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  1. Bulletpoint

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Oh patch, won't you buy me, a fast-firing Bren... my enemies got MGs - I must make amends! When mortars are fallin', my guys run away... So patch, won't you buy me, an AI fix then...
  2. Thanks. That's what I thought too. So I still wonder how come the version on the halftrack is listed as having a much shorter range? Could it be because the numbers were somehow mixed up with the range for the small hose flamethrower on the back?
  3. Bulletpoint

    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    You mean the cases where the game will place the gun in the painted area, but somehow won't achieve the LOS you could find by placing manually? Yes, that can be an issue, but mostly in marginal LOS conditions.
  4. Bulletpoint

    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    You are not guaranteed you will get a different AI Plan though. Currently, designers nor players can select which AI Plan to play against. So I can create three to four AI Plans but no guarantee you won't end up playing the same one on subsequent occasions. But you don't even need more AI plans. Put AT gun 1 into AI group 7 and paint its setup zone along a whole hedge on the right flank. AT gun 2 goes in group 8 and you paint its zone on the left flank. Now you have both flanks covered, but the player can't know where the guns will be, exactly. Meanwhile, Inf. platoon 1 guards the bridge in any combination of building 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8... etc. All this is within one single AI plan
  5. Bulletpoint

    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    Not to school you, because I know you're an experienced designer, but just to recap: The designer can paint a zone for each AI group and the group members will semi-randomly deploy in that zone. If you think about where you paint the zone, you can have variable placement that keeps making sense. And all this can be done within one single AI plan. A typical example is to make AT gun locations vary, but also stuff like which building has an MG covering the bridge is a good thing to make variable. Or infantry placement inside a city block/forest. I wish more designers would use this kind of setup, because when I play great campaigns like KG Peiper with its meticulous maps, I really want to have a second and third go. But then I know the enemy placements...
  6. Bulletpoint

    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    I often do the same thing. Would be great if more designers added some variability to the enemy setup, to give more replayability. A pet peeve of mine.
  7. German 14mm flamethrower in Panzer III: 60m range http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2-germany-panzer-iii-flamm/ German 14mm flamethrower in Hetzer: 60m range http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/weapons_flammpanzer38t_hetzer.html German 14mm flamethrower on halftrack: 35m range? https://books.google.dk/books?id=dyRYDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA176&lpg=PA176&dq=Gerät+916&source=bl&ots=V2OsGi9o42&sig=ACfU3U3GAS7wfcB1heWVTlrZWTi5_y5iFw&hl=da&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwixocKrucfgAhVByaQKHQFTAGoQ6AEwBXoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=Gerät 916&f=false
  8. It looks like a much bigger one on the halftrack? Used a "Koebe Flamethrower" with 66 yards (60m) range. Looks like the one used on the halftrack too. Could it be... that these devastating weapons were identical? (History Channel voice)
  9. It wouldn't make sense to throw away a .50 team to have a small chance of scratching a tank's optics. Also, you could say the same about any other weapon. A rifle firing at a vision block could probably scratch it too, but I don't think anyone would try.
  10. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    I think there's a difference though, because I read your post as saying the destination waypoint had positions both behind and in front of the hedge. But if you look closely, the destination point is actually well behind the hedges, it's located in the square with the bent wall segment. That's what I thought at first, too, but if you look closely, you see the guys start running before taking any real fire. It's like when you order a team to hunt a long distance through forest, causing them to be spread out. Then when one of them spots an enemy, the whole team stops moving and drops down. And then they start to move/crawl towards the average centre point of their team (where the team icon is), because that's where the game engine considers the team to be officially located, even if members are scattered. That point becomes the rallying point. But in this case, the rallying point is somehow set on the wrong side of the wall. Either by random because the game does not take sides into account, or because the team decides to gather on the other side of the wall compared to the spotted enemy contacts (which would make sense for low walls - they'd jump over and take cover)
  11. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    It's a bit like quantum mechanics - while moving, a team is spread out (like a wave) but then when the movement is interrupted, the waveform collapses and the game needs to decide where the exact location of this team actually is. So it decides the team is in the square with the wall, but there's a side A and B, and it picks the wrong side... Ok, I should get out more
  12. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    You got me curious, so I loaded this scenario up in the editor and made a special small test version. I can't reproduce the running away when just moving a team around without enemies. Things seem to work as they should. So I think it is caused by the team on hunt orders being caught out by spotting enemies while passing through the square with the wall. They then for some reason think they have to deploy to the other side of the wall. So basically this would be a small bug in the TacAi code. Possibly, when the TacAI decides to stop the hunting team, it then points them to the wrong side. That's my hypothesis anyway.
  13. One of the great tragedies and ironies of WW2 was that the Nazis had much the same rationale - their military was fighting for freedom from the evil of communism. We now know different, but that's the story they told each other. For the US, the memory of the war is something glorious. For each American casualty, how many soldiers returned in triumph? For the Germans... well, maybe some Germans also now look at their military and think it made their country what it is, but reaching a different conclusion.
  14. Bulletpoint

    Broken tacAI

    I see a team moving up to cover, then deciding to run out of cover the moment they spot nearby enemies. Was your team broken? Because in that case, it could be that the broken team spotted enemies, decided to run away, but they decided to run to a spot on the other side of the wall. Then they took the shortest path to that point, which was straight through the enemy line of fire.
  15. Bulletpoint

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    Heff, is that you?