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  1. Yes, they horizontally share information. This works much better if the 2IC / XO team has a radio. Then the 2IC / XO team is able to use radio C2 to send the information (gained through horizontal C2) back to its parent unit. The team will also receive information (tentative contacts) via radio from its parent unit and horizontally pass that information to the other unit. This is most useful when playing with house rules where tentative contacts (information) plays a role. A friendly unit can't react to an OpFor unit unless it knows (at least a tentative contact) about the OpFor unit etc. This is one of the cool things about combat missions. The extra house rules and C2 ability can be used by players that like that kind of thing or they can be totally (or partially) ignored. Also as Bud said an XO / 2IC team will take over for a KIA CO team.
  2. Yes, and it is pretty cool to see. I had a screenshot, from the CMRT base game, of a rear turret MG firing before Photobucket's vandalism.
  3. Bloody Ride Panther and Halftrack Camo pack. +1 @Aquila-SmartWargames. Nice mod.
  4. Running through AI Plan #4 with a new mod by @Aquila-SmartWargames. The mod can be found at http://community.battlefront.com/topic/135382-custom-3d-models-and-mods-compilation/?do=findComment&comment=1814323 I think I like it best with shaders off (Hotkey: Alt-R). I play with shaders on but when I take a screenshot with this mod I temporarily turn the shaders off. Below is with shaders on.
  5. Platoon HQ team fighting to hold the command post.
  6. It's a mod from a WIP scenario. See link below. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/136496-new-mini-campaignscenario-alarmeinheiten/?do=findComment&comment=1813817
  7. The idea is this. Take the already developed Soviet TOE in CMRT and port it over into CMFB. May 1945 would be the end date. NO extra work. Just use what is already there. Maybe something to think about: CMFB starts in October 1944 and CMRT start in June 1944. Would the entire CMRT June 44 to May 45 be ported over or just October 1944 to May 1945? Both titles will at some point have the same end date but will have different start dates. I vote for which ever is easier / quicker / simpler to do.
  8. Backstory? Strategic objectives? Counterfactual? ........... Why? The more complicated this is the less likely it would be worth while to do. Port over CMRT Soviet TOE into CMFB. Then sell it.
  9. I would also like this, especially since I served in the 1980s. The reason to ask/petition/beg Battlefront for a Soviet Forces equipment pack for the CMFB game family is that it (I think) would be easier to add an equipment pack (port over from CMRT) than to build a 1980s game from the ground up. So maybe the time & resources vs profit would make it worth while. I would think that they don't even have to make any scenarios for it. Just put the existing Western & Eastern equipment & TOE in the same game. Scenario designers could run wild with that.
  10. I think this is the closest I've seen a panzerschreck fire on a tank.
  11. CMSF 2 has amphibious vehicles. And un-conventional units To include spies VBIEDs Pick-up trucks and taxis that can actually be used (not just flavor objects). IEDs - Small, medium, large, huge. Controlled by radio, cell or wire. That can be used to bring down bridges in some designer made scenarios. With lots of cool mods and scenarios @37mm is currently working on a Southeast Asia mod / campaign: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/135081-heaven-earth-project-discussion-thread/ Or maybe you would like to command the raid that killed Osama, Created by @Combatintman. Just off the top of my head ...............
  12. From the briefing: Partisans are active in the AO and often attack rear area logistics and ambush convoys. The Partisans use local villages as a base of operations. Friendly units will often pass through villages with partisans and have no contact. However, the commander must always be on guard for the time the partisans are triggered to emerge and cause havoc. Partisan clearing operation.
  13. Probably a week or two after Fire & Rubble is released. There are currently place holders for the partisans and an SS unit. Also might want to add a few of the new vehicles that come with Fire & Rubble. Then run quick tests again on the four AI plans to make sure nothing was broke by the unit swap, vehicle addition.
