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  1. I wouldn't give this guy a penny.

    Everyone knew what these games (AoC/AoD) were going to be like. The only possible gripe anyone could have had was with the bundle pricing of the two one AoD came out, and the offer of a $10 off coupon to anyone who had purchased AoC and asked made it perfect.

    To the original poster--go away, troll boy.

  2. It was specifically said in the AoC forum there wasn't going to be any kind of compilation pack. Thanks for penalizing the people who were early adopters of AoC. I bought it right off the bat. Now I'm going to pay $10 more for both if I want AoD? This is wrong.

    You shouldn't have had the pack after saying you weren't going to. It's a big **** YOU to your customers who were loyal and bought AoC right away when it came out.

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