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  1. quality of the contractor and construction company?
  2. So i have using the Crocodile in Normandy in some QB's lately and i have discovered that the flame thrower on vehicles is grouped into the "heavy weapons" category of targeting commands and kinda find this annoying. I feel like have both a flamethrower and cannon blasting a target at close range is a little over kill and wasteful of ammo on the cannon, this problem extends to the OT-34 (and E4-5) and ponder why BF might have felt vehicle based flamer throwers couldn't be used with Target light?
  3. my grin is from ear to ear, glad to have a bone to chew on for a bit.
  4. hurrah Italian news! i am quite satisfied, i cant wait to explore the subtle differences in the to&e.
  5. no, they are pretty trashy for everything. cool to have in the game, but useless to have since CM's scope doesn't involve the type of fortifications that would make them useful. even flame tanks are a let down with maybe the exception of the Crocodile.
  6. We dont even have any screenshots, so this March is probably out. I'm going to be pessimistic and say maybe next march is when it'll be out.
  7. Was doing a QB, picked a defending force that included panzerjagers, got deep into the battle and start to notice dead SS guys around the pak40s I have been knocking out. now i think thats was strange, and maybe a one time thing. but i repeat the selection and again the Pak40 crews from the panzerjagers have SS smocks. is this a bug? or some historical thing I was unaware of. (Follow up its only the pak 40 units, and setting them to mixed camo fixes the issue, also they don't just have SS smocks, they have the SS rank icons too)
  8. I vote schleswig-holstein wars for CM3 launch title. make everyone confused.
  9. I did some digging it appears the Devs have gone under? kinda? sorta? or changed their name. It looks like they now go by Snowbird games. it appears they hit a rough spot when developing a Pirate game based on Mount and Blades engine called Caribbean! and came out the other side called snowbird not snowball. and their website takes credit for CMA http://snowbirdgames.com/blog/?page_id=118 (edit: correction, the company split in half, from snowball emerged Snowberry and Snowbird? so yeah the company that developed CMA is defunct)
  10. you could always just set the points to maximum and just tell players their cap, avoiding weird game issues.
  11. I think the ATGM are one of those units that make sense on a larger strategic scale that what is present in CM games. they exist as an defensive Anti Armor detachment for mobile infantry, by all regards a static TOW2 launcher makes more sense in CM because its cheaper and stealthier, but its less mobile. but in CM's scale that doesn't matter. the same issue exists in the WW2 titles too with Marders, they make very little sense to take, since in their role they are inferior to a Pak40. Its only when you zoom out a step that things make sense. that being said I'm still happy to have them, because I don't feel like CM should be made into a super competitive game. Its more fun to Roleplay an understaffed Panzergrenadier Div force than figure out some sort of strict meta for how the game should be played.
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