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    db_zero got a reaction from ctcharger in Hold The Line!   
    That was 3 years ago. I can’t remember but the javelins were crucial iirc
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    db_zero got a reaction from mjkerner in CMSF2 "Black Sea" Vehicle Pack   
    Judging from some to the responses to clearing mines thread, mine plows on M1's and other engineering vehicles would be welcome. A We've seen the widespread use of AT ditches in the Middle East and a specialized engineering vehicle to facilitate armored movement over an AT ditch could lead to some interesting scenarios.
    Same goes for the large berms. In the Task Force Thunder Campaign. I managed to get all my vehicles through the minefield by careful movement in a gap between the mines and berm, but I also tried to see if my breaching team could actually breach the berm, but looks like they can't. Specialized engineering vehicles that could breach the berm would also facilitate creation of interesting scenarios.
    I'm pretty sure some Western Armies also have specialized vehicles that can lay AT mines on the fly. Might be something to consider. 
    BF released a vehicle pack for Normandy. I'd gladly paid for it. I'd pay for one in this case too.
    Maybe add some horses, donkeys, camels, civilians and embedded journalists while your at it.
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    db_zero got a reaction from IanL in Can't launch   
    Combat Mission is like being with someone you love, but know that from time to time you're going to have to put up with the crap that comes along with. Its all good.
    I really don't care if weed is legalized. Its not as if its not readily available anyway. Alcohol is legal and available and it often makes people-especially men aggressive and violent. Weed on the other hand usually makes people mellow. If trouble erupts involving alcohol it often ends up in violence. If weed is involved, just toss them a few Twinkies or ho-ho's and everything is fine.
    The violence around weed revolves around the grow houses where they are often targeted for rip-offs. My cousin was thinking about growing some on a commercial scale and mentioned buying a handgun for protection. I told him he better get something like an AR15/AK-47 as well as a shotgun to go along with his pistol and get some serious training, because if he thinks a pistol is going to match up with what would be coming after him with a serious crew he has another thing coming. Better also prepare to spend some serious money on bulletproof/resistant fixtures too.
    My friend and I had a deal with a farmer to built a nice firing range on some land. Farmer reneged. Far more money in growing weed. Since legalization its become big business and in many counties it taking over.
    There was a time in America when Coca Cola was really the real thing. You could also buy things to calm down your kids that had stuff like opium in it. Sometimes with some kids these days...
    Its not as if they aren't being drugged up by the pharmaceutical industry these days. It seems like every other kid is ADD and on something. These "safe" prescription pills carry potentially serious side effects and is well known to cause potentially bad side effects in a small percentage of people. Many young school shooters are known to have been on these prescribed drugs.
    The Pharm industry is a multi billion dollar business and they have clout in the right places. There are already moving into CBD and weed anyway. A onth or so ago the weed trade was a profitable one to be in on Wall Street if you didn't stay in the trade too long.
    From install problems to weed. Got to love it.
    In the updated Combat Mission Afghanistan BF needs to make sure poppy fields are included. They are a huge component of that conflict.
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    db_zero got a reaction from JulianJ in BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun   
    Thanks for the links and info. After years of playing CM and over 100 h2h games there is always something new to learn about.
    Combat Mission and Total War with mods are the 2 games I would pick if I had to choose just 2. 
    Wouldnt want to be forced to chose just 1.
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    db_zero got a reaction from General Liederkranz in BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun   
