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  1. MOS:96B2P

    Fortified Map?

    It's possible something may have changed at some point. I know some players will use tanks to shoot out a section of farm fence (including wire farm fence) before driving a tank through it to keep from taking track damage. This is the closest possibility that comes to mind. One of the great things about this forum is that we keep refreshing each other's memories which is helpful since I think most of us are over 40 .
  2. MOS:96B2P

    History accuracy

    Well said. Very true.
  3. MOS:96B2P

    Fortified Map?

    Below is my understanding of how it works. Artillery / mines: Sometimes. Artillery can destroy mines if the artillery is 150mm or greater and makes a direct hit. Artillery / barbwire: Yes but not usually practical. Most artillery can destroy barbwire but often it takes many rounds. Not sure if light stuff like 60mm mortars will destroy wire. Tanks / mines: No. Today, in CMFI V2.0 Engine 4, I had a team of engineers locate a mixed minefield (not Mark). I then had three Sherman tanks Area Target the minefield until all HE of all three tanks was expended. The minefield remained intact (The minefield sign did not change to green sign with a white X). I made the same test in CMBS v2.1 Engine 4. Three M1s vs a mixed minefield. They fired a total of 54 120mm Muti rounds. The minefield remained intact. Tanks / wire: No. In January 2016 in CMFI I tested a Sherman tank vs barbwire. The Sherman tank Area Targeted three sections of wire until all 51 of its’ HE rounds were gone. The wire remained intact. (Tanks can easily crush barbwire with their tracks but will take some track damage.)
  4. Interesting stuff @LongLeftFlank. Thanks for sharing. I hope someday that one book, Learning to eat soup with a knife is available on Kindle. Currently only the first edition is on Kindle. Lots of good information just in the referenced papers. Makes me want to create a MOUT scenario . +1
  5. I was trying to get the feel of a sandbox campaign that would also have persistent map damage so I'm glad you noticed that. I agree about the convoys. Convoy security for supplies, defector transport and Quick Reaction Forces (QRF)s play a significant role in operations. When a unit leaves the FOB you're head needs to be on a swivel . You'll probably get some practice with convoy security, logistics, analyzing intelligence, prioritizing, planning missions and choosing you're fights. My hope is that it is more interesting than difficult. The intelligence reports are not random however the Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) intelligence is dependent on the player discovering it. Also one TSE site will often (not always) lead to another piece of intelligence etc. The intelligence, or lack of it, will influence the player's decisions. The player's decisions will then cause random events by the tripping of triggers. Some you'll hit some you won't. You can also stop or delay some attacks from happening. This occurs through the destruction of enemy base camps and eliminating certain OpFor couriers / officers. As provided by intelligence those couriers / officers are en-route to a destination that contains a trigger. If they reach the destination they will trigger an attack(s) by the AI. If you intercept them the attack will be stopped or delayed. The significance of being delayed is that it is generally no longer coordinated with other attacks and easier for the player to respond to (I say generally because it is somewhat dependent on when and in what order triggers are tripped) FPS performance. I'm not a guru on FPS stuff. I have heard others say turning off shadows? @General Jack Ripper would know more about this. Zero Dark Thirty soundtrack ........ that's a great idea. I listened to it as I typed this.
  6. In CMFI the Italian infantry squad is generally broke down into two large teams. The disadvantage (and probably the posts you remember John) is that the two Italian teams cannot be further manipulated with the Administrative commands. The German, Commonwealth and American squads are generally broke down into three teams. Then under Administrative commands the German, Commonwealth and American player has the following choices: Split Team, Assault Team, Ati-Tank Team, Scout Team and Combine Squad. This is one of the things that make the Italians more of a challenge to command in a scenario. IMO it's also one of the interesting things about CMFI. Really looking forward to the Rome to Victory module.
  7. Tactical Operations Center has been posted at The Scenario Depot III. The link is below. Thank you to all the Beta testers, @Sgt.Squarehead, @Erwin, @rocketman, @sburke, @General Jack Ripper and @Combatintman. Thanks to everyone else for patiently waiting. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea/cm-black-sea-add-ons/tactical-operations-center/ I had some computer problems so in the end mod tags were not used. However links to the mods are listed with the scenario. Instead of a PDF document two Word documents are included with the scenario. The Word documents help explain the intelligence code and the map grid lines. They are not needed to play the scenario since the same information is in the briefing. However the Word documents may be downloaded and printed out for players who wish to do so. Some of the beta testers thought it was helpful having a printed intel. code on hand while playing. If you have questions ask here or send me a PM. Hope you enjoy it. Post cool screenshots!
  8. MOS:96B2P

    Kieme's modding corner

    BUMP. Some more good mods in this thread that are not located at CMMODs III.
  9. BUMP. This is a good mod that is not located at CMMODs III so I thought I would bump it back up. (It is also a mod used in the scenario: Tactical Operations Center )
  10. I had intended to have it out by now. Several unexpected things in RL are getting in the way. I will probably forgo the PDF file and release the scenario in the next few days. Sorry for the delay.
  11. MOS:96B2P

    Mouse disappearance

    The mouse is wireless. The thing is the cursor is visible everywhere outside the game. I can minimize the game and see the cursor without a problem. However, I removed the batteries but no luck. Thanks for trying.
  12. MOS:96B2P

    Mouse disappearance

    I now have the same problem, mentioned in the OP, of a disappearing mouse on my Windows 10 laptop. (The mouse still works fine on my Windows 10 desktop machine) When the load screen is displayed there is no mouse cursor. If I move the mouse very carefully the different options on the load screen will highlight but the mouse cursor is invisible. This is on a HP Pavilion notebook PC with an Intel HD Graphics 4000. I attempted to update the drivers for the intel 4000 and the search advised the best drivers for the device were already installed. The Window 10 updates are all current. Any ideas?
  13. MOS:96B2P

    Posting Mods

    @Bootie I just sent you an e-mail reference becoming an author in preparation for the release of the scenario Tactical Operations Center. Thanks!
  14. MOS:96B2P

    CM Community Map?

    Good information @benpark. Thanks. +2