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    CMSF2 Demo

    Yep. Some very cool features in CMSF. Below are some screenshots (with mods) of the unique features from the old CMSF1. I can't wait to see the updated look for CMSF2. Four different size of IED and a combatant group. VBIED. Look in the back seat 😎. Spy forward observer. .
  2. MOS:96B2P


    Yes! This. Also more terrain objectives since the 15 terrain objectives also have to be shared with triggers.
  3. It does have advantages, especially for conserving ammo, as long as the player is aware of the situation.
  4. The user interface will allow you to give a team that contains a Thompson Target Light however the Thompson will not fire. The other weapons in the same team (M1s etc. will fire). I just double checked at 34 meters and 10 meters. The Thompson did not fire on Target Light. Even when the other weapons ran out of ammo. It may have behaved differently at some earlier point. It was about two years ago that I noticed.
  5. The Thompson will not fire at all past 160 meters due to the hard coded range cap. Under 160 meters the Thompson will only Target. It will not ever Target Light. It has been this way for a long time (over a two years since I noticed?) in all the titles. I thought it was intended behavior.
  6. MOS:96B2P

    Mad 'Merican MOUT

    Uncons for CMBS would be very cool. Some mods were made for Separatists. I wonder if it would be possible to make a uncon mod with dudes running around in civilian clothes and / or a mix of military & civilian clothes. Also after CMSF2 is released and the uncon, IED, VBIED, spies are at the 4.0 standard maybe it would be worthwhile for BFC to include them in CMBS in some future CMBS module................
  7. MOS:96B2P

    Improvement suggestions

    Yep, this can be a bit of a jumbled mess. No matter how carefully you plan things out something is almost always added out of order at some point. One thing I found with fortifications that help to keep things organized is to name the fortifications in the editor. The name is only visible in the editor and helps to remind me where it is used on the map. Example: Foxhole (crossroads), Barbwire (West Obj.) etc.......
  8. +1. Keeping tabs on and understanding the C2 during a battle is interesting and provides more immersion IMO.
  9. MOS:96B2P

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    +1 Cool. I see pillars of smoke rising in the background from the direction the panthers came from. Also some hit decals on the front panther. I bet there is a cool story that goes with all that. I hope your new scenario (or is it a campaign?) is progressing to your satisfaction. Thanks for sharing the screenshots.
  10. MOS:96B2P

    IED Mechanics?

    VBIED detonation. CMSF1 scenario Hornets Nest.
  11. MOS:96B2P


    And I was lurking around to read this one .....................
  12. MOS:96B2P

    IED Mechanics?

    Interesting information. Thanks for sharing. So it sounds like the wire IED would have a better chance of working, compared to cell or radio, when Blue ECM was high................ cool, cool game. Also CMSF has ‘Civilian Density’ setting in the data menu. The greater the civilian density the harder UNCONs are to spot.
  13. MOS:96B2P

    IED Mechanics?

