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  1. In Danish, the literal translations of our terms for sniper are either "fine-shooter" or "sneak-shooter". So, what's the difference? It's whether he is on our side or not...
  2. "Those tactics were also a consequence of changes in German enlistment. After several years of war and heavy losses on the Eastern Front, the German army was forced to rely more heavily on enlisting teenage soldiers. Due to lack of training in more complex group tactics, and thanks to rifle training provided by the Hitlerjugend, those soldiers were often used as autonomous left-behind snipers. While an experienced sniper would take a few lethal shots and retreat to a safer position, those young boys, due both to a disregard for their own safety and to lack of tactical experience would frequently remain in a concealed position and fight until they ran out of ammunition or were killed or wounded. While this tactic generally ended in the demise of the sniper, giving rise to the nickname "Suicide Boys" that was given to those soldiers, this irrational behavior proved quite disruptive to the Allied forces' progress." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sniper
  3. Bulletpoint

    The state of CMSF2

    Haha, yeah me too To me, CMSF2 is the soggy broccoli someone else has to enjoy before we can get to the dessert...
  4. Bulletpoint

    Combined Arms.

    Completely agree. Options are always nice. Games like Civilization offer a lot of optional house rules that can be ticked off in the settings before starting a new game. I think that's a quite elegant way to do it.
  5. Bulletpoint

    Combined Arms.

    I would like to see this too. I tried a match where we agreed to play only regular troops with +0 in all soft factors. After the battle, I could see he went for +1 veterans. Probably he just forgot the house rule, but in any case I like options to make the game keep track of such things. Also it makes things easier than to have to bring out the pocket calculator before every game.
  6. I think you are talking about the mission "Night Music". In that one, you get foxholes, so if you start the battle by ordering everyone to hide, they can ride out the nebelwerfer barrage with minimal casualties. I only lost 2-3 guys when a rocket made a direct hit.
  7. On larger maps, I don't find them unbalanced at all. They are useful for smashing a suspected strongpoint, but they also have drawbacks. Very long call times, huge dispersion, risk of friendly fire all make them more suited to pre-planned bombardments, which means you're playing a game of "guess where the enemy might be". Very often, he won't be there. I remember playing one or two stock scenarios in CMBN where you get Nebelwerfer support, and in neither case did they have that much of an impact in my playthroughs. Usually, the scenario designer doesn't just put all the enemy in a small village - eggs in the basket and all that I agree. But if they don't even show up in the very large scenarios that take place on the first day of the Ardennes Offensive... that feels a bit like D-day without naval support. On my blue moon wishlist for sure. More options for soundfiles and varied explosion textures based on the cause (for example direct shot vs indirect) would be a nice cosmetic bump up for the CM games. I don't know for sure, but I think the Werfers got the nickname Moaning Minnies from the sound of them being fired, not so much the sound they made as they fell from the sky? Some of the NWs had quite short range, and the launch would have been heard. But yes, I'd definitely like if each artillery sounded different...
  8. It's @MOS:96B2P who did the testing. I just noticed in various scenarios that the MP40 area fired on target light orders at about 60-100m distance, whereas the Thompson didn't. I guess the rationale behind having SMGs fire on target light is that it makes it easier to use in forests? That is, in forests at close range, you want all guns firing, because there's a chance that area fire could hit hidden enemies, but you don't want the team to fire rifle grenades, because that would be dangerous to friendlies? In city fights playing the Germans, it's just often a bad thing to have the team leader waste all his MP40 ammo shooting at a house, when what you really want is the MG42 and the rifles suppressing.
  9. It seems the US SMG doesn't fire when using a "target light" order. That's great, because it allows me to choose to save ammunition for the SMG in some cases, and let loose with all guns in other cases. However, the German MP40 does actually fire when given a target light order. Shouldn't it behave like the Thompson?
  10. Bulletpoint

    Floating Icons

    I think there is an issue in the game where moving units are possibly too easily spotted, even though of course in real life, it's easier to spot something that moves. But I feel it might be a bit over the top currently. I've seen many cases of tanks moving slowly into a very good hull down position, yet get spotted after about 20 seconds at 800-1000m distance, despite misty conditions. Of course feelings and anecdotal evidence don't go very far, but that's my impression for what it's worth.
  11. If that's the case, then I am pretty impressed actually, that they managed to cause 18,000 casualties, even though it cost them 23,000 - if the Wiki numbers are correct. (not trying to argue anything here - I understand you said not all the German units made human wave attacks).
  12. I don't think it's the shot calculations that eat up much computation time actually. I don't see any slowdown even in the moments when there's hundreds of bullets flying at the same time. But in situations without any firing, scrolling around over a map feels sluggish to me, even when reported framerates are at a level that should be reasonable, around 30 FPS. It doesn't seem like normal low FPS lag like in other games I played. More of a "stuck in molasses then sliding on ice" kind of feel.. if that makes sense
  13. Good detail. The wiki talks about apprx. 89,500 US casualties from 16th of December through 25th of January, of which 23,000 are captured and missing. The rest are killed and wounded. So the Germans must have had some tactical successes somewhere, I just haven't really found any stories about that (admittedly I'm only an amateur armchair historian at best, and my only source for this is what I can read online...). I can only find reports of Germans attacking in hordes and getting cut down by Joe Greenhorn and a couple of his buddies. Stuff like: The 395th was outnumbered five to one and was at times surrounded. They initially pushed the Germans back with machine guns, small arms, mortar fire, and hand-to-hand combat. Without any significant armor support, the 395th stopped the German advance cold.