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  1. As that example was from the official KG Peiper campaign, will reporting this as a bug fix the problem? I assume you might fix the underlying problem with the offending building, but people will still find the bug when they play that campaign? Because they will still have the faulty version sitting on their harddrive...
  2. No, because these bugs have supposedly already been fixed - but only if you make a new map and place a new building on it. The bug is "baked into" the old scenarios and campaigns. So if you solve the problem by changing the texture, that will fix the problem in the old campaigns, but then new scenarios will have problems. At least that's what I understand from reading the forums. I haven't actually tested out if those particular buildings work if you make a new map.
  3. Current problems with SMGs in CM, as I see it: They are too effective from 100 to 200m. They fire too long bursts at longer ranges. At shorter ranges, they don't adjust their aim while firing a long burst (walking the fire on to target or hosing down target locations)
  4. Interesting story, but I can find nothing on Google about it. Anyone knows anything about this?
  5. It's not a simple yes/no rule - it depends on a range of factors, so it's not very predictable. Experience, motivation, type of threat, and especially distance all play in to the decision to engage a target of opportunity while doing an area fire order.
  6. Also, the problem is that SMGs in this game are arguably too (?) effective at their max ranges (about 200m). At the same time, rifles in this game are very ineffective at 300m, so they don't really get much benefit from their extra 100m range compared to the SMGs. In total, this makes the SMG seem like a better alround deal than it should be.
  7. It's been driving people crazy for years. If you search on the forum you will find many posts about it.
  8. Come on, give the guy a proper answer. The wetter the ground, the higher the risk of bogging and imobillisation. "Wet" ground has a pretty high risk of getting your tanks and halftracks stuck. It doesnt make the vehicles slower though. Think of it as a kind of russian roulette.
  9. The actual problem here is that the graphics don't reflect the actual concealment values the game operates by. The player sees two trees. No big deal. No tank could ever hide there in real life. But the game sees "action square with 66% tree density". Which gives a quite decent chance of hiding a tank for at least a couple of spotting cycles.
  10. I still suggest an edition of the game that includes a set of wires.. each casualty will result in an electric shock, and the severity will increase for each casualty taken. Let's see people try their late-game human wave attacks then.
  11. Nice of you to say - still be pleasure to buy you a pint of by chance you fetch up in the Highlands. Might even stretch to a bag o crisps an aw!
  12. I think the Total War series is a good example of a once great franchise that went downhill. Not because of mods initially, but because of poor game design decisions by the developers. Normally, ruining your franchise leads to players abandoning it. But, largely because of mods, it still lives on. The criticism from players is stifled because the answer will always be "just use mods". But then when you use those mods, you run into weird problems. Because the content is not properly balanced and there's a lack of consideration for the knock-on effects of tinkering with the mechanics. Like in the example of the knights I mentioned before. Another typical example is that a game will ship with poor sound effects, and as always, people will say "just use mods". Then the sound mod will include some sounds with reverb, some not properly cut off, and some sounds really loud where they should be low, and vice versa. The sound of a brass casing hitting the floor sounding as loud as a gunshot. Etc. I find that once I start modding, I end up with a cobbled together mess. But I realise we won't get to an agreement about this. And thats ok. That's why I started saying "This is going to be an unpopular opinion..."
  13. Another problem with mods is that they give game developers an excuse to ship half-finished games, with the assumption that the mod community will do the rest for the work for free. It becomes very difficult for the gamers to agree on any kind of criticism/feedback about the game, because the standard answer on the forums will be "just use mods". And those mods will then fix something and break something else. The advent of the internet and the mod community has made developers extremely sloppy. It used to be that if the developers didn't ship a working, enjoyable game, it would simply not be a success. Nowadays, it's almost assumed that the end user will have to spend a lot of time finding, installing, and troubleshooting mods.
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