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  1. This does look kind of cool. It reminds me of the U-505 on display in Chicago. There were some U-tube videos at the Few Good Men that caught my attention. I won't buy on the 30th but I'll continue to follow developments. If it seems like they produced a good game I'll probably pick it up before the end of the year.
  2. The scenario Coup D'etat has been uploaded and is available at the Scenario Depot III. Link below. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cm-shock-force-2-scenarios/coup-detat/ rocketman created a very cool PDF map and reference document that was to big to load. I have a message at the FGM site about rocketman's PDF file. Hopefully the PDF can be added to the Coup scenario post in the next week or so. For now @rocketman has been kind enough to host the PDF file at the below link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8weqdobt7pidc8/Coup d Etat Reference and Map Document.pdf?dl=0 Enjoy the scenario and if there are any questions feel free to ask here or send me a PM. Have a safe taxi ride. And, as @Sgt.Squareheadsaid, don't get in the red taxis. The player leads a small under equipped rebel force in an early morning (0400hrs) coup attempt to overthrow the governing regime. It is set in the fictional third world country of Abbudin and takes place in heavy urban terrain. The scenario is Red vs Red AI only, heavy urban terrain, all modules required, variable end time (extra hour, 45 minutes for 200VPs). The scenario provides in game intelligence to help guide the decision-making process along with a modified military grid system and an intelligence code. The player can use IEDs, VBIEDs, assassinations, bribery, mercenary units, radio propaganda, extra scenario time and foreign assistance. As the Coup d’etat progresses the player must decide which methods to use and when. All the methods have advantages and disadvantages. Some methods cost Victory Points (VPs). Four VPs for each mercenary, 25 VPs per IED explosion, 50 VPs per VBIED explosion, 100VPs to bribe a regime commander to withdraw his unit, 200 VPs to fight until 0800hrs etc. After 0600 hours the player can choose to use a USMC amphibious force. This force includes the USS Wasp, USS Ticonderoga and USS Oak Ridge. This overt outside military intervention will trigger a backlash in the streets of the city………
  3. I will make a release thread and attempt to edit the scenario depot post. Thanks for hosting the document.
  4. The upload limit is 20MB. I'm hopeful @Bootie can work some magic to add it to the post. If not then I guess the only choice would be to cut it down. It is a very cool, useful document in its present state.
  5. The scenario Coup D'etat has been uploaded and is available at the Scenario Depot III. Link below. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cm-shock-force-2-scenarios/coup-detat/ Some sound files were to big to load. @rocketman created a very cool PDF map and reference document that was also to big to load. I have a message sent to @Bootie at the FGM site about rocketman's PDF file. Hopefully the PDF can be added to the Coup scenario post in the next week or so. I clicked on all the links that did upload and everything is working as far as I know. Enjoy the scenario and if there are any questions feel free to ask here or send me a PM. Have a safe taxi ride. And, as @Sgt.Squareheadsaid, don't get in the red taxis.
  6. +1 Nice. Another urban area that can be accessed from the sea...............
  7. By "objective zones" do you mean terrain objectives? I don't think terrain objectives can change with different AI plans (I hope I'm wrong). Only the AI orders change with different AI plans. Example: The "West Crossroads" is a 200 Victory Point occupy terrain objective. My understanding is that no matter the AI plan the "West Crossroads" will always be a 200 VP occupy terrain objective.
  8. Yes. As long as the tank is not damaged to badly to drive. IIRC a three man crew on a Sherman will no longer unbutton the tank. However they will drive and fight it as best they can.
  9. Agreed. Or maybe a large portion of the population has different spending priorities for reasons that more directly effect the bottom line of their personal situation and finances. Will a government invest in a squadron of advanced fighter jets for a war that may never come or use that same money to buy votes in the next round of elections? It is one thing to have a modern military and a different thing to equip, train and maintain it. No, the US would not spend less. At least I hope not. I'm not sure if you are serious about speaking English or making a joke. Why would a EU military speak English? If there are no native English speaking military organizations that are part of the EU military wouldn't the EU pick one of their own languages? French or German or something?
  10. Hmmm, are you sure? Maybe I'm not understanding the above result / conclusion. I just did a quick test in CMSF2 to double check. Below are my results. A 2 floor, 2 action spot building is a 100 VP Preserve Objective for Blue. Type Ending Damaged Occupied Result Cease Fire No No Blue 100 VPs Blue surrender No No Blue 0 VPs Cease Fire No Red Blue 100 VPs Blue Surrender No Red Blue 0 VPs Cease Fire No Blue Blue 100 VPs Blue Surrender No Blue Blue 0 VPs Cease Fire Yes No Blue 0 VPs Blue Surrender Yes No Blue 0 VPs Cease Fire Yes Blue Blue 0 VPs Red Surrender Yes Blue Blue 0 VPs From my scenario design notes: VPs or partial VPs are earned for preserving or partially preserving an objective (you do not lose points for failing to preserve an objective. Partial VPs can be earned for preserve objectives. Only one blown out wall on a large preserve objective and the player may be awarded ½ the preserve VPs. I think the VP choices with destroy and preserve objectives are 0, ½ and all. I have never seen any other choice. While it is possible to make a building a destroy objective for one side and a preserve objective for the other side it is probably not necessary. By making the building just one or the other you will save a terrain objective to use somewhere else. When creating a scenario the best way to determine how preserve & destroy objective VPs will be handled is through testing. When used as a preserve objective the independent building ½ action spot barns will never go below ½ VPs even when all barns are destroyed. (CMSF2 does not have independent buildings.)
