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  1. Even if the conditions in the scenario are not muddy? Because what I'm seeing is that the turret of a Panther gets the modded texture, but the hull doesn't. Neither is tagged with [muddy]
  2. Problem being that the game shows "penetration", meaning the bullet should be going straight through, but in fact the bullet doesn't continue.
  3. I'm genuinely interested And the comments under the video mainly consist of people discussing how long it takes to change the barrel, and one guy boasting of having an MG42 in the bedroom. Not sure why. Maybe he expects to be burgled some day by the Red Army.
  4. What is it in the video you link to that you have yet to see in the games?
  5. I force them to run back and forth under fire, reciting health statistics about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. If there are any survivors, I take away their cigarettes.
  6. Insteresting and strange. They don't seem to work for me. But maybe it's the CMRT mods that do the trick?
  7. You're very likely correct I have my own file where I note some basic details about the games I play, but nothing like your spreadsheet. I doubt I play enough games to really make the statistics features really fly, but will try it out. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I think it's more likely that either it's just somebody inputting the wrong protectiuon value for glass, or that the glass material was carried over from a CMSF1 hummvee. It seems to happen with all kinds of jeeps. I have not been able to find any evidence of bulletproof glass used in jeeps in WW2. @IanL is on the case, and I'm looking forward to hear his conclusions based on the test scenario I sent him.
  9. I've done a test and sent the scenario to Ian, but that is only testing for how protected the passengers are. It would be great if you could set up a test to show if the engine/hull is too well protected too.
  10. It's some time now since i programmed the AI, but as far as I remember, you might be able to deploy the enemy in HIDE mode, and then make them change to ACTIVE mode when the player reaches a terrain trigger? EDIT: Just got curious and made a little test scenario. The method works.
  11. I forgot to say that if you are using a TRP, you get the option for airburst at any point in the battle - the TRP counts as preplanned artillery. Also, you can plot an airburst mission during setup and then select a delay to make it arrive up to 15 minutes into the battle.
  12. As far as I can see, the winter fighting just means that the ground is white instead of green. Troops don't seem to suffer from the cold or the snow in any way I have been able to detect. Spotting, accuracy, stamina, etc. I've noticed no effect on gameplay.
  13. Yes. In CMBN, that means timed airburst, so you can only select it during the setup phase. IN CMFB, there's also the VT fuse so you can use airburst during the mission.
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