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  1. Correct a single enemy soldier on the objective would deny you points for it. Also an immobilized but occupied enemy vehicle on the objective will keep you from getting points. I mention this since I just saw it happen yesterday playing a different scenario. There was an enemy tank in the occupy objective that I thought was knocked out. Closer inspection on the AAR review map revealed that it was immobilized and a few surviving crew were still in the tank (apparently listening to an oldies station on the radio or some such).
  2. +1 @Aquila-SWG Interesting & amazing stuff. You are one talented dude. Inside the well deck of the USS Wasp. Amphibious group exiting the well deck and heading for the beach. Wish I would have had the below billboards for Coup. The billboards are very useful in urban terrain. Keep up the good work my friend.
  3. Soviets lost two troops and Germans lost one. However the next competition was with SMGs and the Soviets won that contest. They probably should have started with SMGs ....... Both groups were chucking from tall grass so the explosions were a bit concealed and not really cool enough for a forum post. I've seen grenades bounce off objects (I think trees). Never seen them collide with each other. At least not more than once .
  4. Two grenades pass in mid flight during a grenade chucking contest.
  5. + 1. Interesting. I just watched it again for the third time between the BFC forums and the Few Good Men site . According to rule number 25 it sounds like grenadiers did, sometimes, fight from inside the vehicle. At least that's what the bulletin advised. I think number 30 is basically saying monitor your f#$%ing radio! Some things never change along with drivers falling asleep while at a brief stop #11 & #12.
  6. One. So one minefield sign per action square. Below is some information posted by Wreck0 back in 2012. As far as I know it is still accurate. Here are the setup strength levels of the three kinds of minefields, in the two kinds of mine. All amounts are approximations based on in-game testing: AP AT antipersonnel 14 0 antitank 0 2-3 mixed 10 1-2
  7. I guess he could have unknowingly been playing on Scenario Author Test mode.............. .
  8. Many ways to do this depending on the circumstances. You could give the tank a Move or Slow movement order with a 10 second Pause order every 40 meters (or whatever distance you thought was appropriate). You could also give a different area Target order from every waypoint. Or let the tanks choose there own targets. Or a combination. The tanks will shoot on the move, even in the WW2 titles. Give them an area fire order (or multiple orders) at a distant target and a Quick movement order and they'll run and gun to the destination you set.
  9. Do NOT put the mods in the Mod Tools folder. The Mod Tools folder contains tools for making mods. Someday you'll learn that but it is probably a little early . CMBN works slightly different from the other titles. Normandy originally did not have a mods folder In the Normandy Data folder. If it does now (i'm on an older version as far as this folder thing goes)the mods go there. If not create a folder inside the data folder and name it Z. Place your mods in the Z folder. Also this is how it is done for Windows. I think it is different for Mac.
  10. The new site. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/ The old site. This site still has some mods that have not been moved to the new site, http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/
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