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  1. Sure but this is not their intended role. They're nearly useless for the things they are supposed to do: taking out bunkers, trenches, and fortified buildings.
  2. +1 Didn't know that. I'm sure it was dangerous to use in the real war, but in the game, it's nearly impossible to use flamethrowers at all. I think it has more to do with the game mechanics than realism. This weapon could do with a re-think of how it's supposed to be useful in game terms.
  3. Unfortunately, just like in his case, it will have to be awarded posthumously. My opponent tired of the gunner's conspicuous gallantry and brought up a Panther...
  4. Nope, you got it right Apart from the slapped about part. I remember it more along the lines of "BFC receiving much well thought-out and reasonable feedback".
  5. In short, I'm just asking: should a fully suppressed and pinned and rattled AT gun be able to spot and engage targets? if yes, what's the point of suppression?
  6. If I understood you right, you said that the minus 2 leader made the gun perform better - shoot back despite being fully suppressed?
  7. Please note that it's a minus 2 leader. The real leader (+0) was killed about 15 seconds earlier.
  8. Yes, they had just taken casualties from a StuG. Then the Vierling took over and started blasting their position. The gun crew then 'woke up' from suppression, turned the gun around and fired.
  9. Yeah I feel a bit sorry for my opponent too. I guess he believed his Flakvierling would at least suppress my AT gun...
  10. In a PBEM game I noticed my AT gun being fully suppressed and "pinned", yet turning the gun around and firing accurately at the enemy AFV, taking it out. Is that the way it's supposed to be? Are AT guns supposed to be impossible to suppress? Gun: US 57mm, in a light wood tile with a single pine tree. Crew: regular, +0 soft factors (but -2 leadership). Rattled. Distance: 431m
  11. I don't understand the question. Does it mean "would anyone like proximity fuses in trucks?" or "Does anyone know what proximity fuses are?" Or something else ?
  12. Sorry, my friend. I was trying to be funny but that was kind of snarky. A thin line between the two sometimes. Don't worry. I may be pretty liberal, but I'm not offended that easily And it's always interesting with some critical questions. Lots of those can be asked about the EU for sure.
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