    Thanks for the info. I guess the solution is to add an extra man or contact the Russian MOD and get them to change their doctrine. Someone once posted a picture of Putin playing Black Sea. You’d think after a few games and seeing the performance of his BMPs he’d get on the phone and have the MOD to rewrite doctrine...
    I’m not crazy about using extra pixel troops to gain better spotting. It does sound crazy and a bit gamey but it is what it is...
    Well now I’ll know what to do with my bailed out crewmen or shot up squads 
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    db_zero got a reaction from L0ckAndL0ad in Squad Level Drones   
    Crazy stuff...
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    db_zero got a reaction from Artkin in Squad Level Drones   
    Crazy stuff...
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    db_zero got a reaction from c3k in RPG vs Bulletproof Glass   
    Saw this and took a look. Interesting, but not surprising. Looks like the maker of this has some other interesting videos:
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    db_zero got a reaction from Hister in Looking to get into the series   
    I have all the series and been playing since CM1 days. Personally I like Market Garden the best, but thats just my taste and opinion. Really don't think anyone can answer your question. You are the only one who can answer it.
    Like asking which is best for me? Blonde, brunette, redhead, black hair, exoctic, vanilla, thin, mean on bones...
    I say try them all and then decide. At the end of the day you'll have a preference but you won't regret the fact you tried them all and you'll probably find yourself playing all of them.
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    db_zero got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    Any chance that in the future or ver 4.0 will actually use all available cores in a CPU? From what I understand no game/sim uses more than 4 cores and you have processors with 6 or 8 cores available.
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    db_zero got a reaction from Wiggum15 in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    Any chance that in the future or ver 4.0 will actually use all available cores in a CPU? From what I understand no game/sim uses more than 4 cores and you have processors with 6 or 8 cores available.
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    db_zero got a reaction from Lethaface in Moscow Victory Day (70 Years) Parade   
    As much as I love my country-I do think that pre 1945 America was closer to the ideals of the founding fathers than what we became after WW2. Better or worse I'll leave up to the experts to decide.
    What I do see is many who seem to distrust America and its intentions. As an American I think this is not only a good thing, but a smart thing to question what our intentions are. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the founding fathers and those who wrote our Bill of Rights and Constitution were deeply suspicious of government and wanted citizens to always be wary of big government.
    As an American and if I were someone living overseas I would be be highly suspicious of the fact the 2 front runners for the next American presidental election is a Clinton and Bush. Since when is the presidency the personal play thing of 2 rich and connected families?
    The Supreme Court has opened the door for unlimited money to pour into our politicans pockets and that that leads to undue influence by big money. Combine that with the fact our congress and senate have quietly rolled back all laws that pertain to themselves and their aides regarding insider trading and the fact that the Clintons, Bushes and other big name politicians get loads of money from Wall Street and banks, while they are shielded from profiting from decisions they make or inside information they have access to, makes one wonder just how much better we are than other countries we go around lecturing.
    I think its a good thing to question and be suspicious of any big government and politicains in general.
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    db_zero reacted to db_zero in Who Would have Guessed This 12 years Ago   
    Harpoon stated out as a board game with a huge rule and data annex printed on paper. You used to keep track of things on paper and used a pencil and rolled dice to resolve combat. I think the military-techno thriller writer Tom Clancy used it to help write his books. These were the days when wargaming was boardgaming and companies like SPI, AH, GDW and others were actually viable companies, much like Matrix and Battlefront are today.
