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  1. @Mousie below is a link to a thread for a CMSF1 mission on the raid on Bin Laden's compound. A lot is possible with CMSF1 and CMSF2 will be even better with all the engine 4.0 upgrades.
  2. If and when you get a chance to find and upload them I can add them. Also I'm interested to see if these mods will still work with CMSF2 Engine 4.0. Thanks for all the hard work that went into the Ramadi map and the mods. Very cool.............
  3. @Mousie did I mention CMSF has spies, IEDs and VBIEDs? Spy IEDs Wire, Cell and radio in four different sizes. VBIEDs (look in the back seat)
  4. Both games are excellent and have a ton of content. I lean towards CMSF since it has VBIEDs, IEDs, spies etc. CMSF1 had many mods that made scenarios possible in different areas of the world. It will probably take awhile but moders will also create modes for CMSF2. Below are screenshots from two scenarios set outside of CMSF1's intended area of operation: Accurate scenario of a portion of RL operation Barras. Scenario in a fictional African country.
  5. I think most times you can delete the Bn. CO. if all Bn. level assets are deleted first Bn. XO, FO etc. However when the editor does not allow you to delete an unwanted unit the remedy is usually to make the unwanted unit a reinforcement that arrives after the end of the scenario. Example: If the scenario is two hours long the unwanted units that are also un-delete-able are made reinforcements [R7] that appear at three hours 03:00:00 after the start of the scenario.
  6. The scenario with some mods created by @LongLeftFlank. Government patrol on Market Street. Government forces securing an intersection. Presence patrol. Rebel combatants.
  7. But the tracers and glow from burning vehicles look really cool .................... . In CMSF1 it's not to bad and it gets lighter as the scenario progresses. Kind of a battle to see who's in charge of the government by the time the sun is up. Hopefully the lighting still looks okay after moving the scenario to CMSF2. Also engine 4.0 has the B key which may help on some monitors.
  8. Here are some of the civilian vehicle flavor objects Imgur would not let me post a few weeks ago. Came across them just now and remembered while posting some CMSF stuff. .
  9. A huge explosion at 0415hrs marks the start of a coup.............. The explosion as viewed from the roof of the US Consulate. Regime forces move in to secure the area.
  10. MOS:96B2P

    Scenario designing with AI

    +1 Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  11. MOS:96B2P

    Urban Combat Training Article

    +1 Thanks for sharing this. Interesting read and more links to more interesting stuff. The Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex (MUTC) link was very impressive. We had a MOUT city at Ft. Bragg that I trained at in the 1980s. Seems like the training facilities are much more advanced now. I copied and pasted just part of the facilities that MUTC offers. Four downed aircraft and collapse buildings one of which can be flooded. Wow!!! 1.5 Miles of Tunnel Systems 4 Downed Aircraft (ex: B-727) 5 Rubble Buildings (14 searchable lanes): --Collapsed Apartment Building --Collapsed Parking Garage --Floodable, Collapsed Rail Trestle 5-Story Hospital 7-Story High-Angle Rescue Trainer 9 Miles of Roads with 3 Traffic Circles and Overpass B-757 Cabin Simulator Bank Bus Station Business Offices Camp Holland Isolated Housing Area Cave Complex Church/Mosque/Temple Circular Drop Zone Coal-Fired Steam Plant Concrete Batch Plant Convenience Store/Pizza Shop Cyber Range Dam Destroyed Substation Destroyed Trailer Park Farm Farms, Third-World
  12. MOS:96B2P

    Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2

    +1 Oh yes, Mosul!!! I downloaded the Bishr map. Pretty cool. A lot of potential there. All the open land to the southwest.
  13. MOS:96B2P

    Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2

    +1 Very cool. @LongLeftFlank Ramadi, @sburke Sadr City and your Rustamiyah. These three maps will be excellent for some good MOUT scenarios.
  14. MOS:96B2P

    First Russia, now China?

    Yep. I was worried it was just my settings that were screwed up somehow. Spent about 30 minutes trying to figure it out. Glad to see its not just me. Hope BF gets it fixed soon.