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  1. No points. In the editor, on the unit purchase screen over to the right of the equipment it will have the rarity level. Standard, Common, Uncommon, Limited, Rare or Unique. However, this rarity level can change. A vehicle might be limited in April 1944 but then be common in August 1944..........
  2. Why would you wonder that at this point and time in the game's development? I'm happy they were included in the base game. IMO there is nothing wrong with cool equipment included in the game. The game also has a rarity setting for dealing with rarity if that is a concern. Maybe one reason Tigers were included in the base game was to help make the base game more popular and sell better in the bigger markets. Then after the base was firmly established the game could branch out to smaller markets. If so, this is a good thing. It makes the games more interesting to have more nations and equipment than just the big four: USA, Germany, British & Soviets.
  3. Attempting to hold the line until friendly armor can respond.
  4. +1. Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. My understanding is, Example: You have a core force made up of 1st and 2nd platoon. You import this core force into all five scenarios of the campaign. In the second scenario of the campaign you only want 1st platoon. So in the scenario editor you open the second scenario and delete 2nd platoon from the core. In the other four scenarios you could leave both platoons (entire core force).
  5. Yes, they horizontally share information. This works much better if the 2IC / XO team has a radio. Then the 2IC / XO team is able to use radio C2 to send the information (gained through horizontal C2) back to its parent unit. The team will also receive information (tentative contacts) via radio from its parent unit and horizontally pass that information to the other unit. This is most useful when playing with house rules where tentative contacts (information) plays a role. A friendly unit can't react to an OpFor unit unless it knows (at least a tentative contact) about the OpFor unit etc. This is one of the cool things about combat missions. The extra house rules and C2 ability can be used by players that like that kind of thing or they can be totally (or partially) ignored. Also as Bud said an XO / 2IC team will take over for a KIA CO team.
  6. Yes, and it is pretty cool to see. I had a screenshot, from the CMRT base game, of a rear turret MG firing before Photobucket's vandalism.
  7. +1 Cool looking uniforms. @mjkerner does good work.
  8. Bloody Ride Panther and Halftrack Camo pack. +1 @Aquila-SmartWargames. Nice mod.
  9. Running through AI Plan #4 with a new mod by @Aquila-SmartWargames. The mod can be found at http://community.battlefront.com/topic/135382-custom-3d-models-and-mods-compilation/?do=findComment&comment=1814323 I think I like it best with shaders off (Hotkey: Alt-R). I play with shaders on but when I take a screenshot with this mod I temporarily turn the shaders off. Below is with shaders on.
  10. Platoon HQ team fighting to hold the command post.
  11. It's a mod from a WIP scenario. See link below. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/136496-new-mini-campaignscenario-alarmeinheiten/?do=findComment&comment=1813817
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