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  1. Bulletpoint

    game crashes after some time playing

    Try setting Texture Filtering to "Quality"? That helped for me. Still the odd crash, but much fewer.
  2. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    No, the suppression meter is a reflection of subjective suppression, in other words suppression relative to the current variables of the unit (experience, moral etc.). It is not a measure of objective, actual incoming fire. That's why you see the suppression meter going bananas when Green troops take fire, while it changes only slightly with Veterans in the same situation. I always believed the suppression meter showed an indication of the objective amount of incoming fire a team is taking. And I believe veterancy just makes the meter empty quicker, as well as possibly making return fire more accurate despite suppression. But it's possible I could be wrong here. Did you try to set up the same situation as in your video, but to use a good condition veteran squad?
  3. Right, got you. I think it's not a matter of the AI "deciding" whether it can cause damage or not. I think it operates from a checklist of targets it will or won't shoot at. Somebody put a checkmark next to "suitable target: armour" for the 50 cal. If I'm correct, probably that checkmark should be removed. A 60mm mortar will also degrade tank optics (and tracks) with repeated hits. But you won't see 60mm mortars taking shots at tanks (maybe if they are unbuttoned, can't remember).
  4. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    Your video doesn't show the suppression meter, but it does show your troops are green, nervous and under bad leadership. That means they will drop down much faster under suppression. I still believe it's the suppression caused by the incoming fire that makes them react - not because the way the hunt command works. If we assume that the hunt command makes troops stop and drop on receiving fire, then well led, highly motivated veteran infantry should do the same. By the way, they are not sound contacts - just contacts
  5. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    No, they don't. In this case the centre of the action spot was the corner of the building. Ah, ok, it's a diagonal wall Hadn't thought of that. Yeah that's true. He does run to a different square then. It seems the corner peeking mechanic takes over and makes the troopers stick to the corners of the building in this case, instead of staying in their square. The game engine mistakenly believes that you want a guy posted at each corner, and tries to do that.
  6. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    The team does notice taking incoming fire - this is shown by the suppression meter rising. When the meter becomes full, any movement order is cancelled and the team drops down. This happens both on hunt and on the other movement modes, so it's a different discussion. And if the team also takes a casualty, the suppression meter very quickly goes to max. I believe this is what you're seeing in the case of the unspotted marksman.
  7. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    Straight walls always run through the centre of the action spots, dividing them in two, so I believe that pixeltrooper intended to stay in the same square, but had to run around the wall to reposition on the other side... I think you're supposed to face them more away from the building. You're clicking basically on the building itself - try to use the facing option and click on the small shed to the right instead. Does that help? That being said, I also have many problems making the corner-peeking mechanic work consistently, depending on what kind/size/angle of building it is.
  8. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    Oh, they stop and hunker down when they take incoming fire. I think you might be confused by the fact that squads sometimes do not realize that they are taking fire in CM, even though sound and graphical effects indicate to you as a viewer that they are. No, I'm quite sure they don't stop because of incoming fire as such. They stop if 1) they spot an enemy, 2) they get suppressed to a certain (quite high) level. Just as any other movement order gets stopped if the moving team gets suppressed enough. I've seen scout teams take repeated MG42 bursts and still hunt on until one of them got killed or their suppression meter filled up, whatever came first.
  9. Sounds like the smoking gun .. Pun intended. I think it's pretty clear the 35m range was for both flamethrowers firing at the same time, and that it would have a 60m range when only firing one at a time.
  10. Well, I think that confirms that they generally stopped producing stuff that didn't work.
  11. Bulletpoint

    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    Same here. I chose not to rest, and expected my troops to take a hit to their fitness, but they seemed fit as ever. Either it's the effect of the Panzer chocolate, or somebody forgot something I suppose. The choice/consequence thing was poorly executed, but it's still a great campaign.
  12. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    I never knew this. Will have to try it out.
  13. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    The manual is wrong here. The unit only stops when actively spotting an enemy. (or when taking enough fire to fill the suppression bar, which generally cancels any move order)
  14. It's very debateable, yes. All I'm saying is that if it's the same weapon, then it should have the same range - extra overshoot range would then also be the same... And it's possible, as @RockinHarry argues, that it could be the Wehrmacht turned down the pressure or something for this particular installation. I don't know. It just seems an odd thing to do, especially as it doesn't seem like there would be less space for compressors and fuel in a halftrack than inside a Hetzer. Another thing to consider is that they actually made 300 of these things. If they had been a mistake, I think they would have stopped much earlier, just like with other rare limited edition test runs. They started making them in 1943, and in 1944 they made an adjustment (removed the small rear hose-based flamethrower). But they didn't stop making these strange halftracks, even though there was a great lack of normal halftracks for the Panzergrenadiere - which were meant to ride halftracks, but many never received any. So we might assume they worked, somehow. And I don't see how a halftrack that needs to enter handgrenade range to attack could work. But yeah, I want to make clear I am not claiming to know better than anyone about this subject. I just thought there might be something here that doesn't add up
  15. Bulletpoint

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Thank you, thank you... will come around with the hat in a moment, please spare a coin for a struggling artist...