    In the 80’s it was ported to the PC and then the Mac. Back then I had a Mac so I had to wait and wait and wait until it was finally ported to the Mac to play. When I finally made the jump to a 386sx PC I was finally able to play Harpoon in all its glory, as well as Falcon 3.0! I also spend hours killing furry kitty cats in Wing Commander! I’m sure if Wing Commander was released today PETA and other PC bleeding heart l******s would find something to whine about .
    BTW I love cats.
    Matrix has a number of Harpoon variants. Harpoon Classic, Harpoon Ultimate Additional and Harpoon Admirals Edition. I may have some of this wrong so if so please feel free to correct me.
    Harpoon Classic and I think Ultimate Additional (never purchased) have the look and feel of the later Harpoon original and the numerous add-ons from the PC version released in the late 80’s and 90’s that you actually had to go to a store like Egghead and buy. If you were devious you would buy the game, copy it to a 5.25 inch or 3.5 disks and then return the game for a full refund. I liked the series and wanted to support it so I refrained from doing that.
    Harpoon Admirals Addition is a later variant of Harpoon 2 released in the 90’s. Man what a beast Harpoon 2 was when it was first released. Unless you had the latest and greatest Pentium CPU and a decent amount of RAM it could be a computer killer. Unlike today where the microprocessor, video cards, RAM and hard disks are commodity items, back then it was an expensive proposition to upgrade or stay in front of the curve. There were other issues with Harpoon 2 and you either loved it or hated it. Back then you also went to a traditional brick and mortar store and plopped down $39 or so dollars and got 3.5 inch disks in a cardboard box and a printed manual.
    Command Modern Air Naval Operations is the latest in the series. Graphically its not ARMA or Combat Mission 2. Think of it as being in the Combat Information Center (CIC) of an Aegis Class Destroyer or some command bunker and you get the idea of what it’s all about. It does use Google Earth and some enterprising individuals have created overlays.You will pay alot more than $39 dollars for it and if you want a printed manual expect to pay a lot more. These days with the rapidly changing nature and updates to games the printed manual is probably not necessary, but in cases like War in the West I like having a printed manual. I would pay for a nice Janes like reference manual for Command.
    Like many other games, going onto youtube and watiching the nice user created tutorials and AARs is a great way to learn Command. Buy a nice tablet with wireless and you'll be set.
    I am by no means A CNMO expert, so please correct me or add any additional information as you see fit.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Command is used by military academies and navies around the world as a training tool.
    Unlike the earlier variants of Harpoon, Command is quite extensive. You can actually simulate a global nuclear war or regional one. Some enterprising individuals using available information created overlays that simulated the current air defense network of China and Europe. I’m sure Russia is out there too.  Very little is out of bounds.  I could go on and on. There is even ground combat, but that is still in its infancy and don’t expect too much. Someday it may be up to POA (Point of Attack) standards.
    I have argued for some modern graphics that would entice a generation raised on sexy graphics to be implemented. Not only in games like Command, but other classics like War in the West/East, but that is going nowhere and I can to a degree understand. It costs money and really the target audience may not justify it.
    An old gronard like me can still appreciate the old works of art, but some of my younger friends born 10 or more years later take a look at War in the West or Command, scratch they head in confusion and say uggg…
    Perhaps Matrix and Battlefront can someday do a cooperative effort or merge and each can bring something to the table and we can have both a deep simulation with nice graphics.
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    db_zero got a reaction from michael Dwyer in Other Tanks   
    We talk about the M1, Russian and German Leopards as being the best, but what about tanks produced by other nations?

