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  1. +1. Very cool. Back in the day @LongLeftFlank had a pacific mod for one of the CM titles (CMBN?). He might find this interesting so I tagged him.
  2. +1 Very, very cool. You should post this at grogheads and maybe other places to advertise CM.
  3. +1. Interesting stuff. Thanks for taking the time to share this.
  4. +1 Seems like only five or six months ago . You do good work so I am very happy to be able to follow this again.
  5. It is a very cool game. Alt I will get rid of the floating icons. In the bottom right of the User Interface (UI) hit menus. In menus there is a button labeled HOTKEYS. All kinds of keys listed under HOTKEYS that will improve the gaming experience. Edit to add: Shift + Escape will get rid of the word PAUSED across the top of the screen (so it won't show in screenshots). You only have to hit Shift + Escape once to get rid of PAUSED for the remainder of that gaming session.
  6. Only off map mortars and artillery have the delay option. It has always been this way so I believe it is intended behavior and not a bug. I don't know what BFCs reasoning for this intended behavior is but it has been consistent.
  7. Units responding to the foot chase 500 block of 14th Street take a slow down. One subject in custody. Zone 10 radio clear.
  8. @Sgt.Squarehead Demo teams clearing a room en-route to a Heist.
  9. +1 Nice screenshots. I noticed your Separatist does not have a helmet. What mod is this?
  10. +1. Nice map. Nine square kilometers. A lot can be done on this map.
  11. +1 Very cool idea for a scenario. Thanks for taking the time to make this. Unfortunately the Proving Grounds doesn't seem to get much traffic. If you think this scenario is ready to go you might want to consider publishing it at the Scenario Depot III.
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