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  1. Bulletpoint

    Tactical use of Mortar Carriers

    Until they fix the bug, hopefully..
  2. Bulletpoint

    Tactical use of Mortar Carriers

    They seem to be a bit buggy currently, restricted to firing at Target Light slow speed. Also they can't be given a fire order in combination with a move order. I reported both issues before.
  3. I think you misunderstand a bit how the game works. You go through adjusting the experience level of the various leaders, but in fact this has no impact on the subordinate units. Also, I think the "typical" dropdown setting on the left is only for unit equipment quality? Not for the experience level.
  4. I don't know. And I don't know if we should trust this site at all. Who's behind it? Where does the info come from? Who verifies it? I can't find anything about these things... Ok, found something, which actually doesn't say that much: https://liveuamap.com/about "Liveuamap was founded in 2014 by a team of devoted software developers and journalists who wished to inform the world about the Ukrainian conflict." [...] "Liveuamap operates from its EU-based technical infrastructure and is governed by Liveuamap LLC under the jurisdiction of the State of Virginia, USA." Hmmm...
  5. Bulletpoint

    New features curiosity

    Rework of flamethrower mechanics to make it useful. For example by giving it more generous targeting rules. Just to mention one case, a big building might actually comprise three separate "houses" joined by doors. It would be nice to be able to fire the flamethrower directly from house 1 to house 3. Currently, you can only target house 2. This extra targeting ability would reflect the flamethrower's historical function as a tool to flush out stubborn defenders from places that are difficult to reach.
  6. Bulletpoint

    New features curiosity

    When you select a team, the icon blinks just like when the team takes a casualty. It would be nice to have some other way of showing which team is selected.
  7. Bulletpoint

    New features curiosity

    If a tank commander opens the hatch, it would be nice to see him using his binoculars.
  8. "Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 26 times. 1 soldier was wounded" hmmmm
  9. Bulletpoint

    Game Crashes

    Try setting up a quick battle with mixed forces and automatic force selection and see if you can start the battle...
  10. Bulletpoint

    New features curiosity

    It's not only him; I get it too. Thought it was just a basic part of how the game is programmed actually. Are you sure you don't see it?
  11. Bulletpoint

    Game Crashes

    No need to make a support ticket; it's a well known bug:
  12. Bulletpoint

    Improvement suggestions

    In real life, probably yes. In the game, not so much. At least that's what I think. Do some testing and prove me wrong
  13. I somewhat agree with you here, but at the same time, it's all about figuring out when to use what kind of approach. If the enemy is well prepared with interlocking fields of fire etc, you won't break the line of resistance using fire and movement. It's more something that comes into play when the line is fragmented and opportunities start to present themselves. Even so, it's kind of a last resort, as it's always preferable to just bring in a tank or artillery to blast that HMG position.
  14. Bulletpoint

    Improvement suggestions

    Even if they could, it wouldn't help, because suppression in this game takes a while to build and start to cause troops to cower. Also, even cowering troops will often fire at short ranges.
  15. It sounds like you know more than I do. I'd like to know more if you have the time to explain why not?