    I would say the Challenger is held in very high regard and the French Leclerc is pretty well regarded too. What about the South Korean K2 or Japanese Type 90?

    China has the Type 99, India the Arjun-hopefully it’s not a disaster like INSAS assault rifle!

    Does South America or other countries produce a main battle tank?

    Sweden once made and used the S-tank which was interesting in many ways. Considering the success of the German and Soviets in WW2 using assault guns, it’s kind of surprising how it was just a short lived concept.

    As a kid I and my friends though the AMX-13 with its SS-11 missiles mounted on it was really cool looking, but I guess the Israelis who received it thought otherwise.

    Then there is the Merkava which has a very unusual layout. You can have infantry ride along in the back compartment. How has that worked out in actual practice? I also think it has a mortar mounted on it. I would think that a mortar or auto grenade launcher would be very useful, especially in urban combat. Imagine if that were mounted on a Abhrams
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    db_zero got a reaction from LukeFF in T-90 tank documentary (2014 in Russian)   
    This was about a T-90 tank that was cruising down the highway took a turn off onto a different path for a few miles then took another turn down a different path and has now become bogged down and lost.
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    db_zero got a reaction from Schrullenhaft in Graphics suck?!!?!?!   
    I'm always amused by these sort of topics and threads. Great entertainment value.
    Take a look at what you got and learn to love what you have, cause in my experience it won't change dramatically quickly.
    Kinda like telling a wife or girlfriend she should lose 25 pounds and go to the gym so she can be as hot looking as the babe you see at work or walking down the street. There may be perfectly valid reasons in your mind as to why it would be a good idea and they may be valid, but don't expect to get the result you want.
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    db_zero got a reaction from Skinfaxi in Backstory events sliding toward Nonfiction   
    Between events in Russia, ISIS and the Middle East, Central Banks around the world devaluating their currencies and all the other stuff like homegrown terrorist attacks, it makes one long for the good old days of the Cold War. The rhetoric was hot, but at least the superpowers kept their allieds, clients and proxies in line for the most part.
    The move from a bi-polar world to a multi-polar one hasn't been without its share of challenges.
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    db_zero reacted to silent one in Asian   
    I think Chinese players would love a game where they get to kick some western ass. Its hugely popular in the Battlefield series. I found there are tons of people still playing Battlefield 2 and the servers where all Chinese . lol.
    Theres potential there. Lots of cool vehicles. Chinese have those long range carrier killers in the future and their own stealth planes. wouldnt be one sided soon.  As a scenario though doesn't really feel realistic . not for decades anyway.
    Personally Id rather have full NATO panoply in BS.
    I have no interest in a WW2 Asian game. Nor 50's Korea or Vietnam.
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    db_zero reacted to gunnersman in Asian   
    Never get involved in a land war in Asia.
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    db_zero reacted to db_zero in Asian   
    Maybe its better BF stays away from Asia. They make Shock Force then soon after look what happens in Syria. They announce and start working on Black Sea and look what happens in Russia.

    They announce Combat Mission Asia with China, Russia, North/South Korea, Japan and the US in it and I wouldn't want to think of a world where the same trend takes place.

    As they say bad things happen in 3s.

    Yes avoid asia....
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    db_zero got a reaction from xIGuNDoCIx in Hold The Line!   
    Just finished. The Russians surrendered and I got a total victory on elite WEGO. A great battle.
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    db_zero got a reaction from AlphaZulu90 in Asian   
    Maybe its better BF stays away from Asia. They make Shock Force then soon after look what happens in Syria. They announce and start working on Black Sea and look what happens in Russia.

    They announce Combat Mission Asia with China, Russia, North/South Korea, Japan and the US in it and I wouldn't want to think of a world where the same trend takes place.

    As they say bad things happen in 3s.

    Yes avoid asia....
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    db_zero got a reaction from xIGuNDoCIx in Hold The Line!   
    Playing this battle and its an interesting one. I won't give away anything, but you are outnumbered by the enemy armor.
    I just has a sniper team with a barret 50 cal hold off an attack by APC by firing at it and penetrating the armor. The APC retreated. I'm now desperately trying to get to the truck so my Javelin team can reload. You better not lose those resupply truclks or you may be in a world of hurt.
    That sniper team is also going to be very useful against the armor. Don't want to lose that.
    Not sure about the HUMVEE, though. I'm keeping that in the rear for now. The 50 should be useful against the enemy APCs, but is also vulnerable to return fire.
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    db_zero got a reaction from agusto in What do you guy's do after you lose a scenario?   
    If I was playing the American side I go shoot off a box of 5.56 from my AR15.

    If I played the Russian side a box of 7.62x39 gets expended from an AK47.

    I feel better afterwards.
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    db_zero got a reaction from Desertor in First Impressions (General)   
    If the military and DoD was a true private enterprise, issued stocks, had bond holders, board of directors and subjected to the whims of market forces and activitst shareholders they Army probably would use this as a low investment training tool and see it implemented in the most efficient way.
    But thats not the case and I think in many ways you hit the nail on the head perfectly. I've seen first hand and up close how the private and public sector operate. For all its inefficiencies I wouldn't want to see or think it would be a good idea to run the military like a private business, so its probably going to be people like you who see to it that this sort of training tool gets to where it needs to be via the back door.
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