  14. In July 2017 I did some experiments to determine the effects of closed vs. open vehicle hatches when horizontally sharing information. Tested in CMFI v2.0 Engine 4. There is a topic on it buried somewhere in the forum. Below were my observations at the time (I think this is still accurate). Infantry may horizontally share information with a buttoned tank when within 32 meters. Two armor vehicles that are both unbuttoned may horizontally share info. when within 32 meters. When the reporting armored vehicle is buttoned it must be within 8 meters of both armor and infantry to horizontally share (report) information. The reporting unit needs to be unbuttoned to horizontally share (report) information at 32 meters. A buttoned unit will not share information unless it is within approximately 8 meters. Information sharing is one-way if the units are approximately 9 to 32 meters apart and one is buttoned. The unbuttoned will share the buttoned will not. Before a mission check the chain of command. If there are attached units that are not in the C2 chain handle this matter through liaisons and/or the grouping of appropriate HQ teams in the same TOC. For the most reliable horizontal information sharing place units adjacent to each other with all vehicles Opened.
  15. The campaign/scenario currently has three recommended mods. They have been tagged so will not show up in other scenarios. @benpark foliage helmets and @Fuser Aris Faces Mod CMRT. Below are the links. benpark helmets https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-infantry/cmrt-cmbn-benparks-german-field-foliage-helmet-mod/ Aris Faces http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=483 The third mod just removes some of the German helmets so Aris Faces Mod is more obvious. The downside is that all German helmet chin straps disappear. So the end result is fewer, but better, German helmets and a more battle worn look for the hard pressed German troops. I will post the “remove some helmets” mod at CMMODS IV closer to release. Below are some screenshots of the three mods working together.
  16. Thank you. They came from testing a new scenario. See below link.
  17. Alarmeinheiten (Alarm unit) is an almost complete new scenario for CMRT. It is actually a mini-campaign but with only one actual, three hour long, battle scenario. The first scenario is a “choice” scenario where the player is able to choose some of the vehicles he will command in the “real” battle scenario. It includes ammo dumps so it is recommended to play on Iron or Elite. Description: Command a German alarm unit (Alarmeinheiten). Maneuver the alarm unit in multiple attacks and counter attacks across a 13½ square km map. Axis vs Soviet AI only. The original idea was to attempt to get many of the rare and seldom seen vehicles into the scenario. Upon reviewing the scenario @Sgt.Squarehead pointed out that while it might be fun it would not be realistic to have so many different rare and limited vehicles fighting together in the same units on the same section of front at the same time. As a result, the “choice” scenario was created. The player can choose mostly standard and common vehicles or many limited and rare vehicles. The three hour long battle scenario will then be fought with the choice made in the first scenario. The four AI plans are the same for both. Only some of the player's vehicles are different depending on the choice. The scenario was inspired by @theforger excellent CMFB Mission to Maas scenario which I recommend. See link below. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-final-blitzkrieg/cmfb-mission-to-maas-v2/ The map used for the scenario is a modified Der Ring Der Five Panzer map made by @George MC. George gave permission to use his map which is about 13 square kilometers. Der Ring Der Five Panzer is an excellent scenario which is so huge it plays like a static campaign. I recommend this scenario. See link below. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-red-thunder/cm-red-thunder-add-ons-scenarios/der-ring-der-5-panzer-division/ The scenario currently has three of four AI plans completed. It also has placeholders for partisan units and an SS unit. It should be ready for release soon after CMRT Fire & Rubble is released. Some of the recent screenshots posted in the CMRT screenshot thread have come from testing this scenario. Below are a few more screenshots. A dust trail from the alarmeinheiten on the move responding to a Battle Position in danger of being overrun. Elements of the alarmeinheiten approaching the assembly area prior to a counter attack to relieve a besieged Battle Position.
  18. +1. My in game ranges are: Bazooka 90 meters (12 AS). Panzershreck 120 meters (15 AS). I don't know about the RL effective ranges.
  19. Reminds me of old WW2 film footage of vehicles on the muddy roads of the eastern front. I guess the vehicles are bigger and heavier and there are more of them but apparently at least some of the roads are just as muddy...........
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