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  1. +1 You are cranking these out faster than I can download them and place them in scenarios!!!!!
  2. These mods are really cool and make a cool game even better. Thanks @Aquila-CM.
  3. +2. Thank you very much. I've just started to check out all this content and the potential that comes with said content. Very, very cool. Thanks again. When you make the @Mord appear and then also make him run out of exclamation points you know you have created something very cool. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going through it now.................... cool sheet
  4. Careful, my friend. Your going to get in trouble, get yourself grounded, and not be able to come out and play.............. .
  5. This is true. Having said that I must repeat what I've said in the past. You, @Bulletpoint and several others speak / understand English better than some native English speakers. Until you advised otherwise, on some post, I had always assumed you were a native English speaker that had relocated to the Netherlands for work or something. Very impressive. If you are not already an interpreter of some sort I'm sure you could get a job as one and do very well at it.
  6. True dat (from the hit HBO series, "The Wire"). I know I buy all the product BF slings on the street corners. I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it. And yes, I also wish they would sling faster.............
  7. I think Elvis was trying to be funny reference the CM addiction. Drug dealers (in the US anyways) will sometimes give potential customers a free "sample" to get them hooked on the product. It is a saying in some of the street sub cultures "first ones free". So the free demo gets you hooked on the CM product ................. . See what he did there?
  8. Just tried the PM. It said you could not receive messages? I know we have talked via PM before. Your in-box full maybe?
  9. I can also make a copy of what I have and give it to you via Dropbox.
  10. I didn't change any file names when I moved the Stummel from CMBN to CMFB so not sure if that is a problem. I got my zip files from CMMODs 3 originally. They will still be there or at CMMODs 4 now if Bootie got them transferred.
  11. If we can focus on one mod and get it to work we should discover the problem. I just picked the Sdkfz 251 / 9 since I moved it and it worked. Are you re-starting the game after moving mods into it?
  12. I have a Z folder inside the mods folder that I use when I'm testing experimenting with mods or temporarily using a un-tagged mod for a scenario. Other than that the Z folder is empty and all my mods are just in the main Mods folder. However having sub folders and using them should not be the problem. In CMSF2 I have several sub-folders and they work. My Aris sdkfz 251 / 9 mod folder has four files inside of it. Do you have all four and are they showing in CMBN no problem?
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