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  1. I don't think it's silly at all Perfectly valid reason.
  2. Ok, so that's a strong Russian tank compared to weak German armour at the time. How is this tactically different from playing Commonwealth forces and going up against German panthers?
  3. Thanks for the answer. Sounds interesting. I never played CM1, and I don't think I played any other early war game.
  4. Honest question: What is it about the early war that makes it more epic or interesting than the late war? Germany had smaller tanks, no Panthers or Tigers in 1941, but in Combat Mission, its still going to be scenarios where you have some tanks and some infantry and try to defeat a defense consisting of tanks and AT guns and infantry. What's the big deal with the early war?
  5. This is an inherent problem with Combat Mission being a game that involves Humans who have motivations for playing that are not always consistent with reality. Yes, I realise it's very difficult to really do something about it. The best idea I can come up with is to be able to put a unit in a cautious state, like a pause order where the tank stays where it is until it detects enemy rounds passing close by, and then carries out the next move order (which could be a reverse order to back down out of sight). Like a conditional pause. For a tank, that would mean staying in place until under AT fire, and for an infantry team or forward observer, it would be until taking any kind of fire. Just an idea. I understand you don't want to make too many micromanagement options.
  6. FWIW I don't see it as just a lab experiment. It's a situation that happens in pretty much every WeGo game involving at least one Panther tank.
  7. I love the WeGo system, but part of it is also because the turn based mode forces players to either let their tank sit for a full minute and get pummelled, hoping to get a spot and a shot off during that time, or to guess how many seconds are needed to spot and shoot - which is impossible to estimate, since so many variables are at play. So you end up with tanks staying up too long, taking too many hits, or you have your tank reverse back in cover just before it was about to shoot. In real life (or playing real-time mode), the tank crew decides what is the optimal time to spot, shoot, and scoot. This is not an attack on the WeGo mode, but just some reflections.
  8. What's the last time anyone got frustrated with CM because it was too realistic? I'm only seeing people asking for more realism, not less. Many special weapons in the game are already inaccurate, which is realistic and makes people perfectly happy. Who ever complained his rifle grenades or Panzerfausts miss half the time?
  9. Yep. This is also correct. sometimes the game does try to show the angle of the impacting round by stretching the hit decal a bit in some direction, but it seems it gets the direction wrong sometimes.
  10. If you see a hole, it means there was a penetration at that location. If it was a partial penetration, then the hole is smaller than for a regular penetration.
  11. Thanks a lot. Finally a pic of a barrel penetration that came from the front arc. So it can actually happen. Not sure exactly what angle it came in at, but it's clear it wasn't from a 90 degree side shot. What shell size would you say made this hole?
  12. Thanks for digging up all those numbers. Does any of those books include any pictures of a barrel penetration coming from the front? I think that's the important part here.
  13. Also, when hull-down at close range, you lose the valuable spotting power of the two guys in the hull. They spot quite well at short ranges. But at 1500m, spotting will be more dependent on the optics of the turret, so it doesn't matter as much if the driver has LOS.
  14. Also, it depends on range. At close ranges (500m), the enemy tank will spot you and start placing rounds on your turret very quickly even if you're hull down, so that's also a hull up choice for me.
  15. If I played real-time mode, that's what I would do. But I play in turn based mode, so I have to find a balance between the chance to spot and hit the enemy tank and my own tank's survivability. For Shermans, that means hull down - for Panthers, it means hull up. At least that's my take on it.
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