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  1. Thanks for the PDF file. Interesting stuff. On a very large wooded/jungle map, something like the TOC map. Supply trucks (representing valuable natural resources) appear as reinforcements in certain villages, across the map. These villages produce / gather the resource. Said trucks would appear up to seven times (7 reinforcement groups) in the appropriate villages. Each truck could be a RedFor destroy unit objective worth Victory Points. Different types of resources worth different VPs. Example: Jade truck worth 25VPs lumber worth 10VPs. The more valuable the resource / village the better guarded by OpFor. The player starts with a small insurgent force at a base camp in the woods / jungle. His goal is to control the province by controlling all the villages that produce the valuable resources. He captures his first small village and the BluFor supply trucks in the village. As long as he holds the village he will gain future supply trucks on future reinforcement turns. Since the trucks are destroy unit objectives he must smuggle them across the border (evading government, troops & rival war lords) to an exit zone across said border. Some of the bigger more valuable villages contain a trigger that would release additional forces to the player's control. These forces would become available across the border in the neighboring country. They would represent (reward) the player's military success (if he succeeds) in controlling the villages. As the player commands a bigger force he is able to go after bigger villages until he is warlord of the province. Throw in triggers, timers, AI groups etc........... Maybe spies used as refugees that must be dealt with......., maybe a modern Canadian led UN force in the area ............... .
  2. MOS:96B2P

    Special Effects Mix

    +1 Looking good.
  3. MOS:96B2P

    Minefield Mayhem....

    +1 Its like dominoes . I guess it could be used to simulate a few things. Maybe a conventional bomb drop by an airplane. With more of a fire look it could be napalm. Now I'm thinking about CM Vietnam............ .
  4. The text seems stretched (left to right) which I think also makes it look smaller. The text is also a little faded out. Maybe the fading out is done on purpose to mimic type from an old typewriter?
  5. MOS:96B2P

    Drone Tactics

    Tunguskas are very deadly for Raven and Shadow UAVs. The only UAV that is safe is the Gray Eagle. The Gray Eagle is only safe if it does not use its Hellfire missiles. If I think the OpFor has a Tunguska, I make the Tunguska a priority target and try not to use air support. No UAVs (except Gray Eagle), no fixed wing & no choppers. In an ideal situation if I had a Gray Eagle I would attempt to locate the Tunguska with the Gray Eagle and destroy it with precision rounds. Then I would bring in my remaining air support. But dealing with a Tunguska (or two or three) can be a real PITA. Below is some general information on UAVs that might give you some ideas. Good luck. US UAVs: Raven shot down by AAA, Shadow shot down by AAA & SAMs, Gray Eagle only shot down by AAA & SAMs during attack. General UAV Information: UAVs are equipped with high resolution cameras and thermal imagers, allowing them to be used night or day. Experience of a UAV determines how long it takes to get on station (If UAV is deployed in setup it arrives on station 1st turn). Experience affects the observation/detection ability of the UAV and for the US Gray Eagle the time to fire a Hellfire. If a spotter has a satellite link, via PDA or vehicle, the spotter can call for artillery fire on any area observed by any friendly UAV. UAVs have three types of targets: Point, Area & Linear. UAV missions don’t need LOS & can be placed anywhere on the map anytime. Small UAVs (US Raven & Russian ZALA) have up to 400m area & linear observation. All other UAVs have up to 700m area & linear observation. UAV status: Receiving, Preparing, Observing. UAVs can be adjusted but the status will read preparing not adjusting. If the controller for a Raven or Zala UAV is KIA or incapacitated while the UAV is in the air, the UAV will crash. Larger UAVs auto cancel. Units that are spot objectives can be spotted by UAVs.
  6. It is a little hard to read but it looks very cool. +1 for the effort.
  7. MOS:96B2P

    First try at a scenario: questions

    +1 This is probably the best way to go about it.
  8. MOS:96B2P

    Realism Suggestions?

    +1 Great stuff. Anyone interested in Command Guidelines should visit Peregrine's link.
  9. MOS:96B2P

    Minefield Mayhem....

    +1 Nice! Very cool!!
  10. MOS:96B2P

    First try at a scenario: questions

    Hmmm, and another thing is that in the scenario we are testing the regime leader dude randomly shows up at one of three AI setup zones. There is not a "standard" RedFor setup zone anywhere on that map. And it works without a problem. He starts in the corner of the map. When the BRB is hit he jumps to one of the three zones. This is what I was thinking of when I first responded. I'm trying to figure out why there seems to be a difference.............. and failing. @Combatintman what am I missing?
  11. MOS:96B2P

    First try at a scenario: questions

    And the school lesson today is, look at notes first and then respond to a forum topic. NOT the other way around.
  12. MOS:96B2P

    First try at a scenario: questions

    Hmm, interesting. I found the below in my notes from a post made by @Paper Tiger. In the map editor you will have to 'paint' at least one set up zone (there are three) for one or both sides first if you want the AI to set up its own units. If you don't paint a set up zone for a side, the units will always start the scenario set up where you find them in the editor. Once you've painted the set up areas on the map, you can then 'paint' locations in the AI map editor within these set areas and the AI will then deploy stuff depending on the set up orders you gave them. It would seem he might agree with you....................................... Edit to add: You are right my friend. I generally place the initial starting deployments of AI troops as I want. They don't get to choose. However I have an old scenario, Consulate Evacuation, where I did allow the AI to place it's troops in a setup zone. I opened my old scenario in the editor and sure enough I have one big RedFor setup zone painted. Inside this big setup zone are smaller AI setup zones. My apologies you are correct.
  13. MOS:96B2P

    First try at a scenario: questions

    No, my friend, they don't need to overlap. If I understand what you are saying. You can have an AI setup zone with no standard setup zone on the map at all. The standard setup zone is for the use of a human player. In Human vs AI only scenarios the AI side will not have any standard setup zones (don't need them).
  14. +1 Nice! Thanks for making this. Also Fighters have the technical group (Heavy) which can now be made to appear with the combatant look instead of the Ninja pajamas.
  15. MOS:96B2P

    "Beam up some ammo Scottie"

    Oh, that would be better than what I was thinking. I hope your correct.