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  1. I tried searching for this but wasn't able to find anything. It appears what I think is the IR system to not have textures put on it. I put up a couple of screenshots of the issue to show what's going on.
  2. Same thing on my end with the first tiny scenario at night with the blizzard. Framerate tanks and recovers.
  3. Playing on the scenario "Opportunity Knocks" I noticed on firing of the javelin that the missile was completely misaligned with the launcher. Saw it happen two times during the scenario and took a screenshot of one of the occasions.
  4. What's the best way to set up quick battles against the AI? Should you leave the force selection to automatic or human for yourself and the AI?
  5. I was his opponent I still have the saved games if needed, although I would only give his saved games due to using a common password that I use for mine. In the future I'll start using a different password specifically for CM PBEM's. Although his saved games won't mean much if you don't have his password, but if he deleted his saves already and you can get in contact with him, I would gladly give out the save files. And I really didn't mind the artillery falling into the middle of the field, although I may be a little biased about it in this particular instance.
  6. - Small arms friendly fire. - Triggers as suggested numerous times. - Slow-motion for playback. - Unit formations as suggested, line, column, staggered column, wedge, vee, echelon left and right, etc...
  7. I usually just bring up the task manager so I can alt-tab out while the game is loading, and check back in a few minutes, it doesn't usually take a few minutes to load (unless the scenario is large), but I prefer to be doing other tasks on my computer then watching the loading screen.
  8. Were the 60mm rounds that were used in September 1943 the same rounds used in June of 1944 though?
  9. Thanks for the help, I e-mailed a full member, just waiting on a response. If anyone else wants to PBEM in the meantime I also have CMFI and GL, so drop me a PM.
  10. Advisement has been taken under consideration, operation reading the book has commenced. (The guy who names these operations is on vacation) I'm also checking out those DoD videos, pretty cool stuff guys.
  11. Thanks I'll check out the book. And Jon, even though goodwood was Normandy I would still like to check out that documentary if you could remember the name of it.
  12. Does anyone know of good documentaries covering the Italian front? In particular I would like in-depth analysis of individual battles throughout the entire campaign if there are any documentaries covering them. Comprehensive documentaries about the Italian front are something else that I would be interested in. Feel free to throw in a few book suggestions as well, although I am primarily looking for documentaries.
  13. I don't think that it's necessary as the air support the allied forces get is in the briefing. Just finished this scenario, lost one of my sturmpanzers to an aircraft bomb, it didn't start to burn though so the aircraft kept making strafing runs against a knocked out tank. Got lucky I guess. Although I did suffer around 50% casualties, around half KIA and the other half WIA.
  14. I just bought CMFI and GL, I also have CMBN and CW, just started playing the combat mission games again. I have h2h helper and dropbox and am looking for opponents if anyone is interested.
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