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  1. I'm not aware of any similar mod compilations. I just checked my CMRT mod folder and it looks like I downloaded my mods individually. Mostly Aris vehicle mods. The closest to a compilation are Aris vehicle packs for individual vehicles. Example: Aris Stug Mod Pack CMRT. If there are any other mod compilations @Erwin would probably know. I'll tag him here and he'll stop by next time he makes his rounds.
  2. Ah, sorry about that. Mods are still in the process of being transferred over from III to IV. I count 59 CMRT vehicle mods at CMMODS III. Below is one link for T-34s. If you use the modification jump list on the right side you will see all the categories organized. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=314
  3. I've never played any of the GT games, only watched a few U-tube videos, but this command "bandwidth" sounds interesting.
  4. The one stop shopping for mods, maps, scenarios and campaigns is in the below link. After you get to the page (I linked the mods page) you can see the links to the other stuff in the ribbon near the top of the page. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/ On a Windows 10 PC (actually any PC) the CMRT mods go in - This PC - Documents - Battlefront - Combat Mission - Red Thunder - User Data - Mods. Additional folders can be created and used with the mods folder to organize various mods. @Erwin is probably one of the resident experts on the mods folder. On a PC the CMRT scenarios go in - This PC - Documents - Battlefront - Combat Mission - Red Thunder - Game Files - Scenarios. Have fun!!
  5. +1 Interesting action. Thanks for sharing.
  6. If you conduct a frontal assault on an un-suppressed MG in any CM2 game you will generally suffer high casualties and fail.
  7. In general I almost always split my squads into teams. For the Pop Smoke drill A Team (Administrative command Assault split) is split from the squad, moved 20 meters from the location smoke is needed, A Team gets the Face Command and the Pop Smoke command. After the smoke is formed (about a minute to form) teams cross the danger area (typically a street). Most Platoon HQs can also Pop Smoke.
  8. I think all the US infantry squads of a US infantry battalion are able Pop Smoke once. If you make an Assault Team split, as the first split (team A), they will have the smoke. Also Platoon HQs can Pop Smoke. Infantry Pop Smoke Drill: 1. Check wind direction & strength1. 2. Position throwing team so the 20 meter thrown grenade lands where needed. 3. On the turn of the throw don't move the unit popping the smoke (Team “A”). 4. Give team “A” a Face command in the direction you want the smoke thrown. 5. With team “A” still selected, choose the Pop Smoke command. 6. Next turn, Fast the moving team across linear danger area (If Quick they may stop to shoot). Notes: Smoke (not HE) hand grenades are automatically thrown 20 meters by the AI (three action spots). 1) Wind strength not more than medium. General Vehicle info: The range of WWII Pop Smoke, for both vehicles & infantry is 20m. Soviet WWII vehicles & infantry do not have Smoke. The game UI advises Modern Russian & Ukrainian vehicles have a Pop Smoke range of 20m however the actual range varies by Modern Russian/Ukrainian vehicles from 48m to about 135m.
  9. THIS. This sounds interesting. To late for CM2 but maybe something along these lines would work for a future CM3?
  10. +1. Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. I wonder what caused the eight misses. Just bad luck or something else..........
  11. I've been playing CM as my main game/hobby since about 2012. There are many, many scenarios & campaigns I have not had time to play. Not sure if you are aware of the below site: Scenario Depot. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/ Between the stock content that ships with the games and content at the Scenario Depot (which also includes campaigns) and the stuff in the pipeline I would suspect we will all be very busy for a very long time. Modders / scenario designers also come up with many new ideas like the southeast Asia CM: Everything from historical operations, to missions on different continents (outside the stock releases) to fictional stuff to police mods: The editor is a entirely different game / addiction.
  12. This is not something that is mentioned very often on the forum so is easy to forget. However from the v4.0 Engine Manual, page 68: Leadership help "direct fire to be more effective". To be fair I never tried to test this but it is in the manual..........
  13. A = Imperial Army. I just think it looks cool. J = Insurgents.
  14. South Africans, Polish, French, Brazilian, Indian etc............ My hope is that BF at some point releases an equipment TOE pack that adds Soviet forces to CMFB or CMFI (I guess CMFB might make more sense). No extra TOE or scenarios needed. Just add the soviet TOE. Then scenario designers can make a 1946 Patton goes east and all kinds of early cold war area conflicts. With the help of modders Korea etc. would be possible.................
  15. +1. Nice video. Thanks for sharing.
  16. +1. Great idea. Not sure what would be the best interval to use but that could be worked out. Would be very useful to see something like this in CMx3.
  17. +1. Just found this video. Looks like we have a whole new family of CM games!! Excellent work.
  18. +1. This looks pretty cool. Looking forward to the mod.
  19. Yep. It seems the ability of spies to do Buddy Aid was removed. I have attempted it repeatedly in a WIP scenario and I can't get it to work. I'm afraid my below linked post may have unintentionally lead to said removal. I thought it was a useful ability for scenario designers..... Edit to add - Click on the MOS:96B2P replied to a topic below to be taken to the actual post. Clicking in a different spot will often take you to the opening post of a very long thread.
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