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  1. Blasting in on a Partisan meeting. Just imagine Partisans instead of place holders .
  2. I think its 30 commandments John. There is another thread several months old on this same information and links to an additional video. All excellent information and very interesting. I used a modified version of the commandments for a CMRT mini-campaign I'm working on (mostly just waiting for Fire and Rubble to release). Below, I attempted to take a screenshot from the briefing where the "Modified for CM" commandments are displayed.
  3. Sabaton has a song about this guy. Soldier of 3 Armies.
  4. I may not fully understand what you are unhappy about in your post. I think you are asking why CMFB does not come with the same Bocage (tall) that CMBN does? And you're asking why CMFB only has Low Bocage? Bocage (Tall) was a major terrain feature in Normandy (Bocage fighting) but was not a major terrain feature in The Battle of the Bulge around Bastogne. This probably resulted in Bocage (tall) getting added to CMBN but not in CMFB, CMFI or CMRT. I would be okay if Bocage (tall) was found in CMFB but its reasonable and understandable that it is not. But maybe we are talking about two different things and I'm not understanding your post. I notice that you ask if it is a joke, and if it is serious and why is it a thing and state it is backwards for the series. All this because a less than common terrain feature for the CMFB area was not included in the release of CMFB? In fairness to Battlefront how would they reasonably think a customer would attempt to use Final Blitzkrieg instead of Battle for Normandy to recreate the Normandy Bocage fighting? If that's what you are doing............. ? Wouldn't it be easier to just use Normandy? Again, I apologize if I'm misunderstanding what you are saying. I agree improvements can be made to the editor. Having to use one section of barbwire or trench to change the facing of another section can be a bit fiddly. IMO not a big deal after you understand how it works but this could probably be improved. What scenario did you create where you turned the map 45 degrees to make it look right? I'm often interested in finding new scenarios to play.
  5. Below is how I use Imgur for posting screenshots: Sign into imgur. Click Add images. Drag the photo into imgur. Click on photo (A menu will appear to the right). Click Huge Thumbnail (At the bottom of menu). (Original is same size as Huge Thumbnail) Click Copy – BBCode message boards & forums. Go to the forum Right click and paste the photo into the narrative box The URL will appear
  6. +1. No the MICO is not in the TOE. Using the editor you might be able to create one to a certain extent. It probably would not be perfect but might work well enough for your purposes. It would at least be fun to try. I made a scenario in CMBS that had a S2 shop, SIGINT, HUMINT etc.
  7. A few additional. Indirect fire Hide in a building, direct fire Hide behind a building. Pin with MGs. Kill with HE What teams/vehicles have overwatch for the moving teams/vehicles. Disembark at least one terrain feature away from OpFor. Supporting fire call time is X minutes. Where am I likely to need supporting fires in X minutes. Pay attention to team/vehicle suppression meters. What is X Platoon's contingency if it gets hit by indirect fire. Maintain C2. Maintain a reserve. Don’t be in a hurry to die.
  8. Page 75 of Engine Manual 4.0 states that the friendly AI may abort a support mission, on its own, in a friendly fire incident. The friendly AI may also abort on its own if the spotter is out of C2 for a long time (as in KIA I would think). However I have never experienced a friendly asset stop firing even when the spotter has been KIA for 45 minutes. The tubes will fire until the support mission is completed or until they run out of ammo.
  9. Below is a thread discussing buddy aid that may be interesting. Many questions were asked, discussed and answered in the thread. The below was copied from the above linked thread: WIA (red base) can turn to KIA (brown base) from additional hits. Buddy Aid is one on one however a team can treat multiple casualties in the same A/S concurrently. A team administering Buddy Aid will recover ammo including ammo for weapons they do not have in the team. Buddy aid on KIA (brown base) was about 15 - 35 seconds. On WIA (red base) about 1 minute – 2 minutes 30 seconds. Casualties only disappear if they receive Buddy Aid. I tested 2 KIA & 2 WIA for 1½ hours game time. They never disappeared. Experience of the teams administering buddy aid did not affect the length of buddy aid or the amount of equipment recovered. Lightly wounded (yellow base) are not counted as casualties on the AAR screen. To share ammo recovered in buddy aid the medic team must be part of the unit (“highlighted” unit) needing the ammo. During testing on average about 2 grenades and 170 rounds of ammo were recovered per casualty. I know from playing the game other equipment (radios, binoculars, some weapons etc.) can also be recovered but I did not try for that in the experiments. WIA (red base) incapacitated wounded are not counted in Parameter/Condition but are counted in Parameter/Casualties. Buddy aid does not make a difference to the score in Quick Battles or in Scenarios. Buddy aid does not make a difference to the score in a Campaign. Buddy aid may only make a difference as a tie breaker in a CM tournament . A little disappointed that Buddy Aid has no affect on the score. Buddy Aid will keep a WIA from becoming a KIA. However both KIA and WIA are counted as casualties so the score does not change. The AAR screen will count KIA and WIA separately but they are both counted as casualties for scoring purposes. Below is a method you can use to encourage your troops to administer Buddy Aid I learned this from @IanL If the casualty is not in or near the center of the action spot give the unit to perform buddy aid a Slow order to an action square that takes them directly over the casualty. Then I give them a pause of 20s, 30s or 45s depending on how far away the casualty is. Push the BRB. In the next command phase they will be directly over the casualty. Then cancel the remaining Slow order and issue a Face command.
  10. @Bufo also the information was not passed up to the Company HQ. Best I can tell things are not working as intended. A report was submitted with a copy of the save you provided and a link to this thread. Thank you.
  11. The Tactical Vignette and Tactical Trainer/USMC Gazette have some very interesting articles. Thanks for linking this stuff.
  12. Got it thanks. I'll post back here after I mess around with it some.
  13. I looked at the video. Seems like some more investigation is needed. Do you have a game save that can be looked at?
  14. +1 Cool idea. I did something similar in the CMBS scenario: Tactical Operations Center. But instead of the evading unit causing other units to fall back it caused a different AI unit to come forward to reinforce. Yes. More AI Groups and terrain objectives. Especially since terrain objectives are also used as exits and triggers.
  15. Good news. I look forward to seeing these. Take Jack Daniels for the hurting head ...........
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