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  1. Thanks. Much appreciated. I agree that adding the extra forces is too crowded and probably not a realistic force size that would be deployed on that small a front, so my new plan is to change the force size and structure of the defenders and once I’m satisfied that it plays out well I can work on the narrative.
  2. Your input was greatly appreciated nonetheless. It is sometimes difficult to get things to work. I have another idea I’ll be working on that is based off the original.
  3. I added the extra units as reinforcements. They appear but do nothing. I though I added them to an AI group. It’s been so long since I’ve played with the editor I’ve forgotten much of it
  4. I liked the original so much I've opened it up in the editor and started making some changes. I replaced the Ukrainians with US infantry. In the first test its obvious the Javelins change the equation greatly, so I've added additional Russian forces that were deleted from the original. I'm not sure if the additional forces will behave properly as I'm not sure how the scenario was setup and I'm not too familiar with the editor and how it all works.
  5. I love scenarios like this-straight and to the point. I lost, but had fun losing and going to give it another go around. Some of the things I did. 1. Load up with lots of ammo and AT weapons. I equipped HQ units with AT weapons. I don't know how realistic this is. I've always understood that Company and higher HQs should not be using heavy crew served weapons or portable AT weapons, but in CM if you have them available you may as well hand them out. I always try to make sure my platoon HQs have AT weapons if possible and give them more ammo. Same applies to medium MG crews. Giving them shoulder fired AT weapons gives them ability to take out vehicles they normally wouldn't be able to. Probably not realistic, but the PCs are well stocked so why not use what they have... 2. Smoke is your friend. It blocks LOS and prevents the Russians from standing off and using their vehicles from pounding you at a distance. I'm sill learning how to best use smoke. In numerous h2h games and games vs AI I get the sense that smoke is underutilized. Some of the very good h2h players I've encountered seem to know when and how to utilize smoke screens to their advantage. Not easy by any means. My first go around resulted in this:
  6. I have atop down picture of the new Russian Armata tank. It has a cluster of devices on top of the turret. Some say its smoke launchers. Others think it might be an APS system designed to deal with Javelins.
  7. I was comparing Bradleys vs BMP or BTR-2. In my h2h as well as test QB's the Bradley comes out on top the majority of the time. I agree against MBTs any ICV is generally outclassed especially if the MBT has APS. I haven't seen it enough to really know, but from the few times I've seen the top attack TOW against MBT's it seems to be effective. I don't ever recall seeing a Javelin stopped by APS What I see quite a bit of in h2h2 games is the pairing of an IFV or 2 with an MBT. The IFV is the sacrificial lamb to draw fire or spot. Occasionally you can also just aggressively maneuver the IFV to get side or rear shots with the auto cannon where is it effective against MBT. You can get a tank to turn and expose itself.
  8. I saw that movie when it first came out back when it was on HBO IIRC. It was before the 1991 Gulf War too so like many weapons at the time Apache, M1 tank there were plenty of doubters. I would venture to guess the Bradley has performed ok in real life? At least in Black Sea and SF2 they seem to rule over the Russian equivalents if that counts for anything. At least I don't have to worry about sticking scouts or vehicle crews from destroyed vehicles into my Bradleys to get better spotting like the BMPs of BTRs. Still the movies does illustrates things in a way. After years in the private and government sector, yes there are way things gets done can sometimes make one scratch their head.
  9. db_zero

    Reshade with Sweet FX Tutorial

    About 30 minutes. The lumasharpen took me to a site that had a bunch of technical details. I finally just went to youtube and typed in lumasharpen tutorial. That brought up a bunch of stuff most of which was not how to related for a newbie. I finally found the one I posted, watched it and said this looks good.
  10. db_zero

    Reshade with Sweet FX Tutorial

    oh of course right in front of my eyes
  11. Don't know if something like this has been posted already. I haven't seen it. If you look in the screen shots sections you see some pictures with nice re-shade effects. When I saw them I said wow that looks nice. Not wanting to look completely stupid and clueless I didn't want to ask how did you do that. Besides we got google and youtube and if you've figured out how to play Combat Mission you should be able to figure out how to install and run a re-shader... Doing a search on some of the keywords like lumasharpen sent me down a rabbit hole, but I finally came upon this which hopefully will help other who like me was a bit baffled. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxQZDjhiDfs
  12. Those were the days. Pay $39.99 and get a boxed game, 2 CD Roms and a massive spiral manual as well as a key command layout. Never played Longbow online. I do remember all nighters playing Age of Kings. Dialing up friend on 14,440 bps modem and waging war all night We'd de-forrest the entire Amazon gathering up wood to feed the war machine. Any wild deer, turkey or animal carved up to feed the hungry masses. It was all out war and conquer. You had to wonder being a Microsoft game if it didn't reflect Bill Gates at the time in a way-go forth and conquer all before you... I think the remastered version is on sale on Steam...hmmmm
  13. Agree Fc3 is the place to start. I only wish they would remaster the F-15 training videos. Can you still fly the Mig-29 in FC3? I know you could in LOMAC, but I thought it was not flyable in FC3. If DCS World was available 20 years ago I would have been all over it. Back then I was playing Janes AH-64 Longbow, F-18 and WW2 Fighters. We could only dream of something like DCS World. Now there is so much other stuff to take up to take up your time, not to mention mobile devices and the old fashion stuff where you're not in front of a video screen like fishing and hunting!
  14. Thanks...I'll take a look. I was searching a place to get DCS Combined battles I could play offline, sounds like the random generated ground missions are more for online play. The tanks in DCS are simplified. If you want a more realistic modern tank simulator Steel Beasts is the way to go. You sound like someone who can afford the hefty price tag for Steel Beasts Pro. One thing DCS has going for it when it comes to ground vehicles is you can man and shoot the ground based AAA and SAM systems-at least the mobile stuff. The Tunguska is a favorite in CMBS h2h battles and in DCS, if you're willing to take the time to build offline scenarios in Combined Arms you can try it out against aircraft. The ZIPgun ZSU-23 is also playable as are many SAM systems.
  15. I have DCS world all the modules and quite a few planes as well as a Thrustmaster setup. But I haven't really gotten into DCS World. I used to really be into flight sims starting with Falcon back in the 80s and loved all the Janes stuff. When I do fire up DCS World its usually in the Combined Arms module. I like seeing the action on the map and then jumping into an airplane as a spectator. Part of the problem is you have to spend a ton of time learning all the buttons to push and with things like Combat Mission, Total War and Steel Beasts Pro-which I'm still learning it hard to sit down and learn DSC World. I know DCS has an arcade mode, but that's too dumb ed down for my taste I've made a few missions in the Combined Arms editor. I've noticed that when I created Wild Weasel flights to take out SAMs with F-16s armed with HARMS the SAMs always win. Granted the SAMs were some of the more advanced ones. Is there a place where you can download created Combined Arms battles you can play? Not so much as a pilot flying the plane, but missions where you can just jump to plances and vehicles and watch the action. A few years ago there were yotube videos posted that showed a Chinese invasion of Taiwan that was made in Combined Arms that was pretty good to watch.