spy does buddy aid. During buddy aid he obtained an assault rifle, binoculars and hand grenades. Later he takes out an XO team with the assault rifle and hand grenades. And here he is with the binoculars looking for his next victims.......... COOL, COOL game.
  23. MOS:96B2P

    CMSF2 Main Campaign First Mission Mines

    This is also a good indicator that the known minefield is marked. Red sign with skull & crossbones = Active unmarked minefield Off white sign (yellow in CMBS) with skull & crossbones = A marked minefield Green sign with a white X = Neutralized minefield (all mines detonated) IIRC for artillery to detonate a minefield it has to be 150mm or greater.
  24. Thanks @Josey Wales +1. The reason I was originally curious about this was at the end of a PBEM I had several broken fire teams that had no casualties. However other fire teams in the same platoon had taken casualties. So, I think this means that for a fire team to be broken the team must have taken at least one casualty or its parent platoon must have taken at least one casualty.
  25. FO get the 155s on the horn! JTAC bring in some air! NOW!!! Target rich environment. Even a conscript FO could do some damage .