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  1. How to strategic attack with medium bombers? Is this a different attack or just an auto attack of you attack a resource? I'm assuming its a different attack and you can choose between the two - but how do you do this? what i am trying to do bomb cities to reduce soviet supply - if i just attack how can i tell if supply for them is reduced? thanks
  2. thanks for the link - its the shift key i didn't see anything about difficulty percentages and what they mean though ALSO, another quick question - playing as GER will countries like HUN and ROM join the Axis through events or do i have to spend diplo points?
  3. The manual says "Adjacent units can now have their positions easily swapped with a new in game swapping mechanism." but doesn't say how. I can't see anything in the right click menu or the side bar - but must be missing something obvious edit : am playing the GOLD edition with the 1.04 patch edit 2 Another quick question about difficulty levels - the manual says:- However in the game it says +0% beginer +50% intermediate +100% expert What do these percentages refer to? (i assume it can't be MPP at +100%?) thanks
  4. apologies for the slight sidetrack as someone new to the game - what do you have to do to beat the french if you don't take the Vichy decision
  5. Agreed - i have the same issue. Maybe make the colours contrast more?
  6. So if i have 4 licenses i assume i can get a friend to install the game on their PC as they will use up one of 'my' licenses?? I'm assuming that the people who run the third party licensing application wouldn't be able to tell.
  7. thanks for the link Moon answered most questions but i still need to know if i have lost an activation from the "copy" install i tried on my second PC : EDIT and if can recover this "copy" install to make AoD/Aoc work the activation system is too restrictive for me - i won't be buying anymore games from Battlefront
  8. another question - going back to item 2 in my first post 2) I have 2 PCs - i did a full install on one - all fine. For the second PC i copied the Battlefront folder rather run install. The base games run Ok but the expansions say the base game is not installed - is there an easy way to make AoC/AoD recognise the game files i have copied across. As part of trying to set up the game on the "copied" version i input the serial codes and they were accepted. If it turns out, as it probably will, that i have to re-install the game properly then does this mean i have used up the third of my 4 license keys!!!!!
  9. yes - it is bit worrying - i would have thought twice about such an expensive purchase if i had realised there was a rather resticted limit. I thought i had PURCHASED a game and not rented one for a limited period
  10. hi hubert a couple of questions 1) Do you mean that if i uninstall from my PC i free up one of the licences? I chane PCs / hard drives fairly frequently and am a bit worried that i may reach my limit and not be able to play the game. 2) I have 2 PCs - i did a full install on one - all fine. For the second PC i copied the Battlefront folder rather run install. The base games run Ok but the expansions say the base game is not installed - is there an easy way to make AoC/AoD recognise the game files i have copied across. thanks
  11. thanks all for the input SUBS- hadn't picked up there was 2 sorts of naval lanes - but in any event the problems is more that my subs seem to get found and die very quickly/easily (and this is in 1939/40) OP MOVES / ZOCs - thanks for the tips MPP FOR DIPLOMACY - i haven't spent any on diplomacy and am just about to start barbarossa for which i seem to be short of units so it will be interesting to see how things go as maybe i have overbuilt - we'll see BESIEGING - SeaMonkey - fair comment but a city may well not be able to trace to any other supply point (where the front line has moved past it) so it seems like overkill to have to have 4 units actually next to the city to reduce its supply level
  12. Hi all Am on my first real game of AoD as AXIS and its April 1941 (after 1 short practice run for the first few months). Great fun and a very worthwhile purchase. Here are some observations/thoughts so far. ARTILLERY - at the moment i am thinking they are a bit overpowered, though i know you can only have limited builds. Should they have slightly less effect against forts/cities? UNITS GIVEN BY EVENTS - it would be nice to see these in the build que. OPERATIONAL MOVEMENT - it would be nice to see where the units can move to before i pay the MPP cost. SUBMARINES - As GER these really don't seem worth it as the MPP they cost to replace losses feels like its way more than they take off the enemy. So i have stopped research and am not building any new ones. I regret paying the 100MPP to upgrade the port in France. GARRISON UNITS - MPP cost seems very high for what they are. REINFORCEMENTS - these seem to cost a LOT - too much? EXPERIENCE LOSS ON REINFORCING : the loss of experience seems very high. DIPLOMACY - partly because of some of the items above i seem to never have the MPP to spend on this and trying some different strategies what with new units and reinforcements taking top priority. This may be because its a bit of investment in the future and i have no real idea yet (as i have not played enough) of the returns. ZONES OF CONTROL - it seems there aren't any, which took a bit of getting used to. It just feels wrong at the moment to move past enemy units with ease. BESIEGING ENEMY CITIES - at first i was thinking the supply rules were ridiculous because cities could never be out of supply so there seemed little point in pocketing units. Then i saw the rule about having 4 units adjacent to a city reduced supply level by 2 per turn (i.e. 1 in friendly turn and 1 in enemy turn) which made more sense. Not had the need to use it yet but on the face of it having to have 4 units adjacent seems excessive. Also, surely this rule should also apply to Capitals and forts, though maybe just make the supply reduction happen in enemy turns only so you only get a reduction of 1 per turn rather than 2. VICHY EVENT- All my Italian units got stuck in southern France and couldn't return to Italy through Vichy - seems a little unrealistic. Would be nice to see an option to "return all Italian units to Italy" when the Vichy event fires (or just let Axis units move through it). Your thoughts/comments would be very welcome as i appreciate i probably need to be schooled in the game mechanics and game balance by people who have played the game a lot more than i have Many thanks
  13. thanks strategiclayabout, much appreciated the diplomatic side sounds like it could be quite interesting
  14. have started another game as GER and doing much better - a very enjoyable game that whilst the basics are simple the decisions you need to make require a lot of thought it looks like there is a lot of replay value as well
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