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  1. Any chance of getting a few more teaser scenarios for the demo while we are waiting for the release of the full version? I have no problem BF taking their time to get things right before a full release....but a few more teasers would be nice.
  2. db_zero

    Bradly fire power

    What about from an on-map supply point?
  3. IIRC and it’s been a long time someone wrote about not using the HUNT command when entering a building. I think it was written to use a move command. This was written back when Shock Force was out and the AI and programming had changed. The peek around corners is implemented. Later on I’ll look through my backup drive and see if I can dig up the article I think I saw it when digging up old mods to try on demo. A few days ago I posted about what I though was odd behavior in the training mission when issuing the HUNT command to enter a building. At this point I think using a move command is the better way to go. Assault if available may also work.
  4. Thanks for this. Hopefully it gets completed.
  5. Don’t know if this has been asked or discussed. Will there be a printed manual that can be purchased? I already have the full game and all the modules. Id probably pay full price again to get a full printed manual and disks or USB drive.
  6. db_zero

    BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun

    Thanks for the links and info. After years of playing CM and over 100 h2h games there is always something new to learn about. Combat Mission and Total War with mods are the 2 games I would pick if I had to choose just 2. Wouldnt want to be forced to chose just 1.
  7. Recently Russia and China held join military maneuvers. This was more East though far away from the Ukraine. Korea is definitely a plausible scenario. Taiwan may be one too.
  8. I’ve been asking for this but given up hope. What could be done is someone could mod the game to represent China/Korea/Taiwan/Japan. A similar thing was done for Shock Force. An African mod as well as one for Europe/Russia was done. A kickstarter project might entice someone or group to take it on as it would be quite a bit of work.
  9. db_zero

    BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun

    Thanks for the info. I guess the solution is to add an extra man or contact the Russian MOD and get them to change their doctrine. Someone once posted a picture of Putin playing Black Sea. You’d think after a few games and seeing the performance of his BMPs he’d get on the phone and have the MOD to rewrite doctrine... I’m not crazy about using extra pixel troops to gain better spotting. It does sound crazy and a bit gamey but it is what it is... Well now I’ll know what to do with my bailed out crewmen or shot up squads
  10. db_zero

    BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun

    Interesting. Looking at Wikapedia its says BMP have a crew of 3 men and 7 or 8 passengers, so I'm wondering if the 2 men when the squad exits is intentional, bug or oversight. If Wikepedia is correct then shouldn't it get fixed as it seems like it does affect game play.
  11. db_zero

    BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun

    Even the newer BMPs in Black Sea seem to suffer the same as the old ones on SF. I've run numerous QBs as well as h2h. The newer ones don't have a cannon fired ATGM. But in general I agree that the ATGM is more of a secondary weapon. Even on Bradley's they don't seem to be used often. I have another simulation Steel Beasts Pro 4.0 where you can fire the ATGMs on both and as I recall there is a set procedure you must follow to employ the ATGM and the cannons on both are much easier and faster to use. Regarding the 3 men to spot properly on BMPs that is interesting. It kinda begs the question of if you have a spare man running around like a bailed out crewman from another vehicle or a sniper and mount them on a BMP that has disgorged its squad will it spot better?
  12. db_zero

    BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun

    In all of my numerous h2h and single player games in Black Sea I cant recall seeing a BMP of any flavor fire an ATGM. I don’t recall one being fired in the original Shock Force either. I think some have mentioned seeing them used. Ive also noticed that Bradley’s get the first shots off at BMPs the vast majority of the time. I was told by another player that you need at least 3 or more men inside a BMP for it to spot property. I didn’t really ask what was meant by that. They are cool looking and when they do fire are useful against infantry and will destroy MBTs like Abrams if they get flanking shots.
  13. db_zero

    Demo Feedback

    I have a 4K tv and really in most shows I’ve watched even ones produced and broadcast in 4K it’s mostly meh...only in certain shots like close up face shots do I really notice a difference. However some shows like Planet Earth 2 yes there is a very noticeable difference. In any event 8k is right around the corner.
  14. db_zero

    Demo crash

    CM games are very stable in my experience but I do occasionally get kicked out of Black Sea from time to time. Im playing then next thing I know I’m back in the Windows desktop. Happens very infrequently. i just make sure to save my game at intervals So far the demo has been stable.
  15. db_zero

    SF2 demo game engine enhancements?

    What are the rest of the specs on your computer? GTX1080 is a great graphics card. I have an older GTX 970 and I run the game maxed out on all CM games including Black Sea. I’m also running at 2560x1440 on a widescreen monitor. Only on the very largest of maps with tons of units do I get a very very slight pause when scrolling the map. It’s barley noticeable. My settings also allows for the trees to sway in the wind which is a nice effect. My system is intel I7, 16GB ram, GTX 970 and 2 SSD drives.