    The following is true for CMSF1 and IMO will probably be true for CMSF2. There are four sizes of IED: small, medium, large & huge. There are three types of IED: Wire 100m, 10% failure / Radio 300m, requires LOS, 20% failure / Cell phone 600m, 10% failure. IED teams consist of the bomb and the triggerman. To work the IED must be activated and the triggerman in range (if radio LOS also) and not panicked with an undamaged trigger device. If this criteria is met when the triggerman observes OpFor enter the Action Spot (adjacent AS for huge or large device) the device will detonate. (The triggerman will not detonate the IED unless he can spot OpFor next to it.) IEDs Cannot be set up inside buildings by the player during setup however there is a trick that will allow an IED to be placed inside buildings on the first floor by the scenario creator. I think @Sgt.Squarehead discovered the trick. You can see the trigger-man is able to detonate an IED because the bomb's Target order will be available. If the trigger-man cannot detonate the bomb the Target command won't be available. If the bomb is a dud then instead of showing Medium Radio IED (Activated) it will show Medium Radio IED (Malfunction). Each IED comes with one triggerman however I've read on the forum where an IED was detonated by a different triggerman (not the original that came with the IED).
  14. Thanks @Josey Wales. This is one of your best explanations yet. Each time you are asked to explain it I think you get a little better . +1
  15. You're right. I just tested a US Weapons Platoon in CMBN. Killed the CO. The XO in the support team became the new platoon HQ. It even worked within a US infantry platoon. Not sure why I thought this didn't work at platoon level. I'm glad it does, at least in some circumstances. So @Bulletpoint I'm not sure if what you are seeing is intended behavior or not. Thanks @General Liederkranz. Glad you caught that. +1
  16. I don't know my friend. I wish it did. We attempt to keep the squads in command radius to keep them in C2. C2 = the vertical and horizontal information flow. Example: A fire team from 1st platoon spots a tank. A few minutes later the Company HQ is aware of the tank. A few minutes more the Company HQ informs 2nd platoon and battalion about the tank (provided they are all in C2). Also from experiments completed by @Josey Wales: Troops within C2 range of their HQ unit are less affected by the temporary impact of suppression upon Morale. Troops within the C2 link are less stressed about being shot at. For example, a Platoon HQ being in close visual C2 link with its Company HQ provides a clear resistance to the temporary Morale effect of being suppressed. My Note: C2 helps with suppression but not with casualties.
  17. It would be cool if the assistant platoon leader took over from the actual platoon leader. Especially in this case since the platoon leader is in his own HQ support team. However this does not happen at the platoon level in the game (at least no examples I can think of). Instead a company HQ can fill in for a platoon HQ. It seems once the platoon leader is KIA he can't be replaced. EDIT: My mistake. It does happen but apparently not all the time. Sorry for any confusion.
  18. Maybe. If the assistant had his own team (the XO or 2IC team for example) he would have an effect on his own team while the leader was still alive but in a separate team (the HQ team). When they are both in the same team and the leader is alive the assistant would not have any effect. Also something I learned from @Josey Wales and related: A Leadership modifier for a HQ unit does not filter down to subordinate units. The Leadership modifier only applies to the team/vehicle of the leader. For example Lt Bean has -2 Leadership and is the leader of 1st Platoon HQ. His Leadership modifier does not affect the rifle squads under his command, only the 3 other troops in his HQ team have to put up with his poor team leading skills. The Leadership modifier for all units (from Bn. HQs. to Platoon HQs. down to squads and teams) only effects the team that the modifier is for.
  19. MOS:96B2P

    Vehicle smoke

    This is my understanding: All US vehicle smoke is IR-blocking. Black RUS / UKR vehicle smoke is not IR blocking. White RUS / UKR vehicle smoke (e.g. Shtora) is IR-blocking.
  20. MOS:96B2P

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    The mushroom cloud look is cool. I wish some of the explosions in CM (probably secondary cook offs and ammo dumps) had this look.
  21. MOS:96B2P

    CMSF2 Editor

    If possible it would be really helpful to have the four-way wall/fence intersection included in the CMSF2 editor. For MOUT scenarios especially since so many of the buildings in that part of the world have walls around them. In CMSF1 scenario designers end up making some strange looking wall layouts as a work around to not having this tile. The other tiles would also be nice but the four-way wall intersection would make urban design much easier & realistic. If not now maybe in a future pack................
  22. MOS:96B2P

    CMSF2 Editor

    YESS!!!!!! +1
  23. MOS:96B2P

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    To be fair, CMSF1 is an excellent game. To have it brought up to Engine 4.0 standard with almost all the features of the other CM games is great. CMSF also has it's own unique features: Uncons, spies, IEDs, VBIEDs, the different nationalities etc. CMSF2 will rock and we will be able to create a lot of cool scenarios with it. After CMSF is at the 4.0 standard it would hopefully be possible/easier to add packs to it. Maybe BFC will consider adding more content. Maybe some of this content will include independent buildings and other items that don't make it into the CMSF2 initial release. In any case CMSF2 will be great and maybe the best of the CMx2 titles. @sburke there are way more cans of beer than coasters..........