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  1. Thank you, the infantry mechanics are certainly a bit more heavyhanded then close combat . I'll see if I can use them properly in my next game. cheers
  2. thanks Arzok, I've had a look through, every little helps:) I'm having a difficult time figuring out how infantry tactics work in this game. It should be similar to close combat from what I gather... suppress and move - but most of the time I end up with all of my infantry killed as they advance. Any handy tips?
  3. Hi guys, I stumbled across this hidden jewel of a game recently and loved to see a game that finally comes close to my beloved Close Combat series. At the same time it looks like the game doesn't have a huge following, why is this? I'm looking for a strategy guide or tips and tricks for TOW kursk, does anybody know about anything like that? Any help is appreciated!
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