  11. +1 Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.
  12. .30cal M1Car is used in the M1 Carbine .30cal M2 is used in the M1 Garand, M1919 MMG, M1917 HMG, M1918 Springfield (scoped, bolt-action marksmans's rifle), and BAR. .45cal ACP is used in the Thompson, M3 Grease Gun and the M1911 pistol The armor piercing round in .30-06 (same as M2) is also designated M2. So the Springfield-chambered weapons in #2 above can fire two different kinds of M2 ammo.
  13. The manual can be a little confusing sometimes. Engineers can both discover mines and may also Mark discovered mines allowing other infantry units to more safely navigate the now marked minefield. Of course any unit can discover a minefield by detonating some of the mines. After the mines are discovered (however the discovery was made) engineers can Mark the minefield. A discovered, active, non-marked minefield displays a red skull and crossbones sign. A discovered, active, marked minefield displays a off white (yellow?) skull and crossbones sign. A neutralized minefield (all mines detonated) displays a green sign with a white X. To further complicate the issue CMSF2 has a fourth minefield type called IED Mine. So in addition to AT mines, AP mines and mixed mines there is IED minefield. This is different from the cellphone, radio and wire IEDs. An IED minefield looks and deploys like a minefield. See the below screenshot. The difference may be the ability to "discover" the IED minefield. There is a different topic here on the forum where players were discussing the problems with discovering the minefield in the Task Force Thunder campaign, scenario one. I suspect an IED minefield may have been used in this scenario. Possibly an IED minefield falls into unconventional settings with civilian density etc which makes them difficult (impossible?) to discover without detonating. Since this scenario is in a campaign and not a stand alone scenario I can't open it in the editor to check. Just a possible idea as to what is going on ....................
  14. I was wondering if you had smoke turned off............
  15. Not sure what this means............. my understanding was that Europe was a very diverse, multicultural society and becoming more so all the time. So, I don't really follow what this means. Not sure about this. I think we might both agree that Europe should spend more money on their armed forces. I don't see them forced to do so. Wouldn't the money to do so need to be re-directed from another part of their fiscal budgets? What other part of the budget would the citizens be willing to take the money from? I think this basic question remains, whether the Americans remain or not.
  16. Sorry, my friend. I was trying to be funny but that was kind of snarky. A thin line between the two sometimes. Interesting. I Googled some of the things that @Aragorn2002 posted and it seems the military establishments in Europe are already merging forces. The German-Dutch Corps etc. I guess the Dutch and German parliaments must have voted and approved this merger? Just my outsider opinion but it seems like the EU is moving towards an EU Army now.
  17. Everything has advantages and disadvantages including an EU Army. That is for the citizens of the EU to decide. IMO since the EU is a bureaucracy, (which grows or dies) it is inevitable that if the EU remains the EU it will have an EU Army someday. I think the link provided by @Aragorn2002 had an EU official state that it was inevitable that the EU would have an EU Army someday. So, it would seem after the question "Could that thing be used against us?" is asked and answered the EU citizens will eventually get an EU Army. Then we will find out how well funded it is and how it is used. I guess the Italian widow in the village will get at least two votes on said use along with the Greek pensioner . If they actually have a meaningful impact on funding / use of a future EU Army I suspect the Army will be underfunded since the widower and pensioner will have other spending priorities. Interesting topic.
  18. Well, if true, that's good for her. Way back in the day we use to have many separate state militias ect. with a very small regular force. Since we now have a very strong, centralized (Pentagon) standing national Army (which I served in) it is possible that the vote would be ignored and the military would enforce the ignoring of said vote if necessary (as in the 1860s). Out of curiosity, what would happen, if the EU had a standing Army and Greece had riots over austerity, refused to pay what they owed, or whatever............. maybe that's not a good example but you probably understand the concept................ IMO they might do what unified Armies do............... keep the unity.
  19. Bureaucracies are like the Roman empire, expand or die. Iv'e seen many examples of a small government office established to deal with some issue. Staffed by a handful of people (many of whom are temporary hires) and crammed into a small office space. Return to that same office a few years later and it will probably be expanded to dozens of full time employees, a suite of offices and plans to move to a new office building to accommodate all the future hires promised in the next fiscal budget. As long as there is an EU it will continue to expand and do more and more things to eventually include an EU army. I don't know if an EU army is "needed" or not or if it is a bad thing or not. But it will be a thing. Might be 20 years from now but it will be a thing if the EU stays the EU. Having stated above that I think there will be an EU army someday (as long as there is an EU). There will probably always be the competition for funding between social welfare programs and the military. At present it seems that the individual military establishments within the EU are losing this competition and are under funded. I don't know that this will change. If it does not change it is likely the future EU army will be underfunded and under equipped with a low state of readiness. However, I guess it might be useful to use internally for quelling unrest resulting from various EU imposed austerity programs etc. Admittedly I'm an outsider looking in but I find the whole topic of Brexit and the EU interesting and have been trying to read up on it and understand it. It seems the EU voice from Brussels can punish some old widow lady in a small village in Italy for not properly recycling her garbage? I'm not sure if the widow lady has a say in the election of this voice or not. It seems they do have some type of elections in Brussels but maybe internal not direct? So does she have a choice in listening to said voice? .............. not clear on that yet.
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