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  1. It is curious the way China is acting. It seems they keep drawing negative attention to themselves. They were, for decades, arguably on their way to economic dominance over the world. That dominance in turn would facilitate military, cultural etc. dominance. Now all the negative attention for dozens of different things. It looked like all they had to do was stay the economic course. They must have their reasons but IMO some of their behavior unnecessarily puts their progress to economic dominance at risk. Steal technology from the West? Great idea as long as you are allowed to get away with it. Technology advances economic dominance. Makes sense. Have a border dispute with India? Why bother? Are there high value natural resources just across the border? What's the point?
  2. Starting at warrior level the manual states that treating wounded soldiers takes a realistic amount of time (for a game I guess). So it seems on Warrior, Elite and Iron skill settings buddy aid takes the same amount of time. I don't think they would make buddy aid longer than realistic (again using their definition). This was a surprise since I expected warrior to be quicker than Elite & Iron.
  3. +1. Interesting stuff, especially the above. Very simple but can be very effective for the amount of work invested by the the scenario designer. Some critical assets like AT guns I might still place myself but in general the above works. Also the AI (and with only one AI plan) will setup AI units in different areas on different play throughs adding to the replay value.
  4. The speed of the information sharing would not be effected. Iron just does a better job at showing what a fire team knows during the playback / action phase. Elite and Iron both know the same information. The display of said information is slightly different during and only during the playback / action phase. Below is a link to a thread discussing Iron mode you might find interesting. Photobucket vandalized the screenshots in that topic. Then lower down this current post is something I copied/paste from the linked post. With the exception of the action/playback phase Iron plays just like Elite. You do not have to click through the chain of command, jumping from unit to unit to find the out of contact unit. When you have no unit selected (highlighted) all your units are displayed, whether they are in or out of C2, just like in the other skill levels. The difference between Elite and Iron is when you are in action/playback phase and you have a friendly unit selected. In this situation you can only see what the selected friendly unit is aware of to include other friendly units. This aids in the understanding of C2 and how C2, or the lack of it, plays a role in how this unit may react to different situations. When you unselect the unit all your units are again displayed along with what information you have on OpFor units. When you are in orders phase and you select a friendly unit all other friendly units remained displayed, just like in Elite.
  5. +1. I also use this in similar ways especially for high value targets. I'll often have a vehicle for each platoon (jeep, kubelwagon, etc.) on permanent Pause next to the HQ building. Then I'll plot out the attack axis to be taken by each platoon. I use the reverse command since the green line is easy to spot among the mostly yellow lines of a platoon's fire teams. Then the platoons follow the assigned axis of advance. I use a house rule that the axis can be changed after the scenario start but it costs five minutes (probably to fast for RL) to issue an updated axis of advance. Then just drag the waypoints to the new axis. I also have a HQ team assigned to call for fire on TRPs. The team is at the HQ on permanent Pause. A waypoint is placed on each TRP with a 50 meters circular target arc. This shows both the location and plotting area of the TRPs. Waypoints & their lines with permanent Pause can be used for many interesting things.
  6. I use Fraps and the screenshot is captured when I hit Alt + F10. Then when I want I use Imgur (free) to post the screenshot.
  7. Responding to an in progress call on first watch. Checking a burned out abandoned for a report of trespassing.
  8. +1. And some seriously cool screenshots of the seriously cool mod.
  9. I think in one of the updated the Thompson was changed to 160 meters. But I think (have not re-tested) the other SMGs are still hard coded at 200 meters.
  10. With the release of CMSF2 there probably will not be anymore CMSF1 made scenarios. All the designers & players have moved on to the new and improved CMSF2. Nothing wrong with that they're just using all the additional features and ability of CMSF2. I may do a Redux version of Consulate Evacuation for CMSF2 and make it part of a campaign.
  11. They can only be moved during the setup turn but can be moved anywhere. To include anywhere inside or outside your setup zone. @RepsolCBR knows that. He probably just didn't have his morning coffee yet.
  12. He's always around and also runs The Few Good Men (FGM) gaming site. Just tag him @Bootie. He will appear within 24 hours like Beetle-juice.
  13. This is interesting. Maybe a tunnel rat scenario for rural areas and sewer systems for urban areas.
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